I deactivated my account. I’m wondering If I’ll find an app that I have a Facebook log in for that will suddenly not work but I can cross that bridge if it comes.

My idea for an advert may be in Time Square soon. Feeling pretty amazing right now.

Keeping Going Book Trailer 🔗

Really can’t wait to get my hands on this.

With all the turn against Facebook and Cal Newport’s new book Digital Minimalism, I think that this would be a great time for @patrickrhone to resurrect the “Enough” podcast. Maybe just a short series of 5-10 episodes under a different name.

new pen has arrived. Expect pictures and a review sometime (next week?)

Theory I’m testing out: The quest for “finding my voice/style” in creative fields is usually a distraction. You have a style, you just can’t identify it and once you’ve identified it, you’ll probably try to change it.

Is it even possible to buy a course on Udemy for full price? (related: Is it possible to buy a good course on Udemy)

A game for Monday (very easy for iOS users). Go and count your open tabs. In iOS, if you long press on the tab button a dialog box opens with the option to “close all tabs”. I had 165 open on my iPad 🤪 now I have 0

Good morning. Chilly but bright.

it’s like computer crack - @gr36 on football manager