Now and Then Update: October 2018

I was updating my now page and thought it was a shame to delete the events from last month. So I’ve decided to write up a kind of “change log” at the start of each month reviewing the last month and highlighting what’s coming up this month. It’s a bit like a monthly review meets journal or whatever.


My goals for last month were

  • Spending time with my new baby (YES!)
  • removing and stopping old projects (stopped many, but there are more I should probably stop!)
  • experimenting with new calligraphy styles (definitely did)
  • Finishing “the ninja project” (made some progress yesterday but didn’t do much previously)
  • regular exercise (I got ill at the end of the month and with travel meant this was not a good month)

Some key events in the month were

  • in-laws coming to visit, thrice
  • Going to the International Sketchnote Camp in Lisbon
  • iOS 12 came out with shortcuts.
  • I returned to work from paternity leave.

Unexpected delights

  • Arbitrary stupid goal was a fun read
  • David Spark’s Siri Shortcuts guide was useful
  • On Writing Well has been a delight
  • I got my company to pay for me to do the CopyBlogger Content Marketing Certification Course


This month my goals are

  • Spend time with my daughter
  • Continue the Copyblogger course (and not fall behind)
  • Finish the “ninja project” (if possible)
  • Finish reading On Writing Well
  • Try some new Calligraphy styles
  • Get writing portfolio finished
  • Preparing for NaNoWriMo

Upcoming Events

  • Parents visiting
  • A close friend’s birthday
  • A wedding
  • A new product launch
Chris J Wilson @ChrisJWilson