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Now Feb 2019

What I’m working on now - Learning Polish
- Continuing to build some creative habits
- Finishing the ninja course (finally)
- Pick my next learning opportunity
- implementing my business content plan for the year
- Starting a calligraphy class
- Making the show notes for the Sketchnote army podcast


In January I started a writing experiment called “Adversaria”. I had this idea in about July for a site that was more a personal collection of things I found interesting rather than being so focused on the iPad (as iPad Guild is/was) but I kept finding excuses not to. I had bought the domain in (October?) so I thought I’d just start and see if it worked. I’ve really been enjoying it and I have some ideas for the future.

Other than that, I’ve been helping review people’s copy and content in a couple of places and looking more at some freelance writing opportunities.



The holiday meant I was a little out of shape when I came back to work, and unfortunately this has continued with a cold and some time away from home meaning my workout pattern hasn’t been regular.
I did, however, get the January Apple watch challenge and I will get the Feburary one!


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