What I’m working on now.

  • Spend time with my daughter
  • Continue the Copyblogger course (and not fall behind)
  • Finish the “ninja project” (if possible)
  • Finish reading On Writing Well
  • Try some new Calligraphy styles
  • Get writing portfolio finished
  • preparing for NaNoWriMo


I’ve been rethinking what I should focus my online writing time on. I’m putting the final touches on a little ecourse I’ve wanted to make (the trail run will be free) and setting up a new site to host my writing portfolio. I’ve also been preparing for NaNoWriMo next month.


I created a reading log to keep track of everything I read this year.
I’m still working through “On Writing Well” and really finding it invaluable. Brilliant writing advice. Also reading “A walk across America”.


This month hasn’t been good for health. I traveled and missed some gym days and I’ve had a cough and that’s prevented me from really working out the last two weeks. Will report back soon.

Last updated 01/10/2018 (using UK date convensions)

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