Now for November 2018

What I’m working on now.

  • Spend time with my daughter
  • Finish setting up my writing portfolio
  • Send in my Copyblogger course application
  • Work through then Copywriting course from Copyblogger
  • Continue reading On Writing Well
  • Continue reading Atomic Habits
  • Try some new Calligraphy styles
  • work on the “Ninja project”


I’m experimenting with daily writing for myself again. First thing in the morning.


I created a reading log to keep track of everything I read this year.
I’m still working through “On Writing Well” and really finding it invaluable. I’ve made a little progress since last month but it is the sort of book I really want to study and so need dedicated time to read. Brilliant writing advice. Also reading “A walk across America”. Also listening to “Atomic Habits” by James Clear


Last month was much better for health after recovering from my cold. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty much two times a week and my warm up running pace has almost double from when I started (this shows how bad I was at the start as well as how much I’ve improved)

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