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As soon as I arrived at work, someone started to talk to me about Brexit. I then set my status on Slack to “Don’t talk to me about Brexit”…I think I may have accidentally given more people this idea.

I always find it funny how much longer “long story short” makes a sentence.

I thought from an interaction with a client today. Maybe I should ask more and better questions before/rather than give my answer. I probably made assumptions that weren’t accurate and they seemed unwilling to listen to what I had to say. Maybe I was wrong, maybe they were just not ready yet. Asking more questions would have helped. (these thoughts are influenced by the latest book I’m reading).

“Celebrate” was a good and apt choice for a weekly word, this week I think it is “plan”. Ending one major project means I need to consider what’s next. Plus there are some ideas I need to evaluate.

Krakow earlier in the week.

Friends who like sketchnoting (or would like to start sketchnoting) would you like to alpha test something for me :D

The UK and Ireland celebrate world book day today. Most of the rest of the world celebrates it on the 23rd of April. The date UNESCO designated. I mean, it’s fine to have a different book day but to call your’s “World book day”…

I’ve seen a lot of people putting out material on a subject I care about a lot. At a couple of moments I feel worried or annoyed that someone (who “doesn’t know as much as I do”) is sharing/making money on this topic. But I realised something yesterday. It’s great that this topic is receiving interest and there are more resources. In some cases they might be wrong for me, but right for many others. And finally, it’s encouragement to make the thing I wish they made.

p.s. i’m probably quite jealous.

The latest episode of Hurry Slowly could be titled “Productivity Principles over Rules”. It’s one where I think there are really good points, but also disagree on the details. For example, one of Jocelyn’s principles sounds a lot like a rule to me. In addition, I think it’s not bad to create “rules” (habits) for how you will achieve your principles, but be ready to adjust them. That way you can avoid the situation where you can justify anything as being true to your principle.