Possibly my most controversial opinion:

Loving the oxford comma is a virtue signal.

The new Lublin bus station last night.

The central Lublin bus station. With pillars that look like tree branches.

The Fujifilm x100 vi is out so of course I’m checking out Kai Wong’s review. I still remember his review of the X100T during the hong kong umbrella protests. It was so great. Also, he now lives close to my home town. I wish the X100 series wasn’t so expensive. I miss my X100T a lot, but my Nikon is great.

My colleague: I really hate working this way. We should do it that way.

Me: Okay, I’ll do it that way.

A week later

My colleague: So I’m going to do the exact thing that caused that situation last time.

Me:… But isn’t that what you disliked last time.

My colleague: No, it’s different.

Narrator: it wasn’t.

I’ve been keeping the boxes to my Apple devices …but I have no idea why. I upgraded my phone last year but i didn’t need my old phones box for a trade in.

So now im reviewing all the boxes I’ve kept.

It might be different if I upgraded more often and tried to sell my devices off.

A morning without kids so I went to an art exhibition at the National Museum in Krakow.

How I think I’ll feel when fasting vs how I actually feel.

Just me?

Rare UK politics tweet. The tory chairman has blamed low turnout for the massive swing to Labour. Even if true, that still their fault.

The pessimist says it’s half empty.

The pedant says it’s full.

My wife and I managed got 50% through The Marvels before it got too late/the baby woke up. So far I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s some decent character work, Ms Marvel is a delight, Brie Larson is great. I do think they could have done a bit more on Captain Marvel and Monica Rambo’s relationship but SO FAR I don’t get the hate. It does possibly help that my expectations were low after the reviews which was the same as my expectation prior to watching Ant-man 3…which was okay (But I’d bet the CG would be crazy in the cinema).

I have the first client for my sketchnote services (which I haven’t really advertised!) but now I’m working out how to collaborate with her. I’m thinking of using a tool like Basecamp or something as I want to have a place with documents (contract, logos, brand information) and files. Suggestions?

It always amazes me how much harder fasting is than I remember, but how easy it is too. Also always start eating again with a small amount.

My approach to slack is to write one message (even if its long) and send that so I cause as few disturbances as possible.

My boss hates this.

It gives her a wall of text.

So what do other people do? They send a dozen small message one after another and another.

It’s often longer but it doesn’t look as long and forces you out of whatever task you’re doing at the time. I hate it.

Currently working out how I can afford/justify coming to the sketchnote camp in Texas this year. Current plan. Sell a kidney.

One of my favourite ironies is how much engineering work has gone into making camera lenses WITHOUT vignetting…and people add it in post production.

Making lasagna.

How do you order the layers?

I wonder if secular ideas like “the miracle morning” have caused (Western/US) Evangelicalism to adopt a rushed, transactional view of spiritual disciplines. Has the “quiet time” been replaced with the “Optimised morning spiritual routine for peak performance”?

Me: “I don’t struggle with shiny object syndrome”

Them: “Okay, show me your domain name history.”

Me: “Alright, you got me.”

I wonder when Apple will realise that they’re the baddies over how they are holding developers hostage.

I just ordered a second hand Nikon 50-250mm lens for the z50. It’s not fast but the range is crazy. I’m hoping for some good wildlife shots with the kids in spring.