• New lens, who dis?

  • Took me a while, but I finally finished my sketchnote summary of Practicing the Way by John Mark Comer.

  • I love kimchi unnatural amounts.

  • It’s amazing how skepticism I am of even one republican having the guts to defend the integrity of the judicial system. My current prediction is about 75% call it a witch hunt and politically motivated and the rest just avoid it and stay quiet.

  • Curiously kaitlyn is such a well done podcast. The idea is great — little kids theological questions answered by acamedic theologians and then summarised for kids — and so perfectly matches the host.

  • Can’t lose your seat in an election if you step down before it.

  • I can confirm, Obsidian sync is far better than using iCloud sync. The mobile app loads like a regular app.

  • Homemade pizzas night is the best! (My daughter always wants to make hers like a cat face)

  • Okay the new iPad-Pencil 3d shadow of the pen you’re using is pretty crazy but practical too. It helps you adjust for the right nib position. I didn’t see this in my little play around because I didn’t use pencil kit and I suppose procreate isn’t supporting twist yet.

  • A 10 minute play with the new iPads

    On Monday, I popped into a local tech shop to try the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. I wanted to see what the new pencil was like and how the Air’s screen held up. Why? Well, I’d love to replace my current iPad with its multi-year-old white spot on the screen and Apple Pencil 2. At the same … read more

  • Sunak finally calls an election. Looking forward to finally hearing a manifesto from Labour.

  • This is Szczyrk, Poland.

  • This is Poland.

  • I’m 90% sure reminders is all I need for task management…and yet here I am thinking about things 3 and omnifocus again.

  • Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Thinking about this today for no reason.

  • When saving time costs you more

    I used my iPad heavily when I was teaching but there was one thing that always brought me back to a PC: logging reports and data in the terrible student management system. That was despite the promises of “a mobile friendly version so you can take registration anywhere”. They promised us … read more

  • I really don’t care that podcasters “can’t” use an iPad to record a podcast. There are solutions out there. Okay, they aren’t the same as their mac setups but they still work. Plus it’s really tiring to hear people complain about the same issues year over year that affect a tiny group.

  • Finished reading: Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon 📚 Read it again for some creative inspiration (and to help juice my reading numbers for the year).

  • Currently reading: Digital Liturgies by Samuel James 📚

    • 3 pack of bullet journal pocket notebooks - €19
    • 3 pack of field notes Kraft €12 (ish) plus shipping or €16 from a locally store
    • 3 muji pocket notebooks €6 (ish)

    I know which I’m going for!