Satisfied with my setup

“Oh! The WWDC keynote has started?!? How did that skip me by?”

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t watch a wwdc keynote. The annual tradition of waiting for the -papal- corporate decrees of this year’s bug fixes and new features across Apple’s product lines had become a mini ritual for me. But this year was different. It’s not that I dislike my Apple devices and their software; far from it! In fact, that may be the reason for my absence. Unlike in past years where I had clear wishes for iPad improvements, this year I am satisfied with my setup. It gets work done and let’s me relax. The new features I’ve seen sound like they will bring some improvement in both areas but I could have happy continued with my current setup. Of course, I’m sure I’ll jump on the beta train at some point but I’m in no hurry like I was with iOS 8, or 9, or 10!

Do a rep

I’ve been skipping my reps.

No, not weightlifting or machines at the gym, hand lettering and calligraphy. A couple of years back I discovered calligraphy was a fantastic way to deal with the stress and overthinking I was struggling with. The intense focus it required help me block out the world and just engage with a task.

At a point in my life when I was really struggling with purpose, calligraphy helped me just create. It also had the benefit of making my sketchnotes a smidge more beautiful.

Well after half a year or so life started getting in the way and I stopped doing my regular practice.

Fast-forward to today and I rarely do a calligraphy practice or try to copy a hand lettering design (they are not the same thing by the way). Instead I tend to jump in to trying to make my own original design or sketchnote. While there’s nothing wrong with either activity, I haven’t improved and have possibly even gone backwards a bit.

It’s like a football player who doesn’t spend time doing their drills but just plays practice games. Sure, they’ll get better at some aspects but they would improve more with some drills too.

So I’ve found some old hand lettering designs and I’m going to do some practice again.

🔗 Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar author dies aged 91 - BBC News

🔗 Eric Carle: Very Hungry Caterpillar author dies aged 91 - BBC News

In 2019, he told the BBC why he thought the story endured for five decades. “For many years, my publisher and editor and I did not know the reason for The Very Hungry Caterpillar being so popular,” he said. “But over time, I’ve come to feel that it is a book of hope. And it is this hopeful feeling that has made it a book readers of all ages enjoy and remember.”

I remember reading Eric’s books as a child and it was a joy to introduce my daughter to them. The style of his graphics has stuck with me since then. I’m sure he has just gone into his cocoon now and will emerge again as a beautiful butterfly.

Netflix Reportedly Hiring Executive For Expansion Into Video Games

🔗 Netflix Reportedly Hiring Executive For Expansion Into Video Games

In a report released by The Information, we’ve found out that Netflix has approached several veteran game industry executives regarding their want to expand into video games, though we are not yet sure which executives. Despite the lack of specifics, we do know that Netflix is considering offering a bundle of games that would be similar to Apple’s online subscription.

That’s pretty interesting. Netflix expanding into other verticals now to provide a comprehensive package seems like a great business move for them and would be appealing as a consumer. Apple Arcade never really got me.