Me: I’m happy with obsidian. It works just right for me.

@Cm … hey look at this cool app I’m playing with. 😈

Me: … 😍

2 more days and then the outdoor mask mandate will be lifted in Poland! 🥳

I was going to share my podcasts (and ask people to do the same) and then I realised that most are now abandoned, a good number I NEVER listen to any more, a few are ones I listen to occasionally, and only a handful are ones I listen to religiously. I think I need to review my podcasts properly and while I’d also like to clear out the departed, I’m not quite ready yet. Anyway, I’d love to see a screenshot of the podcasts you listen to.

Little Digital garden update. I moved my github repo into my obsidian iCloud folder. SO now I can update my obsidian notes, they are available to go live (just add a title to publish) and I can use the mobile app as well. Not exactly the perfect solution, but it’s better than before.

So my daughter has discovered glitter… in unrelated news, my desk is covered in glitter.

So I suffered from some side effects of the vaccine yesterday (temperature, headaches, weakness, aching joints). by the afternoon, I just felt a bit weak in my legs. Having had a very mild case of COVID my temperature and headaches were probably worse from the vaccine (though I know that is abnormal). However, the muscle aches I had from COVID were TERRIBLE and the whole thing lasted for a couple of weeks. Conclusion, vaccine is better.

When simple is more complicate.

As I was thinking about how to manage publishing obsidian notes to my digital garden, I was saying I wanted a “simpler” solution. That was partially true. Really, I wanted a simpler solution for me, the user, even if it meant a more complicated backend. The danger is that complicated workflows are easier to break. This is true of other areas of life too. We try to make things “simpler” for ourselves but under the surface there is a sea of (hopefully) hidden complexity.…

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Deploying a test Jekyll site. I blame @philbowell .

“The deeper the pain, the fewer words you use.”
- Rick Warren.

Just had my first covid shot. Unfortunately we don’t get cool stickers here…just plasters.

Registered to get vaccinated this morning. My slot is on Monday and just down the road. The rollout took a while but I’m amazed that I could get in so soon. It helps that I have no issue with the astra-Zeneca.

Today’s obsidian experiment: adding a sermon sketchnote (and the technique for producing ideas sketchnote) to Obsidian.

A technique for producing ideas sketchnote summary

A quick little book summary sketchnote of a quick little book: a technique for producing ideas. Main action takeaways are 1) dig deep in your initial research. 2) be curious and collect information about general interests as well as the problems you are investigating. 3) when you are stuck, do something emotionally stimulating.…

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My existing website hosting will run out in July. I could renew…or I could use the cash for Obsidian Publish…

My many year old Beat Xes now show a light while charging but can’t turn on. Apparently it’s a common problem and probably related to a lose wire. I’m currently completely headphoneless (except some giant over-ear headphones for work calls)… I’m trying to appreciate the thinking time and quite, but I really like podcasts and audiobooks.

No one:… Me: Maybe I should make a website/digital garden on Notion.

The value is in the summary (or is it)

There are some business books where you get all the value from the one paragraph summary or even just the title. I suspect Cal Newports latest might be another example. I’ve heard him on a couple of podcasts discussing it and I can buy into his basic idea. - Avoid open loop communications tools that anyone can contact you at any time for anything. - Promote context specific tools which you work on asynchronously.…

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The experience of upgrading the software on my Apple Watch series 3 is so bad and the main thing that makes me consider upgrading my hardware!

🥳 I have the obsidian mobile app! (I’m the last group on the beta. Only a few weeks till it’s public).

I don't care about iPad only anymore.

I’m really happy with not trying to force my iPad to be my main computer but just use it for what I like doing on it (reading, drawing, some web browsing, Listening to audiobooks while cooking, facetime calls with family back home) and use my Macbook Air for what I like doing on that (writing, editing videos, day job… which is writing, trello, managing and spreadsheets…oh so many spreadsheets.) If Apple updates iPadOS to make the iPad better for day job work, I might reconsider but I’m not sure why I would now.…

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Me five years ago: I want all my chats in one place! Stupid whatsapp/messenger/etc Me now: I want separations between “chats” so I can focus on the most important ones! Thank God for Trello comments!

🔗 All widget iPad home screen coming?

🔗Apple iOS15: What’s New? Notification, IPad Home Screen Upgrades - Bloomberg Following a similar feature for the iPhone introduced last year, Apple plans to let users place widgets – miniature apps that can display the weather, upcoming appointments, stock tickers and other data – anywhere on the Home Screen. Users will also be able to replace the entire app grid with only widgets. This would make me very happy.…

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Got my Earth Day award on my Apple Watch. It’s a stupid electronic badge and yet I’m so happy to have got it. Still annoyed I lost all the badges I had got on my iPhone SE.

Today’s Obsidian discovery/tip (thanks to Mac Power Users)

Cmd+P brings up the command panel with all the keyboard shortcuts. You can type/scroll and find a relevant command AND see its keyboard shortcut. A great way to learn keyboard shortcuts.

For teacher Chris (3 years ago) the new iPad would look like a great move over the M1 Macbooks…but communications manager Chris wouldn’t swap his Macbook Air for the new iPad.

A quick question for obsidian users: do you have a system for when you use tags and when you use back links (and if yes, what is it)?

I still wonder how someone managed to get the Magic Mouse 2 charging past review.

Finished reading 📖 Dominion by Tom Holland

Just finished dominion by Tom Holland And here are some thoughts. Summary Western culture including secularism and humanism have inherently Christian values that drive them. The cross is significant The cross, and the symbolism of the Crucified God, the powerful humbling themselves for the powerless, is the key aspect of Christianity. Christian civil wars There is an ongoing tension between the letter and spirit of the laws. Slavery The abolition of slavery seems like the most unexpected event.…

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"How do you not see it?"

Whenever I have the thought that I can’t believe some co-workers don’t act or think the way I do, I’m wary. Maybe they know something I don’t. Perhaps there’s a different reason for their actions. Probably I don’t do things the way I think as often as I think. Definitely there are other things I do which are irrational or stupid. And yet, I write this and realise that in truth.…

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iOS 14.5 public beta 7 seemed very buggy for me. I hope beta 8 has fixed that. Also, beta 8!

Obsidian opinion: - looking at the open graph view is basically useless.
- looking at the local graph view with 2 or 3 depth is fantastic.

Microphone question: Any experience/thoughts on ….
1. Rode NT-USB micro.
2. Samson Q2U (seams to basically be the Audio-technica atr-2100)

Looks like the audio technica atr-2100 (and atr-2100x) are out of stock everywhere in Poland :(

I took a break from Mac Power Users after Katie left but I’ve come back to it recently (I blame you M1 Macbook Air). I really appreciate how thematic the shows are and not driven by the latest rumours/outrages.

It finally happened.
There are no meetings on my work calendar 🕺 (For today)

Time to rewrite a homepage …

Protip: if you stop writing the word “analytics”, half-way, make sure you go back and finish writing it. Otherwise your colleagues might get a surprise.

Do people ask you which vaccine you got? Here in Poland, whenever I mention someone has had the vaccine, I get a follow up question of “which one?” Is this true in other places?

Creating a personal status board in Trello - Learn Create Share

I’ve been creating a series of minimalist animal faces with my daughter in procreate. A limited colour pallet, square design, set of pens and that’s about it. It’s a fun little challenge we can do together. There are A LOT more.

I think we're doing the anti-best approach...

Best communication channels to provide content/web design updates at my work. 1. A document with comments/track changes. 2. Project management system with comments/attachments etc 3. Email, so there is an easily found record later. 4. Real-time chat application like Slack. (I’m open to hear about better ideas) I haven’t counted to know for sure, but I’m fairly certain that our usage is reversed. From what I’ve heard about Cal Newports new book (a world without email) he seems to advocate for moving from email and real-time chat tools to those more asynchronous and focused channels.…

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Surprising outcome from my Readwise subscription: noticing punctuation errors in books.*

*pobodies nerfect

“How can I disturb your work as little as possible”

I ask this question whenever I need to contact someone at work.

My superpower is having the instinct to have a hair cut JUST before new lockdowns come into place. What’s yours?

Just ordered two pairs of classic earpods (3.5mm jack) as backup headphone for the computer. I don’t often think about the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone/iPad but… it would be nice if it was still there.

🎙Against the Rules - The Coach in your head

I’ve listened to this podcast episode a couple of times now. The part that really caught me this time was how the leader is the interference. This resonated with me as I’ve seen work culture which comes from the top-down (the micro-managing CEO breads micro-managing managers etc. When the CEO looks for the person to blame, the buck gets passed down the chain) but I realised that I must be causing issues I’m unaware of. The idea that our attitude in one sphere might influence/reflect our attitude in another is one that is both obvious and counter-intuitive at the same time.

A mid day walk

I think about this a lot.

🔗 Jazz keys “When I write I hear music.”

Because this website literally turns your keystrokes to …well piano keystrokes. 🎹

I’m making a little Obsidian starter kit. A few pages that can help provide some structure and show how ideas like Maps of Content, backlinks, daily notes etc can work. While there are things like the LYT kit which have more, this shouldn’t impose too much.

Obsidian show and tell session - register free

tl;dr: I’m doing a guided tour of my obsidian system. provisional date April 6: 20:00 UTC Obsidian can be really confusing, but I don’t believe it has to be. I’ve been using Obsidian for a while and while I know my system is perfect, I’ve solved some of my core problems and it’s working for me. So after a couple of people mentioned they’d be interested in seeing my system, I thought I’d host a “show and tell” session going through my system.…

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A small adjustment to my obsidian system. I’m adding the 🌱 emoji to notes that are starting out/have no content. This makes it easy to search for and identify notes that are young sproutlings and emerging ideas and should encourage me to revisit and add more content. This is a brand new addition so oIll have to see if the reality matches the idea.

A journaling idea. Make a tag/notebook/whatever with “if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” and add picture or notes appreciating these small moments.

Anyone else?

It’s funny how the $44 annual price for craft seemed less like a bargain when I thought of it as a note app, but when I considered it as a hosted digital garden, it’s a bargain! (And to be fair, $44 a year is much less than Roam $15 a month which is worth it if you use it.)

(P.s. this is a psychological phenomenon called “anchoring” but it also shows how depending on the way you use things, something may be great value, while for someone else it isn’t)

A morning trip to the forest. A great way to start the day as a family.

My favourite Mac apps for 2021 — Learn Create Share. a work in progress list that I will continue to update. Feel free to recommend some other Mac apps I should check out.

No goldilocks option

I really hate things where there is no single “perfect” option, but instead a list of compromises and considerations. Some examples. Bags While there are definitely better and worse bags, the best bag for today might be different than the best bag for tomorrow. Today I want something small and discrete, tomorrow I’m taking lunch into work and need something to support that. Admittedly, lockdowns and work from home have made me forget about these issues somewhat.…

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Literally just saw a video with the title [description of spoiler] : SPOILER ALERT

Friend, your alert failed me.

It's okay to take it easy somtimes

Last week I felt utterly demotivated. I’m not even sure why. Although I was slowly plodding along with my work for SPS, I felt like it was pointless and wondered if I should even bother. It turned out that I wasn’t alone. Chad felt the same way too for reasons that were similar and different. We decided to have a “lighter sprint” or even a “Sabbatical Sprint” – following the six week cycles of Shawn Blanc and Sean McCabe as well as have a call to discuss some things.…

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Do as I say, not as I do.

I will never get over the number of times I see my company doing the very things we preach against. Today’s example. It’s probably that instead of updating a shared document, someone has made a new version that has updated details. Of course, they haven’t shared it with everyone which has caused some errors based on outdated information. The most infuriating part is we are using the very tools which are designed to avoid these issues.…

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Sold my old Olympus film camera. It wasn’t getting used and I have other film cameras. Although it’s sad to say goodbye, I believe that things and tools should be used, and it wasn’t.

I used final cut on my MacBook Air m1. It is incredible! Editing is just a breeze with this thing. I’m the bottleneck now.

Created a books page in my Obsidian system to track what I’m reading, what I’ve read and so on. I’ve had book notes in here for a while but not really a linking page/content page to connect to them. It’s nice to see an overview of what I’ve got on the go at once.

A meditation metaphor

Parkinson’s law, but for stuff.

Parkinson’s law says that work expands to fill the time allocated to it. I’ve found something similar with “stuff” at home. If we get more shelves or cupboards, they get filled. We moved a few things around last week and opened up some floor space…now it’s my daughters favourite location to play with puzzles. I’m not saying it always has to be this way, and you can certainly need more space, but it seems like we’ll probably fill however much space we have.…

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How it started. How it’s going. First Mac (retina MacBook Pro late 2013), new Mac (MacBook Air 2020 m1)

Sometimes I use copywriting formulas for email subject lines when I send internal emails. Just now was one of those times.

Made a minor update to my now page. Finally.

🔗 Google Nest 2 home device tracks body activity in bed - BBC

🔗 Google Nest 2 home device tracks body activity in bed - BBC > And Privacy is Power author Carissa Véliz asked: “What happens when you have sex?” Google said the new features had been “built with privacy in mind” - and the data collected would not be used to create personalised advertising. Of course Google won’t do anything creapy with that personal data. I wonder how many Nest users will suddenly see an increase in vigara adverts?…

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I think every Apple product I own is space grey…and yet none of them are the same colour!

Just crossed the last of my “urgent, must get done this week!” tasks and now I’m just down to normal Friday admin and longer term tasks! Fantastic feeling espeically as I wasn’t expecting that! 😎

Good morning from Wieliczka.

Some thoughts about tasks.

Today in every day sexism, asking someone to change a job position to say “their” rather than “his” (I’m hoping it was just a translation issue).

Cleaned up my obsidian database a bit. Starting to turn into something.

Just sent a new edition of the learn create share newsletter out with a new creative challenge. Now time to record a sketchnote video!

What is an idea from a productivity book you’ve found helpful?

I remember next actions being fantastic for helping teenage me break through procrastination. Tasks that seemed so massive could be broken into chunks and then I just had to do the next step.

I still want @gr36 to write a productivity blog/series of post and call it “Gregging Things Done”.*

*Also applies to other Gregs. Feel free to steal.

🔗 Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT

🔗 Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT > The band is actually dropping three types of tokens as part of a series called “NFT Yourself,” people involved in the project tells Rolling Stone. One type is a special album package, while a second type offers live show perks like front-row seats for life, and a third type is just for exclusive audiovisual art.…

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Do I need to interrupt them?

I communicate with my team through a combination of real-time messaging and email. Before I send a message, I try to ask myself “Do I need to interrupt them?”. I say try because sometimes I forget to reflect on this point (sometimes because I DO need to interrupt them). Most of the time, the answer is “no” or “not now” (I asked my team when they are most productive and I try to guard those hours for them) but sometimes the answer is yes.…

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This may be the best image i’ve ever made for a blog post. also I hate drawing hands.

It’s amazing how no one objected to our messages about a social media initative for our internal company party, for Valentines day, for clean your desk day, for earth day (coming)…but when it comes to international women’s day, we didn’t follow the right procedure and that’s why people are upset…it’s almost like it’s the cause they object to…I’m sure they just “forgot” to complain about the other things. I mean…they’re not sexist, they have friends who are women.

If a consultant doesn’t use the word leverage at least once an email…are they really a consultant?

Currently catching up on CJ Chilvers site. Really like his new simple design and was surprised that it’s a squarespace site not Ghost. I wonder whether his issues with transferring posts to MB had to do with using Squarespace?

There is a Ben Gibbard’s signature guitar… I now have a new dream guitar (it’s not really my dream guitar, but I do want it.)

I would do a how it started how it’s going thing but I had to trade in my UK driving licence to get this one.

Oh boy! Mobile apps are coming to obsidian. I’d bet you’d have to use (and pay) obsidian sync but as long as the files are still plain text, this is an easy “shut up and take my subscription.”

I always intend to take a before and after haircut photo… today I actual took one!

After seven years of learning Polish, I still sometimes use the wrong gender adjective endings.
My two-year-old daughter just corrected me.
So how’s your Friday going.

I’m so done with Unsplash images.
I really hate seeing the same images over and over again as well as these prestine pictures of minimalist desktops. I vow to only use photos I take for my blog from now on.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

Yesterday’s walk with my daughter.

A return to time blocking

Back when I was a teacher, I was a huge believer in time blocking: planning your day and marking certain hours for certain activities. It made total sense for me back then. I knew when I’d be in a class, I could estimate my travel times, and setting boundaries on lesson planning helped overcome Parkinson’s law. But after transitioning to work for a corporation in marketing, I had stopped time blocking.…

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I recorded some test footage with my new light today. It is a massive improvement over my previous lighting. Just trying to work out some practical issues for my next sketchnote video.

The test run of SPS has been fantastic! Basecamp was the perfect choice, in fact, I couldn’t have picked a better platform and I didn’t! Time for the next step.

Billionaire most likely to own a volcano base…Jeff Besos or Elon Musk?

So tired from a day at work. Hope you are all doing well my micro friends.

Principles I say I live by: only as complicated as needed.
Principles I actually live by: oh look at this new shiny! I will love it and use it for ever and it shall be mine. (A few weeks pass) urgh, new shiny isn’t shiny anymore and is so complicated…but new new shiny on the other hand…

Just found a second hand “duckie” lens (70-200mm. Perfect for pictures of the ducks) and it made me wonder. What are some other non-proper but very discriptive names for camera lenses? Other suggestion - street photography lens - 35mm - the Bruce Guilden lens - 28mm - the Bresson - 50mm

I bought a couple of years of web hosting which runs out in June… I have no idea what I’ll do when it runs out. I’m sure the prices have gone up so maybe I should migrate…maybe move away from WordPress…maybe let go of those sites (Hey, remember iPad Guild?)

Stocked up on refills for my spoke pen. Been missing this baby.

I’ve created a whole load of marketing guides and resources for our team at work, I’ve shared some with friends and now I’m wondering if maybe I should adapt these and publish them for anyone (specifics and confidential details removed of course). A lot of it is fair obvious stuff for marketers, but maybe someone would find it useful/enjoy it.

I had a go at copying one of Ian Barnards hand lettering designs. Mine wasn’t as good but still great fun to try and great to learn.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is overvaluing the impact a tool will make and undervalue the impact of focus, intention and time.

🔗 Chris J Wilson Thanks past Chris.

Reloaded my film camera today.

A very scientific survey of the least to most annoying versions of the Baby shark song. 1) super simple songs.
2) super simple songs (Halloween version)
3) bounce patrol
4) pinkfong.

As it happens, this is also the reverse order of my daughter’s favourite versions.

Nikon z50 review

About six months ago I started experimenting with recording and editing some videos as a creative challenge and break from my day to day writing. Although I had made some videos for my Sketchnote courses I hadn't been completely satisfied with the results and wanted to improve their quality. Playing with video has helped me hone my skills and I'm now ready to update my course materials. I started as anyone should -- using their smartphone -- and made small, cheap improvements in my equipment along the way.…

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Wow! Craft is gorgeous!

Asked the dumb question at work (“Sorry, but what is X” “Thanks, but can I just check, is that X or Y?”) and it turned out the person wasn’t sure! Always good to ask dumb questions!

Graceful accountability

As Chad Moore and I were discussing SPS, we came up with the term “Graceful accountability”; encouraging each other to do our best, but understanding our circumstances and limits. I wonder how it applies elsewhere? Accountability to meet the goals you set and develop yourself with wiggle room and understanding. Providing challenges, but knowing that life has a great way of messing up our plans. I think it might be a good approach for most things in life.…

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Tłusty czwartek!!!!

🔗The Management Myth

🔗The Management Myth “. Notwithstanding the ostentatious use of stopwatches, Taylor’s pig iron case was not a description of some aspect of physical reality—how many tons can a worker lift? It was a prescription—how many tons should a worker lift? The real issue at stake in Mayo’s telephone factory was not factual—how can we best establish a sense of teamwork? It was moral—how much of a worker’s sense of identity and well-being does a business have a right to harness for its purposes?…

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… I really don’t need hey email, do I. I tried the 14 day trial and it seemed…fine. But using Basecamp for SPS with @cm really impressed me…and there’s something in basecamp called Hey and it’s nice…I wonder how much a years subscription is in Zloty…

Ordered a new softbox with Bowens mount…they shipped the wrong model. Now I have to return it.

Thank you Internet for this glorious moment. “I’m here live, I’m not a cat” says lawyer in zoom filter mishap.

We (@cm and I) had our official secret side project kick off call last night. Hopefully we can share more in a couple of weeks.

🔗Asking, Giving And Blogging – Greg Morris

🔗Asking, Giving And Blogging – Greg Morris Truth is, I have been trying for a while to make writing and blogging pay like it used to. 6-7 years ago web ads paid ok with a few thousand hits a month and didn’t completely wreck your website and income paid for my hosting and even allowed me to, shock horror, make a little profit. I can relate to the changes Greg has seen in writing online.…

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Two responses to problems

I’ve noticed two main responses to any problem at work. 1. Blame distribution 2. Solution implementation While most people employ both to varying degrees, we also seem to tend towards one or the other. Blame distribution is where we sell to find the person to be blamed. It’s not about find the responsible party but that may happen as a lucky consequence. During blame distribution, you should expect to see email chains resurfaced with sections highlighted or underlined.…

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When I get some deep work in vs when I don’t.

That’s not your really challenge.

When someone wants to start a creative project, they usually mispredict what will be their challenges and what they need to focus on. Several months back I told myself “you think this is your biggest challenge, but it’s actually…” and then my mind filled in the blank (space was actually my challenge.) So I spent time working out how I could have more space and set up equipment faster. Then I started to buy myself some toys.…

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Well! I finally managed to push send on a new edition of the Learn Create Share newsletter and state that I’m moving email services (again!). There may even be some mistakes but I’ve procrastinated on sending this for too long already. It was ready last month!

There's a whole world out there

Sometimes, while I’m on Micro Blog, I get a glimps of a whole world here that I am completely unaware of. Usually it’s from the discovery feed, where I see a post on a topic that I would never normally go searching for, but is interesting regardless. Other times it is from a comment that appears in my feed and I explore the coversation. I’ve heard people discribe different forms of “twitter” (i.…

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Unlock with Apple Watch? Shut up and take my beta.


Me: I should redesign my microblog site.

Closing the idea - action gap

One of my big challenges at work now is stopping ideas falling through the gaps. We’ve had a lot of ideas for ways to improve what we do, but sometimes they get forgotten in the day to day running. So I’m moving to close those gaps. No more “cool idea let’s do it later.” But “okay, what’s next? What does this actually look like? Who is responsible?” Part of sharing this is to hold myself accountable if we don’t close the gap.…

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I’m curious. Which would you prefer, a slack community or a discord community (or something else?) and Why?

Feb photoblogging day 3: comfy

My comfy work desk

Feb photoblogging day 2: Morning coffee

I’m very critical of my work windows computer…but a built in clipboard manager is magic. There are times when I accidentally “copy” something, but it’s okay, I still have it.

Photoblogging day 1: close up

I’m wondering if I can turn N.T. Wright’s study into my zoom background…To be honest, I’d just like a study like this!

Not the best start to the morning. My train was cancelled…but no one told us anything for 30 mins. Oh well, working remote instead of the task I need to do in the office.

I have started a list of custom key caps to buy.
Now I’m getting emails with more suggestions.
This is getting serious /dangerous / potentially expensive.

It’s ALIVE!!!

Create your first sketchnote workshop

Just 20 mins to create your first sketchnote.

Had some issues with hard drive space and final cut but now my new intro to sketchnote course/video is exporting!

It's good enough for me

I’ve been finishing a little review of my new camera and I had a realisation. As I wrote about the mobile app, which is far greater than my previous camera, I realised that there are other cameras which are supposed to have superior apps. I’m sure they do and I might even like and use those extra function. Still, this camera is an improvement and in the ways I needed. While it may not be the best, it’s good enough for me.…

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I took my key caps off to clean my keyboard this morning. I’ve had it for a year. It was so disgusting that I’m not sharing a photo.

Me last week: Well, I think I’m finally done with notion. Obsidian just seems the right fit for me. I don’t really need notions databases, trello boards etc. One week later… @CM : Would Notion be a better tool for this Me: … yes.

I’ve discovered mechnical keyboard subreddits and custom keycaps… This is not a good path.

Inspired by @gr36 this is my circle of app upgrades. It also applied to tech hardware (who needs a stand alone camera?) abs most other areas of my life really.

I shared this on Twitter yesterday.
I call it the circle of moans. It’s why I listen to fewer tech podcasts and avoid commenting even when they annoy me.

Anyone had any experience with Keychron keyboards or Ducky? I’m wondering about getting a 75% keyboard instead of my 60% Anne pro.

Every time I try to paste text without formatting on windows is a pain.
And I do this a lot.

SO very excited after today’s thinking buddy chat with @CM I’ve got some more work to do for Sketchnote Classroom and maybe a very cool top secret joint project. :)

ME: Okay, let’s do some work on a side project The resistance: Or you could spend another hour debating its name (an hour later) Me: What? I spent an hour thinking about a thing instead of doing it, what a waste of time. The resistance: mission accomplished.

My job is to put out fires.

I’ve had this thought for a while that my job is 1. Make a plan and start working on it in the morning. 2. Spend the whole of the morning finding out that the plan has changed and there are ten new things to do. 3. Adapt plan and work on the new most urgent tasks. 4. Wake up the next morning and repeat. It annoyed me that people would continually start fires and then leave me (and the rest of the team) to put them out, but I realised today that we get paid to put those fires out fast and get a new plan in place soon.…

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Don't repeat the subheadline

A terrible blogging writing mistake (I hold my hand up and admit that I do it all the time) is to restate a subheadline as the first sentence of that section. Here’s an example Subheading: What’s good about (topic) First sentence: There are many good aspects of (topic) which we should consider. It’s pointless and waffle. Let’s get into the heart of the topic or at least provide some extra information.…

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Qanon believers “How’s that stormy-changey thing working out for ya?”

One site or two? And which name?!?

For a while I’ve wondered about combining my two sites Sketchnote Classroom and Learn Create Share into one site. Reasons I want to focus on one site, not two. There is a lot of overlap between the two. They are both about creativity. I share sketchnotes on different topics on LCS so almost all the content is sketchnote based really. The reason I started LCS was to encourage myself to share more sketchnotes (and content) that weren’t about sketchnoting but other topics.…

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Selling a camera. Someone offered me a lower figure (after I had already dropped the price). I help my ground and replied that I wouldn’t lower the price as it was a good price already AND I was offering X extras. They just replied that it’s fine and they will pay the asking price. I think that’s both a lessons for me as a buyer of second hand things (people will often want to take a lower price) and how to respond (point to value).

But this means it will be time to say goodbye to my x100t. 😢

It wasn’t I who spilt the coffee. It was antifa. I can’t understand your confusion. I know they were dressed up like me and acting just like me and I have said that I’m clumsy and might spill coffee, but the person who actually did the thing was antifa.

Two pronoun questions

Question about non-binary people who use the pronouns they/them. How do verbs conjugate? They is or they are? I’ve wondered about that for a while but never got around to asking. Secondary question for Americans. Companies are generally referred to as individuals (Apple is making…) would you say “They (the company) haven’t paid yet.” surely not “It hasn’t paid yet.”?…

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I just discovered I missed a call I was supposed to attend… what if… what if I didn’t have to attend all these calls… what if that meeting could be an email…

Last week “I need to focus on what I’m doing and not think about adding anything extra to my plate.” This week “I should start something new!”

(repeats every couple of weeks)

There’s a lot of competition for the individual who has sold out the most under the Trump administration, but Eric Metaxas is the winner. Then again, Ted Cruz…

Just had an idea for a nerdy photography podcast — the rule of nerds.

Best lightroom alternative? I’ve heard a lot about capture one but never used it. I really like lightroom but…subscriptions. (Plus being able to use on IPad would be a big plus).

A couple of new camera experiments from yesterday including answering the question “Can it Bokeh?”

My new camera has arrived. Expect some test photos soon.

If it turns out that Republicans didn’t turn out because they throught the Georgia election was rigged… well, that’s what you get for getting into bed with a demagogue.

Ordered a new camera and lens and it’s on its way! Not certain if this is the right choice but with a two week return window, I’ll take the risk. Hopefully I can share some photos soon. Keeping the model a surprise for now :)

New year so I guess this means I can restart my newsletter after the break…the question is should I…

Hello Micropeople. I took the festive season off (from work and MB…for the most part) I hope you are all well and had a jolly time.

Watching Arsenal vs Chelsea and thinking “out of all the London clubs, I’d choose AFC Wimbledon.”


Chris last week: “I have stopped doing morning writing because of my daughter and our house guest. I can’t get up before them or disturb them. That’s why I don’t do this habit anymore.” Chris this week (who’s currently home alone): yeah, I’m still not doing morning writing.

Just found out I have booked an extra day of holiday before the end of the year. So I stop at the end of today, not tomorrow! I have no idea what I’m going to do with this bonus day except wake up and shout “BONUS DAY!!!!”

Yesterday I finally recorded the new Sketchnote in the classroom guide (an intro to sketchnoting and some principled ideas for how teachers can start using Sketchnotes in their own classrooms).
I need to edit it and then uploaded but I’m really excited to update the free course and share it.

Took a walk in the mist today.

Happy weekend everyone. Thank you for being the best* community on the internet.

*definitions of “best” may vary.

🔗 Overthinking? Try this iOS Shortcut.

🔗 Overthinking? Try this iOS Shortcut. > As usual, I found myself overthinking this week about small details and not getting much done on the big stuff. >It’s been happening too often lately, delaying my newsletter and book projects. >But this week, I decided to do something about it. >I built a kind of break-glass-in-case-of-emergency shortcut for whenever I’m stuck in a rut and overthinking. I really like this idea from CJ Chilvers.…

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So I created a little t-shirt to go along with Learn Create Share 10pts to the first person to identify the main influence of the shirt.
50pts if anyone identifies the font inspiration.

Just sold my e-m1. Less than I wanted, probably a fair price. A lot closer to camera budget goal and with one fewer camera, I have a space for a new one now. Still not just what exactly I should get.

I created a seven step guide to start sketchnoting today.

Give it a go if you want to make your first sketchnote.

We finished Ted Lasso. It got even better.

Continuing the joy of multiple Englisehes. The blog separated by a common language has some fantastic articles…if you like that sort of thing. Which I do. If you don’t, look away.

After @joshuapsteele ’s recent post I’d like to know - What Americanisms British people like. - What Britishism Americans like. …and any other regonial variations of English (I.e. Aussieisms or …Kiwiisms?)

We’re half way through Ted Lasso and I have a feeling that it is the perfect anti-2020 series. In a year when everyone thinks the worst of people, Tedd’s optimism is perfect.

Me: here’s a link to a Google doc with the changes as we did last time. Them: I will not open it and you must send me an excel file version via email because last time you didn’t give me edit access. Me: I did, (and I even sent it in the doc we used before so you definitely do) but here’s the doc so you have no excuse not to start now. Them: I have some questions so I’ve uploaded the file as a Google doc. Me: 😡

The path to collect my daughter today.

Re-reading Celebration of Discipline

I finished reading Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth last night. It’s my third time reading it and this time I took a year and a half to slowly go through. My intention was to apply each chapter one at time. I don’t think I really succeeded in every chapter but I certainly went through it more actively this time. My mindmap notes …

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Advent starts today…So I’ve christmas-afied my avatar. Ho ho ho.

I just published the last edition of learn create share for the year. I’m taking a little break but it will be back next year.

Thought I saw a stray full stop in some text. I went to delete it and then realised…it was dust on my screen.

Appropriate quote for today, the blackest of Fridays.

Happy thanksgiving to all the Americans on micro blog. I’m grateful for this community.

Is there a kind of collaborative habit tracker? Something where a group set the same (or different) goals and everyone can see when you do/don’t do it? I have an idea…

Parabloa ideas

A parabola idea is an idea who has gained a second meaning. While the person who coined the term or expression may have had one thing in mind, other people now have a completely different association with it. Here are a few examples 1. Inbox Zero In it’s original context it was about not feeling like you have to keep checking your email. Instead you bulk checked and processed your email.…

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You know what’s virtue signalling? Saying you care about the Oxford comma.

Also I’m disappointed that you can’t get a winter witbeer called “ho-ho-hoegarden”

First Christmas stout.

I’m noticing a trend in my intro to the Hebrew Bible book. > “Some scholars, mostly American, consider it an accurate recording of… most other scholars do not.”

Said about the exile, the conquest of Canaan, now the life of Jeremiah. Related whether the scholars believe references to Babylon were added at the time or after the exile.

Is there a “best” time zone to work in (especially for global businesses)? It’s great to “get a head start” on the rest of the world but it can make attending meetings more difficult. I wonder if there’s been an empirical study on productivity. 🤔

Every year I feel saddened that Black Friday, a holiday of inadequacy and consumption, has been exported (and expanded into a whole month) while Thanksgiving, a holiday of gratitude, hasn’t.

I’m sure notion could be worse on the iPad. It has improved even. But it’s still easily the worst app I’ve ever used on the iPad.

There’s a new edition of the Learn Create Share newsletter with probably my best image for a post ever. Hope you enjoy it.

New books, who dis?

We went to see the duckies again.

“There is food for everyone, but not everyone can eat, while food continues to be wasted and thrown away: this is “the paradox of abundance”.
- Pope Francis

I asked this on the Learn Create Share community but I’ll ask it here too.
> What challenges do you have with online learning?

And even opening and closing some of those bigger apps like Chrome and lightroom… - MKBHD on the new Apple Silicon Macs Love this little dig at Chrome.

My boss sounds like a darlek on our conference call. I’m on mute and crying with laughter.

I won my primary school race but then this guy comes out of left field and beats me to the post. BAD!!!

Occasionally I get ready to go outside and for a few sweet moments I forget about all this…then I have that twitch to make sure I bring my mask and it all come back.

We’re at the farm and so My newsletter, Learn Create Share is delayed till later today or tomorrow morning. But you can read last week’s edition right now.

Crazy tech theory for the weekend. 🤔 Big Sur sure looks like it is preparing/ready for touch, but the new MacBooks don’t support touch 😞 but it does support arm processors. Where are the A14 IPad pros? Maybe the next Gen IPad Pros will run iPadOS and macOS 🤯

Tension for the day. It seems like now is the one of the best times ever to get a replacement Mac computer (new processors which are many times faster and fat greater battery life). It also seems like one of the worst times (Gen 1 product. Apple is clearly looking at touch Macs.)

🔗 Mozilla - *privacy not included A collection of items that are privacy friendly or not. I like this idea.

Early Thoughts on "Proper" Bullet Journaling.

About three days in to trying to do “proper” bullet journaling. It’s going okay so far. I’m enjoying the analog side of things (but I know it will become a pain at some point. My idea for a solution is to play with different pens). - I really like the rapid logging system. - I’m actually using my index pages - There are moments I want to migrate a task to a specific day (i.…

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Minimalism and Physical Books

This topic is something that has been on my mind a lot recently. My wife and I live in a small European flat and our books and analog note taking tools take up the most space after the various paraphernalia our daughter has. As we’ve been cleaning out recently, I’ve been reevaluating my use of digital and analog tools; one of the frequent debates I return to. To some people, this will seem like a closed debate > “Books, pens and paper take up more space than a computer, phone or ebook reader.…

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I had a mean YouTube comment on an old video (Fuji X100t and flash) from an old channel I haven’t done anything with in years. I think I did a good job of acknowledging where they’re right, replying with kindness & then showing that perhaps it’s better not to post a mean comment.

Back to work after a few days off and there’s already a drama (which isn’t a drama) that I will have to deal with. Joy.

The traditionally taught writing approach requires the knowledge that can only be learned from the process of research and writing. Instead of setting a firm topic, we need to start the research process and adapt as we go along.

From “How to take smart notes” by Sonke Aherns.

What’s a great purchase under $100 that you’ve made? A little question inspired by something I saw spfrom James Clear on Twitter. His was a higher price.

…so the question is not will I be getting a new Mac, it’s which new Mac will I be getting.

It’s shocking how much faster my 2017 iPad Pro is at exporting video than my 2013 MacBook Pro. If only it had full Final Cut Pro. LumaFusion is fine, but final cut is just so much better.

🔗iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Review Zion — Austin Mann I usually marvel at the quality of pictures Austin gets on the iPhone. This time there are certainly stunning photos, but also moments where subjects look lower definition than I expect. In one case it was using the long exposure effect that caused the tree leaves to blur as well, but there another where the man in the background just looks pixelated. Maybe it was the conditions but it’s the first time I remember thinking the quality was lower than I expected.

New notebook. Who did?

Finally refilled my pens.

New word: A fearling When you have a small sense of dread. Usage: when you mean to say “I have a feeling” but your actually worried and it comes through.

I have a fearling that my daughter may drop my coffee cup.

Biden is going to be the president. 2020, everything is forgiven.

Just putting the finishing touches on this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter. Spoiler, there’s something about Jazz.

Me: wow, the electoral collage seems unrepresentative Meanwhile in the UK … Source: UK Parliament.

2020 election polls: Did the pollster learn?

The explanation of the inaccurate polls in 2016 was not accurately predicting turnout from likely and undecided voters who leaned towards Trump as well as over weighting high educated voter turnout. 2018 seamed to correct a lot of these inaccuracies but weren’t completely accurate. So I wonder what might be explaining the difference in the polling and (predicted) results in 2020? I also wonder if we’re still waiting for the “Blue shift” and if that could changes some of the predicted declarations?…

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Thank You, GTD

Reading Getting Things Done as a recent university leaver was highly influential on my life. One of the ideas that really struck me was “break down large projects into smaller tasks.” It’s so obvious once you know it but for adolescent me, this was groundbreaking. Instead of chipping away at this glacier of a task, all I had to do was one small thing. Adding in the idea of “if you don’t know the first task, ask someone who might.…

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Morning doodle.

A morning doodle.

The procrastination mistake most of us make when writing

We’ve all face it. When there’s something to write but you stare and stare at the blank page with no words coming. Sometimes, it’s something you don’t really want to write, but have to. Other times it’s a topic that is really important to you, but the words don’t come. The mistake, is starting writing with the blank page. Instead, we should give ourselves a helping hand by starting our writing before in the form of notes, outlines and ideas.…

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I drew Batman. Because Batman.

I hope people are kinder at pointing out my own inconsistencies and hypocrisies than I am of theirs. I could be worse, but I certainly could be kinder at times.

Fun, meaningful, or profitable.

I was looking at my list of recurring debates this morning and added a new time. This list contains questions and problems that I frequently face. I want to track the things that catch my attention and cause me to stay up at night. Most of them aren’t really topic focused but more look at discussions that cross topics. The latest addition is … “Should I focus on the activity that is - most fun - most meaningful - or most likely to make me money?…

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I’m almost expecting a certain minimalist to sell a guide on how to buy nothing on buy nothing day.

Monthly vs Annual Subscriptions

I’ve decided that I generally prefer monthly subscriptions over annual ones. The benefit of an annual is it’s cheaper over the year, but that can mean you get hit by a single big payment. I am very bad at spreading these payments out and you never know what next year will look like. The larger monthly payments are easier to track and buget for. Probably the best solution is to spread my annual payments across the year.…

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15-year-old me hated learning languages.

I just saw a language learning ad that said “didn’t think learning Hebrew could be fun” and I thought “of course learning a language is fun!”

People change.

Took my hassleblad out to get some day before birthday pictures of my wife with autumn leaves and the golden hour. Can’t wait to see the end result!

“Daddy. Don’t touch the poop.” Thanks for the advice daughter. I won’t.

Just putting the final touches on this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter… prepare your inboxes!

Inktober day 30: ominous

My current desk setup Show me yours! 💼

🔗 Why won’t cigarettes burn in a submarine? — Quora

Well, that was a fascinating way to start the morning.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder” — G.K. Chesterton

Inktober day 29: shoes

I’m trying a one page, all widget homepage. The apps are Siri recommendations.

Peanut butter ptasiej mleczko. Shut up and take my money.

I’ve started a note laying out how I… - save articles to read later - read those articles later (where, when etc) - take notes while reading books etc the idea is to clarify the process and identify the tools I use. It’s been enlightening.

“The love of comfort is often the enemy of greatness” - Todd Henry

Inktober day 28: Float

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” — Mark Twain

Do you use Instapaper, pocket or something else?
Why do you use that service (espeically if you’ve tried others)? Go!

Inktober day 27: music

It’s a French test kind of morning. In that we have bread that needs using up.

I just discovered that in Obsidian, you can link to a specific subheading within a note. That is very cool. (It’s probably in Roam as well, but I’ve been using Obsidian).

Inktober day 26: hide

Inktober day 25: buddy

Inktober day 24: dig

Release the Chrisaken! (Or where I went after I could leave the house!)

The really cool things about starting a new craft is the constant feeling of progress. 90% of the time, you’re better than last time. And even when you are “worse” you almost always learn something valuable. The only downside is the demotivating “taste gap”.

Making up for the quarantine with a great walk.

I’m about to leave the house for the first time in three weeks. It feels good.

For the first time in a long time my newsletter is ready and scheduled a day early. sign up to get it as soon as it drops tomorrow.

Current state of mind.

Did you know there is a scientific term for a Brain freeze? It’s called a sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia..

Inktober day 23: RIP

🔗 Halide Mark II is a redesigned Raw camera app for iPhones with over 40 new and improved features Just had a play woith the updated app (having not used it for at least a year). Halide certainly provides easy to use controls and has some great power features. I might have to play with this some more.

Inktober day 22: chef

Fantastic email consent tick box: “I understand that I will receive weekly email updates.”
so clear on the purpose and an expected schedule of emails.

Inktober day 21: Sleep

🔗 iphone 12 pro camera review: glacier np

Austin Mann’s iPhone camera reviews are always insightful and show some cool creative ideas. His night time portrait of his wife being a case in point. Although I doubt many of us have a handy iPhone 11 in our pockets to use as a light.

I'd like a pro camera mode from Apple

I’d be really interested in Apple making a sort of “pro” mode for the camera app. Basic mode would have simplified controls (perhap even more simpler than the current ones which are becoming fiddly) and in pro mode you’d get extra controls. You could set it up so one mode was the default and you can change wit a tap. I know the other option is to just get a pro camera app but I’d like to see what apple could do in a pro camera app as well as let them simplify their existing app.…

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Inktober day 20: coral

Inktober day 20: dizzy.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

Some lessons can’t be taught, they have to be lived. You can read all about someone else’s experience and what they learned, but until you go through it, it is meaningless.

The best Apple product I bought?

Yesterday I had a strange realisation. My 2013 MacBook Pro is probably the best Apple device I have bought. That surprised me as I don’t think it has ever been my favourite Apple device, but the fact that my wife and I still use it and it works fine mean that it has had the longest life out of any Apple product I’ve owned. I love my Airpods when I first bought them, but their battery life has left them near useless now and instead just frustrating.…

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Inktober day 18: trap

Inktober day 17: storm

An idea for a challenge. “Show us your desk.” I’m sure some micro bloggers have very impressive ones. I’m also intrigued by the more creative interpretations of this idea.

So it’s confirmed. We have/had covid. Thankfully our cases have been mild.

I did it!
I restarted the Learn Create Share newsletter again 🎉
Read the latest edition here.

Size of iPhone I’d like: Mini
Spec of iPhone i’d like: Pro Max
Budget for iPhone I have: nope.

I put some camera stuff up on a second hand site. Little did I know that I’d probably catch COVID! Now I’m getting messages from interested people and having to send some awkward messages.

Inktober day 16: Rocket

The new fujifilm x-s10 looks pretty interesting 🤔

Inktober day 15: outpost

My wife turned up two hours before testing opened and waited four hours to get a test. This was at a drive through testing point in Krakow. I really hope the rest of the country is fairing better but with a jump to over 8,000 new cases yesterday, signs aren’t great.

Quarantined at home. Not how I expected to spend this day. A good summary of this year for everyone. Wieliczka, Poland. 17:00 CET

Inktober day 14: armor

A couple of apple event observations and thoughts

I don’t know if I missed it but did the original HomePod not get an update (or maybe they snuck in a processor bump in a press release somewhere) and what about the Apple silicon Macs? I’m really interested in getting a Mac again but definitely not an intel one. I really don’t like splitting the iPhone 12 camera features further, a larger sensor is a really interesting change, as is LiDar and 10 bit hdr video recording.…

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We’ve not had a good experience of the current Poland covid system.

To get a test, you need a perscripion from your family doctor (or spend $100) It took my wife several days to be able to speak to a GP to get a perscription. She had called at 8:00 when the surgery opened, they answered her call at 8:40 and said someone would call back between 13:00 and 18:00. The doctor only managed to call at 21:30 after being on duty all day.

Today, my wife went for a test at 8:00, by 9:00 they were out of tests and everyone was sent away. There are record cases in Poland but we’re not even able to get tested. We have two friends who are confirmed cases, plus another couple of friends of friends who are confirmed.

It feels like the virus is just taking over everything right now and the system just can’t keep up.

Inktober day 13: Dune

Inktober day 12: slippery

Trying to overcome self-censorship

I’ve struggled with…well, a lot recently. I suspect that the general malaise has been one of the key reasons that I haven’t been able to write or publish anything longer than a tweet-length post for a while. It also doesn’t help that my daughter has been ill for about a month, waking up early, crying frequently, and going to bed later removing the little previous creative writing time. And now it looks likely that I have COVID while work has been steadily ramping up.…

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inktober day 11: disgusting (what’s in the box!)

Inktober day 10: hope

Inktober day 9: throw (your hat in the ring)

Inktober day 8: Teeth.

I think we need a new version of Godwin’s law for mentioning (Cultural) Marxism.

The audacity of someone from the administration that introduced “Alternative facts” to lecture with “You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.” is really something.

Inktober day 7: Fancy

I just realised how perfect Austin Kleon’s book, Keep Going is for 2020 and it came out last year.

The best Rodent?

Time to replace my aging sketchnote army T-shirt with a new sketchnote icon T-shirt. via @rohdesign

Inktober day 5: blade (runner) I had fun with this one.

When you draw a dog and your daughter declares it an owl. Maybe I should practice drawing more.

Four hours into the day and an unforced error from a month ago has come back to haunt me. Just what you need for a busy week.

Catching up on inktober

It’s looking like a busy and difficult week. Time for some real focus. See you later. Be nice to each other.

The thing with Trump in hospital is I have no idea what is true or not. I mean, he could be fine and this is all just to drive some sympathy. Or he could be doing really badly but doesn’t want to appear weak. Or he could be telling the tru… no, that’s not possible is it.

I’m putting together a list of camera stuff that I’m selling (Olympus stuff, Fuji x100T stuff and an old Olympus film camera). You can check it here. I’ll add some more details for each item soon.

Buys really expensive lens for its quality. Adds heavy vignetting in lightroom/photoshop. 🤷‍♂️

Yeah I do it sometimes too. And sometimes it’s good. But it is ironic.

People on the internet: I would like this thing. Other people on the internet: no you don’t! That thing would be terrible for me!

Inktober day one: Fish

JUST realised it’s INKTOBER today! Now where’s my pentel Brush pen!

My wife uses her bag’s laptop compartment as her main compartment. As in it’s the most filled section and bulges into the actual main compartment. I feel like I don’t know my wife…I also wonder how many people do this.

Watching the debate. I’ve heard that it was poorly moderated so Interested to see what it was like. So far, the first question and… it’s not good.

Just ate so much chilli that I feel sick… I regret nothing…a bit..I regret it a bit.

I try to avoid talking about “outstanding work” because it might be really good…or really late.

Went for an autumnal walk over the weekend. And it will get even more golden in the next few days :)

It’s really interesting to see how Moment has adapted as a company. Once the iPhone added a second lens, making their lenses less useful, they started to focus on filters, first for phones, then drones and now DSLR/mirrorless cameras. At the same time, they expanded into making bags and other accessories AND moved into selling lessons and trips. Although they were a hardware product company that was “sherlocked”, they followed their audiences interests and diversified. Now, like when they started, they help photographers and videographers create things. Really intersting to see.

For the professional photographer, the best camera is probably the one with the best image quality. For the armature, it’s the camera that encourages you to take more photos.

So Trumps re-election strategy is to hope he gets more in person votes than Joe Biden in the right states, complain to the Supreme Court (with his new justice on) about mail in voting and refuse to leave power? Democracy at work.

The walk home from work yesterday. Okay, the iPhone can take okay photos.

Sometimes I look at productivity advice, compare that advice with what I actually do, and then read the description of how horrifically unproductive I must surely be and how “terrible” my life is because I don’t follow this simple advice… it’s not true.

"What do you mean you don't have access?"

At work we have a tool that allows for collaboration and transparancy, so we can all see what everyone is up to and the changes we log. It’s also part of the ideas and values we preach… and yet I keep finding that different teams set their privacy to full so no other team can access files (and when they grant access, they do it on a case by case basis often leading to multiple requests) plus instead of using the collaborative tool, people will download their own copy, make their edits, and then reshare…often missing edits other people have made.…

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It looks like Notion has added a form of bi-directional linking. that’s pretty exciting!

I try doing this all the time. “If I were advising a friend, I’d say/ask…” Still isn’t helping my camera dilemma!

Current camera thoughts…the Sony A7c looks just what I want…but I can’t afford that. So a Sony a6(something)00 looks like what I will probably go for…but part of me still loves Olympus (even though it’s m43).

My daughter has a runny nose and so can’t go to nursery. So today is going to be sticker books, singing and feeding some ducks. Oh no :)

I tried to update my Apple Watch this morning. No space. Deleted some apps; still no space. Removed photos, podcasts and songs (I didn’t know I had them on there!): still no space! Removed EVERY APP… not. enough. space. Unpaired and then repaired Apple Watch… success!

Apple One… I’ve been really interested to see this. Before the whole Hey/Epic drama I was really onboard with this, now I’m not certain this is the kind of company I really want to give my money too. Seeing as Poland doesn’t have News+ or fitness+ I guess we won’t have the premium option.

I hate newbie shaming

I really hate the culture of shaming newbies and amatures who try to copy something they see online but don’t do it as well. - Everyone sucks when they start. - If they enjoy it, what does it matter if it’s “good” - It’s very easy to be the cynic who critiques everyone else (and does nothing) - okay, if they are pretending to be a pro/guru and they have just started…you can roll your eyes a little.…

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The Dune trailer looks REALLY cool. I remember renting a set of old dune films from Blockbuster when I was a teenager, can’t wait to see this new version.

Three things that are making me happy

A quick list of things that are making me happy. Feel free to steal this as a blogging prompt. 1. Walking my daughter to nursery in the morning. It’s great to take the 30 mins to go past the duck pond, hold hands, and get to know each other better. She’s grown so much in the last two years and it’s amazing seeing her start to speak in English and Polish.…

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Today I saw a bug on the ground that looked like one from animal crossing. I immediately felt a twitch to press up on my d-pad so I could get my net. I think I need a break from that game.

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a few criticism of “critical race theory.” I had read about critical theory before, but the addition of race was new to me. Is this a thing, or is this a polemic move/misunderstanding etc?

Monteising the #Humblebrag

🔗 Why publishers and media organisations need to build communities — Media Sector > “LinkedIn’s Groups is a reminder that LinkedIn is not a community platform – it’s a business that monetises the #humblebrag in business as well as our eyeballs and data.” Someone at work sent me this article to read and I couldn’t help but love this quote. It perfectly sums up LinkedIn.…

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I’ve spent a while looking at new camera options and my conclusion is I have less idea what camera I should get.

So tell me what you use and like about it. (This will definitely make matters worse).

Just published this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter on Making time to reflect.

Also anouncing the competition winner.

🔗Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a Switch racer that uses RC cars - The Verge

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a racing game, but one where players use their Switch to drive remote-controlled cars

An AR game that sounds fun!

Micro blog is great…but logging to change a page is an invitation to get distracted in the feed. I kind of wish it was easier to manage hosted micro blogs without logging in to the social network side.

Hey remember the whole “I Wish I could connect my switch to my iPad because the screen is bigger”… I’ve just discovered that there are a ton of HDMI to wirless transmitters designed for using your iPad as a camera monitor that would TOTALLY work. Bad news, the $100 seems useless and most seem to be double that at least.

Seriously considering camera options…there are so many good choices (which all have issues…usually price)

🔗 Apple more valuable than the entire FTSE 100 - BBC News

The valuation of US tech giant Apple has continued to surge, and has now surpassed the entire value of all the members of the UK’s top share index.

Siri, please define over inflated market value.

“Don’t wish your life away”

I’ve heard this from a couple of people recently and they point out that even in the boring or tough moments of life, wishing them over — so we can move on to “more interesting things” is really wishing away time that will never return.

The Inescapable Nature of US News

“As a European, I’m getting increasingly tired of American influence, from media, politics, work & lifestyle etc. It is overwhelming how much input is coming from US when it doesn’t relate to my expe…” A thread from @jelenajansson I saw this thread a few days ago and empathized. America has influenced my life and culture in many ways through my whole life but it feels increasingly ever present. News is perhaps the most effective example where I can tell you all sorts about the ins and outs of American politics now (and yet I deliberately avoided studying American politics when at university and chose different modules on other political systems).…

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Future You Is Dumb (sorry!)

Back when I was a teacher, we had to fill in a register and record of work. This helped other teachers know what we had done in the last class and so they could prepare material for the following class. Some teachers saw this as unnecessary as they never shared classes, and so when they were off sick they would be contacted several times to find out what on earth they had been up to for the last few months.…

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Fairphone has announced the Fairphone 3+ as well as modules to upgrade the Fairphone 3. With Apple doing their best to be the villians, fairphone is looking better and better.

Blessed are the Seekers of Justice and Peacemakers.

³Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. ⁴Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. ⁵Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth. ⁶Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. ⁷Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. ⁸Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. ⁹Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.…

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I’ve delayed this weeks newsletter because of a case of chaos brain. I needed a few extra walks to clear my head.

A Thought on Cancel Culture — There's a Lot We Don't See

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot and don’t have clear ideas. I both think that there is good and bad within this movement (and that it’s both new and old). One recent idea I had is that we focus on those who have been cancelled. We don’t notice the times when people aren’t “cancelled” because there was no outcome. That’s why don’t mention however many events a controversial speaker went to, only the ones that were cancelleed.…

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It has been both a great week, and a really tough one. I feel inside-out because of the duplicity of the week. I can’t remember a week like this in a long time; the majority of my time seems to be either up or down instead of both at the same time.

🔗 Covid-19 is becoming less deadly in Europe but we don’t know why - New Scientist

It is becoming increasingly clear that people are less likely to die if they get covid-19 now compared with earlier in the pandemic, at least in Europe, but the reasons why are still shrouded in uncertainty.

“In Joe Biden’s America, socialist democrats will put poison in your morning coffee.”

People who are interested in the micro brew club, can you get hold of a grimbergen blonde? Not the most indie beer but it has to be wide spread that people can find it.

Is there a micro beer club? Something like a group of people who like beer and try to find and try the same beer once a month? If there isn’t, would people like to start one (could be tricky with different countries but I guess we could find “similar” beers)

Working on this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter. If you like books and free stuff…you’ll like this edition :)

My Obsidian database is starting to look cool.

How to Be a Genius [It's Not What You Think]

In Greek mythology, a genius wasn’t a person, it was a spirit who came and inspired the creator. But over time, we started to call people of intelligence and creativity geniuses. Elizabeth Gilbert would like us to return to this Greek idea and take the pressure off creative people to perform. I think we could take a different route. We could choose to inspire others. We could choose to take on the role of those spirits and offer encouragement and prompts.…

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My Simple Trick to Tackle Writers Block

It never cease to amaze me how often I’m stuck, unable to start an article, section, or sentence and I tell myself > “Just write what the point is that you want to make, just clarify the thought.” and sometimes I write exactly what should go there. Most of the time, however, it sucks. But now I know what to write.…

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Correct me if I’m wrong. Epic says that the issue with the App Store is you can’t sideload apps so there’s no consumer choice…but they’ve also sued Google over android where you can sideload apps.

I’ve really been enjoying @Amit’s newsletter Slanted Nib you might too.

I was thinking about the different “communities” on I belong to. There are probably a couple of others I’m not including (books, writing, stationary lovers) and certainly there are overlaps I’ev missed (photography and christians for example). I’d love to see yours.

Today I realised that my company has a culture of not bringing up issues/ideas at a kick off meeting/call but then as soon as the draft is down, everyone wants to have their say. The net effect is a lot of time wasted before we properly define the task.

What is one thing you wish people knew about a topic you are passionate about?

🔗 The Big Three - The Accidental Creative

The Big Three - The Accidental Creative > Keeping a shortlist of open creative loops in front of you consistently will help you stay focused on what matters, and prompt your mind to be looking for potentially useful creative stimuli in your environment. I’m reading (well, listening on Audiobook) The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry and he shared this simple idea above. I love it. Creativity insight so often comes by looking at problems from a different perspective or noticing a connection with something else.…

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Epic vs Apple thoughts: Whoever wins, we lose.

Apple is in the wrong: the App Store needs to change. Epic’s solution does nothing for me as a consumer and sounds terrible. Epic is acting “holier than thou” although they are clearly working for their own bottom line (which as a business they should work towards!). I actually feel that Spotify has greater reason to be upset with Apple due to Apple’s direct competition and default service. I suspect letting different apps be the default (including music etc) and more out of store payment options would solve the main issues.…

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Technology provides fast and easy access to resources.
That’s a great thing, but it has a negative side effect. We have fast and easy access to ANY resource. It’s never been easier to study the most advanced science, or binge every series under the sun.

It’s alive! I launched a Learn Create Share Discord server where people can share their creations inspired by the weekly creative challenges and to enable some extra things in the future.

Come and say hello.

Anyone know what on earth happened to day one’s activity feed? The location logging was so useful and now the new “today” shows nothing. Is there a switch I’m missing?

A new edition of the Learn Create Share newsletter is about to be sent to press. Inside are - A book sketchnote summary - A new creative challenge - A collection of Photography - An invitation… You can subscribe here.

Finally got round to writing a new sketchnote classroom blog post. When you should use text and when you should sketch in a sketchnote.

(I also have finished a new sketchnote ready to send in this week’s edition of Learn Create Share)

🔗 The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first-ever Android phone, is $1,400

The Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first-ever Android phone, is $1,400 > A foldable can be a big-screen device for watching video, playing games, using a tablet-style app, or browsing a desktop webpage. The Surface Duo will never be a good device for these use cases. To be clear, the device does have a mode that merges the two screens into a big 8.1-inch display, but it’s going to have a big gap down the middle.…

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I’m looking at setting up a private community. I’d like some private channels but also some open public ones. I was thinking of Slack as I know it well but I’m open to alternative suggestions. (I’ve never used discord…but it certainly looks interesting).

🔗The end of secularism is nigh - UnHerd

The end of secularism is nigh - UnHerd All of which should serve as a wake-up call to the West that it is not only its financial, economic and military muscle that is currently atrophying. So too is its ability to market its culturally conditioned assumptions as universal. The concept of the secular is not, as many in West like to think, a neutral one. Quite the opposite. As the very word betrays, it derives from the distinctive theology and history of Latin Christendom: for ‘saeculum’, the word given by the Romans to the endless flux of things, was counterpointed by St Augustine and his heirs to the religio, the ‘bond’, that, so Augustine had taught, joined the pilgrim Church on its journey through the centuries to the radiant eternity of the City of God.…

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That’s a nice style guide you’ve been working off for the last 10 months.
It would be a shame if someone were to decided to change the whole thing and then make you search through all the website copy and update it.

(But still. The em dash is back!)

Finished reading: Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths 📚

Is this a silly idea?
Doing an Ask Me Anything for the next Learn Create Share newsletter? I’ve tried this before for another newsletter and got no questions…and so then had to just pretend nothing had happened.

I know a few MicroBlogranauts took part in a Christian survey on how Covid has affected their faith/use of technology. Well, we just published the results!

Malcolm Gladwell on His Dad Asking Dumb Questions

The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts: Malcolm Gladwell (#168) > My dad is a great question asker. And my father has this, and I’ve spoken about it many times, of his many gifts, one in particular, as a kid, always had the biggest impact on me, which is my father has zero intellectual insecurities. So this is the only thing he has in common with Obama. He and Obama are the same way.…

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Putting the final touches on this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter including:
- A book review and summary - A creative challenge - a chart about parenting Subscribe to get it as soon as I finish the last minute checks.

I have an alternative idea for all those people who can’t deal with wearing a mask…

The theme of reconciliation has been on my mind a lot recently.
Although I’ve been thinking about it primarily in relations to our culture, today I’ve been thinking about it with work. There’s an opportunity for reconciliation right now, but I’m not sure either side will seize it.

I’ve got my Roost stand and Anne pro keyboard back and all is right with the world.

Must remember to send @gr36 his commission cheques for the two mentions in his newsletter this week.

Forgot my keys this morning. Just so happens to be the one day of the week when my wife is out till later. Nice excuse to read in the park (the book feels very appropriate too).

🔗 YouTube is experiencing an egregious bitcoin hack that no one is fixing - iMore

YouTube is experiencing an egregious bitcoin hack that no one is fixing - iMore > Famed Apple leaker Jon Prosser recently tweeted that his YouTube channel, Front Page Tech has been hacked. At the time of this writing, the channel’s name has been changed to NASA [News], his entire library of videos appear to have been deleted except for a live-streaming bitcoin scam video that currently has 48,000 views.…

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🔗 Posing for selfies - Seth's Blog

Posing for selfies - Seth’s Blog The irony is that the people we’re most likely to want to trust and engage with are the ones who don’t pose. They’re consistent, committed and clear, but they’re not faking it. Figure out what you want to say, the change you seek to make, the story you want to tell–and then tell it. Wholeheartedly and with intent. Posing is unnecessary.…

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A reflection on my reduction of podcast listening during the pandemic: It’s almost like I wanted something to silence me from my thoughts during silent moments… that’s not a good thing.

A Case of Messy Head

Now and then I get messy head. Where my brain seems to cycle through the million things I need to do. I try to slow down and focus on what matters, but my head struggles to make sense of things as it jumps from loop to loop until it resets and starts again. The cure is to slow down, pray or meditate, write down a list of what’s on my mind and just start with one thing.…

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A question for owners of smart speakers. Have you upgraded/replaced a smart speaker? Why did you do so (gain new features, lack of continued support in current devices).

🎧 Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and David Epstein Talk Range & Resilience

🎧 Ask Daily Stoic: Ryan and David Epstein Talk Range & Resilience A fun discovery having recently read Ego is the Enemy and Range. One of my favourite parts is when David gives the advice he recieved on how to become a writer. >“Go live on a russian fishing boat for 5 years.” The point being “live a life worth writing stories about.” It reminded my of a writing course I took.…

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Learn Create Share 19: Double Meanings A little later than I had hoped due to a longer car trip but it includes a mini accountment and a new creative challenge.
Thanks once again to everyone who takes 5mins to read.

Here you go @patrickrhone six years of wear and tear. I’ve used the wrong polish, had a local cobbler replace the sole (three times. One time was a bad job) and broken two shoe laces. I’ll need to get them ready for the upcoming winter.

What’s that up in the sky? Oh wait, it’s some plasticine on a paint brush. #mbaug

I got a Nintendo voucher for my birthday, what Switch games would you recommend? 🎮 Here’s what I already have.

A List of Mentors

Yesterday, I started a list of my mentors in Obsidian. This list is split in two, Long-term mentors (those who have much to glean from) and temporary mentors (those who are teaching me a specific skill or approach). I have pages for each mentor in Obsidian so I can see the beautiful knowledge graph that emerges as I learn more from each person and create additional notes. With very few exceptions, I have no actual relationship with these mentors.…

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So after trying and failing to find a list of microblogranuts who run newsletters, I decided to Thanos it and do it myself. Micro Blog Newsletters Let me know yours and I’ll add it. I can add contributors too.

Anyone else been looking at some of the GPT-3 stuff? I keep seeing truly incredible applications. The sort that make me wonder if the robot overlords are coming for my job…then I remember they’ll probably just destroy me ala Skynet and everythings okay again.

Finished reading: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein 📚

🎧 The Art of Manliness Podcast #628: The Rise of Secular Religion and the New Puritanism > In particular, Howland makes the case that what we’re seeing today is the rise of a kind of secular religion, a new Puritanism, that worships at what he calls “the Church of Humanity.” This new Puritanism bases the idea of moral purity around one’s views on issues like race and gender, and seeks to purge anyone who doesn’t adhere to the proscribed dogma.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about “cancel culture” recently and what seems good as well as negative about it. This interview has certainly given me a lot to think about and I’d welcome critiques of Jacob’s views here. I wonder if he has misrepresented critical theorist views and I suspect that even if a critical theorist agreed with how he defined it, they might disagree about the practical outplaying in society.

🔗 A look inside Paradise Street from Hoxton Mini Press

🔗 A look inside Paradise Street — Hoxton Mini Press > This week we’re looking inside Paradise Street. This uplifting, irresistibly nostalgic book, the fourth in our Vintage Britain series, celebrates, among other things, the physicality of spending time outdoors. Enjoy the look back in time.…

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Ideally, intelectual sparring partners “hone each other’s arguments so that they are sharper and better,” Yale historial Paul Sabin wrote. “the oposite happened with Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon.” - Range by David Epstein

Some thoughts on Substack -'s okay

Greg Morris asked for my opinion on Substack as I have been using it for my newsletter Learn Create Share. I started to type a response but when I wrote “Substack review” as a subheading, I knew it was a blog post. So here it is. TLDR - yeah, it’s okay. “I’m using it because I had set it up (I moved from revue as [Substack] has no subscriber limit for free) I like it but think I may move but I’m trying to focus on doing the newsletter and not think too much about the tool) it’s so easy to get into tool mindset and so avoid creating.…

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Welp. Looks like my edited post won’t update :S and is now just “T”.

The em-dash is a fantastic piece of punctuation but it’s okay to still use commas and even (gasp) colons and semicolons.

(Yes, this was inspired by work although my current work is full of colon and semicolon stans.)

🔗 The 80 best single-operator newsletters I’ve seen this list a couple of times in the last week so thought I’d share it. I’d love to get Learn Create Share on a list like this one day. I also remember someone @johnphilipin ? making a list of newsletter from microblog users. I’d like to find that again.

Back in the office for the first time in four…five months? I really can’t remember. Nice to be reunited with my fantastic clicky-clacky keyboard and a second monitor.

Me: I know how to use excel. 5 mins later Me: Why can’t I make this pivot table do what I want!

Learn Create Share edition 18 is flying across the internet searching for a nest in your inbox. 🦅 There’s a new creative challenge and some interesting resources inside. You can read it here now.

Played around with a new profile in procreate yesterday. I kind of like it.

There are certain accusations to which there is no good response. - “When did you stop beating your wife?”
- “Okay, no need to get angry.”
- “…Cray-ZEEE.”

…but there are some responses which are worse than others.

Does Zoom still have security issues and what alternatives are worth investigating?

“Friends don’t let friends measure Page Views. Ever.”

I seem to have shifted my note taking habits while sat at my desk. I’ve gone from taking mostly analog notes to typed notes. It’s partially due to experimenting with Obsidian and Notion and their day note/templates, but this shift is an interesting side effect. Maybe I should try going back to analog notes again 🤔

5 MicroBlog plugin ideas

I’m not a developer and I suspect that some of these might not be possible/easy to do, still here are some ideas for the better developers who use MB. 1. Hide post under 280 character from the main page 2. Sharing of some sort (I was thinking like the typical WordPress share sheet but options for read later or quotebacks, medium style highlighting etc would be cool.) 3. Third party commenting systems (I guess some people might like that.…

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Hell Yes I'll buy Derek Sivers New Book

Derek Sivers new book — Hell Yeah or No — is now live on his site. You can only buy it through him and it’s $15 for the ebook and audiobook, or $19 for the paperbook as well as the digital formats. Last year I read and enjoyed [Anything you want] by Derek so buying this book was an easy, hell yes. I love that he has the ability to publish this way, and the options here.…

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“Let’s run a survey,” he said. “We could see some interesting results,” he said. “It won’t take that long to go through the results,” he foolishly said.

But I’m a millenial and discovered Hallelujah from Jeff. twitter

When you notice a typo as soon as you’ve hit send 🤦‍♂️

🔗 40 Journalism Tips by Poynter > Don’t let the powerful answer in the passive voice “Mistakes we made”

Some really good writing advice here, but I love this point.

The next edition of Learn Create Share is basically ready to go. I just need to get a post up on Sketchnote Classroom so I can share both. Even better, I already have a really great feature idea for next week’s edition ⚡

I need one more referral to get the additional Morning Brew newsletter. So sign up if you’re interested. Morning brew is a daily newsletter that has the top business and tech news. It’s a newsletter you actually want to read.

🔗The company isn’t a family - Signal v. Noise

The best companies aren’t families. They’re supporters of families. Allies of families. There to provide healthy, fulfilling work environments so when workers shut their laptops at a reasonable hour, they’re the best husbands, wives, parents, siblings, and children they can be.

Via @baldur

So, I decided to try writing a post for microblog using scribble. It’s okay, but editing is a real pain in the neck! (Update: turns out there are some actions to edit).

When you realise that although there is an external problem, the greater problem has been your response.

That’s me this week.

🔗 UK may already have enough herd immunity to prevent a second wave study says I keep hearing terrible news about COVID (like immunity may only last 2 months) but perhaps this is some good news… or perhaps it’s not considering shorter immunity and other factors. So let’s not go around licking each others faces yet, but I certainly hope this study is accurate.

🔗The Covid Pandemic Has Changed Our Sleep. Here's How - Jeff Huang

The Covid Pandemic Has Changed Our Sleep - Jeff Huang > The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected both our work and our leisure in unprecedented ways. But a third pillar of our everyday lives has been less studied: how has the pandemic affected our sleep? Some fasinating stats in here (which also has the awkward…these companies know so much about me) aspect.…

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The never ending quest for the best note system

There are three note applications and systems on my mind at the moment. 1. Evernote Old faithful. Despite some dark times, Evernote is still solid and reliable as it always has been. I’ve been on the beta recently and there are some good changes coming soon. Evernote still does a few things extremely well. - Capture (from webpages and other services) - Sync (I rarely have conflicts and notes show up almost instantly) - It’s everywhere - it’s easy to start with But, it doesn’t have some of the latest ideas like the two other apps I’ve been playing with.…

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My wife and I finished watching Snowpiercer season 1 yesterday. We enjoyed it even though the blood was a bit OTT for us.

🔗 The forgotten political roots of Bridge over Troubled Water - BBC Culture

The forgotten political roots of Bridge over Troubled Water - BBC Culture Simon talked about using the primetime opportunity as a Trojan horse for “a home movie about where he thought the nation was”. Directed by actor Charles Grodin, Songs of America used the duo’s hits to soundtrack footage of riots, marches and the war in Vietnam, much to the horror of sponsors AT&T, who demanded their $600,000 investment back.…

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🎵 Mike Love Playing Bridge Over Trouble Water on a Baratone Ukulele 📽

Mike Love Playing Bridge Over Trouble Water on a Baratone Ukulele And here’s a Telegraph article (paywall) on the feud between Simon and Garfunkle when making the album.…

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An alternative business model for Twitter: buy credits and use them everytime you want to edit a tweet.

Putting the final touches on this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter this week’s has lesson for life from math (and Jeff Bezos) plus a creative challenge.

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Creep is my imposter syndrome song.

“Have holy curiosity” I had completely forgotten about the gems in mastery. I read it about five years ago but readwise has been sharing little gems with me all week.

I remember hearing about virtue signaling four years ago and thinking it was a great phrase that highlighted the sort of “clicktivism” where people say they care, but do nothing meaningful. Now, I see people accusing others of “virtue signaling” and it seems to just be a way to say that someone has (liberal) values that the speaker disagrees with.

Downloaded iOS 14 beta. I really wish there were more widgets (of course there’s no carrot weather or fantastical one yet idiot, wwdc was only weeks ago and you’re not on the betas for any of your favourite apps) and I’m going to need to do some major reorganizing.

Back after a holiday. Though I have today off as well (mostly for child care). I’ve decided to move the publication of the next edition of Learn, Create, Share (my newsletter on those three topics) to monday, which is when I originally intended to publish it.

Saw a beer ad which made me want to make my own in procreate. Getting the lighting, shadows and 3D curves is really tricky. Still need to work on the perspective with the text.

Stuff about learning how to learn is all well and good…but it’s good to learn about things which aren’t learning about learning (yes, this is advice for myself after again reading a series of articles and books on this topic).

I’ve heard that a person can lend their kindle books to someone else. Today I investigated and it seems the book has to let you be able to lend it. I don’t seem to have any I can lend. Has anyone ever successfully lent a kindle book? And if yes, are you friends with Jeff Bezos?

Just getting ready to publish an edition of the learn, create, share newsletter.

If you like creating things, you should check it out.

The Transfiguration Sketchnote

I’ve been taking an intro to the New Testament class for the last couple of months. During that time we’ve been learning how to read a text in terms of textural, cultural and historical context using the transfiguration in Matthew as our reference point. Basically, the aim was to read the text as the author intended their audience to. On Tuesday we presented our text and our professor expanded on some points we hadn’t mentioned.…

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Basically, why I sketchnote…although I don’t do the science experiments.

What’s the best book (fiction, non-fiction) you’ve read this year?

What did you like about it?

🔗 Cancel culture and the dividing line in the human heart

A twitter thread worth reading. Although it raises questions not answers, good questions are important.

An unexpectedly good work day today. I thought it would be extremely busy but it turned out to be the right level of busy: challenging but not overwhelming.

It’s the last day of June so I’m about to remove my 90% discount on 30 Creative Prompts for MicroBlog users.

My favourite prompt (seeing as you didn’t ask) is to “use a tool the way it wants to be used.” So write slowly with a fountain pen, use a wide lens for landscape, etc.

Do I have any copywriting friends on MicroBlog?

I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.

Trump retweeted a supporter saying “white power”. . This is surprising because it’s so out of character and doesn’t match his usual rhetoric and twitter behavior.

Me: I know! I’ll make an avatar like @maique made for @gabz My daughter: duckie! Me: well, I guess this will be fun.

The Learn Create Share newsletter is back!

For the first time in ages, I sent out an edition of the Learn, Create, Share newsletter. I’m really excited to get it going again. Have a look at this week’s edition and subscribe to get future editions.

Christian friends on microblog

I’d love your help with this survey on how covid has affected your faith and church. 👇…

I’d love to get a significant sample size. Thanks for your help.

@jmaxb @joshuapsteele @mwerickson @danalcantara @odd

Listening to ATP confirmed one of my suspicions about the Big Sur design; It looks like it’s setting up a touch based mac. Now that’s an interesting development.

Have you noticed any actions or circumstance that tends to lead to you having a productive day?

An easy one I can identify is having good blocks of time. I want all my meetings together and not distributed across the day so I have blocks of time to focus on a task.

The Easiest to Use

I’m weighing up three different email newsletter services. I realy can’t choose. And then I had a thought: > “When you can’t choose between two options, go for the one which is easier to use. The easier it is to use, the more you will use it.” Suddenly, that decision doesn’t seem so tricky anymore. I suspect this principle would work for other tool decisions too. P.s. Yes, I know there are times when you need “more power” and so the simplest isn’t the best.…

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Do something once, it’s an experiment. 🧪
Do something twice, it’s a streak ✅✅
Do something for a week, it’s proof you can keep going. 🗓
Do something till you can’t not do it, it’s a habit. 🔁

But every habit starts with an experiment.

That's Not My MacBook

I was reading my daughter “that’s not my owl” and started to wonder what a version for adults would look like. Now I’d like to present the ATP “that’s not my MacBook” bed time story.…

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Wife: “what’s ‘hamas’?” Me: “It’s pyjamas.”

I’m a skilled baby English translator.

iOS 14 beta question. Can you change the default music app?

Asking for me.

A little challenge for all the corporate slaves out there. Find the best example of businessease and send it to me. The winner gets 10 microblogoons.

People who are running big sur. Do those new rounded corner menu buttons look like they’d be easier to tap on a touchscreen? I’m curious if this new design hints at touchscreen macs or a macOS on the iPad.

A simple writing tip: adjectives and adverbs are lazy

Avoid adjectives and adverbs. Choose precise verbs and nouns. Yes, there is adjectives in this tip, but sometime there’s no alternative (please do prove me wrong!). Also I break this rule all the time and it dilutes my writing.…

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Welcome to beta season, where all we can talk about is the beta

I really hate that the next couple of months of Apple podcasts will be almost completely about unreleased features and the beta. I get that there is demand for this content (doing for the clicks) but it just feels kind of pointless. Especially with the condescending advice that you shouldn’t download the beta (unlike us experts) but here are all the things you should wish you had. Then again I find the endless speculation to also be kind of pointless.…

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Chris a couple of years ago “I’ll never download the iOS beta again.” Apple this year “Oh really.”

Apple finally approved updates for Hey without IAP lets hope this is a step forward and not just a temporary measure to get passed this for WWDC.

WWDC Hopes And Wishes 💻

Dear Tim Cook Clause, This year I’d like… iOS updates Fix whatever the hell happened to editing in text fields with mobile safari A ‘Worktime” feature to compliment “Downtime” Adding start dates to reminders iMessages on windows (I have to use windows at work…so this would be like a glass of water in hell) a bit more refining of how to search through photos (It can be really tricky to get to the right photo and you never want to accidentally go to the start of your photostream) Siri improvements (I too can use Google…it’s not that impressive Siri) iPadOS updates: Improvements to “desktop class safari” some new homescreen improvements (widget stuff?…

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Microblogranuts, I really recommend checking out @cm ‘s newsletter I think you’ll enjoy it.

Took a photo walk down memory lane. I used to live just around the corner and take photos here everyday.

100 books you should read

Any 100 books you are interested in. If you don’t like a “must read book”, don’t read it. If you like a trashy novel, have fun!

I took a day of child care leave with my daughter today and we took picture of duckies in the park…and fed them bread. And stepped in duck poo. Great day.

Not good Apple. Not good at all.

I honestly can’t believe Apple’s attitude to Hey. I really hope this is one or two people in Apple who’ve misunderstood certain policies but that’s happened before. While there are many areas where Apple appears to set the standard that other tech companies follow, this is not one and is horrifically anti-competitive. It seems utterly crazy that this should all emerge when Apple is rumored to allow the ability to set non-Apple apps as the default.…

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Something I need to do more. A procreate creation

Some illogical camera upgrade thoughts

I really want a new camera…I really don’t need a new camera but I want one. Features I -need- want that I don’t have - weather sealing - 4k video - more pixels (because why not) - the new fuji film simulations espeically acros Camears I want: - Ricoh GR iii (has non of the features I listed but has IBIS and I do love my ricoh gr) - Fuji X100v (the obvious choice.…

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Some unsolicitated suggestions: - This place the MicroBlogroverse or MBU. - Users are Microbloganuts

Sketchnoting a live talk isn’t easy. Here are 6 tips to keep up with any talk, even if Lorelai Gilmore is speaking.

My daughter requested two “doddies” so we played with some watercolours and ink.

“Can you make it shorter, but also add more details.” 👆 This is basically my life.

Today’s hike lead to some experiments with macro photography. Much to learn.

The Ricoh gr iii street edition. Because when you shoot street photography you really want your camera to have a bright orange accent to make it stand out 🙄…I do think it looks fantastic.

Update: It has an optional black ring to replace the yellow one AND it comes with a custom viewfinder PLUS a special touch to snapfocus features. In summary, best street camera ever.

Daughter tries to take MacBook off the desk, realises it’s heavy and starts crying. My wife asks “Where does it hurt”? Daughter points to the MacBook.

A walk after the rain

30 Creative Prompts — activities to get you exercising your creative muscles

I didn’t feel like sharing this earlier in the week with everything going on but I made a little ebook and course of 30 creative prompts. These are fun little challenges to get you thinking differently and exercising your creative muscle so you can be creative on demand. It was a little creative challenge from my wife and was suppose to take me a month to do…well, life happened and it took a few extra months to actually put it together and get it up, but draft one is here.…

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What if Roam was local first and used plain text files? Maybe Obsidian is that app. - Video overview from Keep Productive.

But no iPad app… yet?

Currently Reading 📚: A Meal with Jesus – Tim Chester

When people use Martin Luther King Jr‘s peaceful protests as a rebuke of the current protests, it’s worth remembering that he was accused of stirring up trouble as well.

For some reason my daughter keeps asking me to draw penguins for her. So here are some penguin images.




Twinkies don't exist (spoiler, it's not about twinkies)

I’ve never seen a twinky, so they can’t exist. Sure, sometimes one appears on TV in a fictional series or on the news but that doesn’t mean they are actually real. Many of my friends have never seen a twinky either and I suspect those who say they have seen a twinky really saw something else. Even if twinkies were real, which they are not, just because there are some twinkies doesn’t mean all food is a twinky and I’m definitly not a twinky eater.…

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4 Hand Lettering books I’ve bought and found useful. The first is the best in my opinion.

Not to speak is to speak.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer I refuse to stay silent and I choose to act. I don’t have a perfect plan but I can start. I’m volunteering for a local refugee group, I’ve ordered “so you want to talk about race” and I’m looking at some other measures.…

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🔗 Expert sandwich tips that will change your lunches for ever - BBC Food

🔗 Expert sandwich tips that will change your lunches for ever - BBC Food Got to try some of these!…

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So we almost had a drive in with a lorry this morning. He saw us on the main road and for some unknown reason decided to drive right out in front of us. Luckily I had time to stop (although I turned off the road to avoid any contact).

How’s your morning?

Yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at different points of the day…so that’s a good sign.

“The great thing, if one can, is to stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions of one’s ‘own,’ or ‘real’ life. The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one’s real life — the life God is sending one day by day.” - C.S. Lewis

I wonder how many memes I could get out of this political crisis.

I made another meme. British Politics, the gift that keeps on giving.

Asking for a friend (literally), is it possible to use the Apple Watch cellular without a phone?

“Toilet paper hoarders” would be a good punk band name. Yes, this idea is a month or two too late.

May Micro 📖 recommendation: On Writing Well

This was the most influencial book on my writing. The basic message is to focus on clarity to communicate your ideas more effectively.
Get at your local indie bookshop

Great focused device / Great distraction device

The iPad is both a great focusing device — it heavily favours one app at a time — and a great distraction device — the perfect couch device with all those games, comics, videos, and more. Increasingly, I find that the later is interfearing with the former. Maybe I need a work iPad and a couch iPad.* *my wife would not agree.…

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May Micro 📖 Challange: How to think by @ayjay

I went a bit meta in recommending a book by a micro blogger. A really great read on how to (at least try to) think better. Shop your local indie bookstore

Okay, I'll try speed reading.

My wife has a growing interesting in speed reading and related rapid learning techniques. I was really interested in accelerated learning about seven years ago but came to two conclusions. 1) There’s a lot of rubbish out there 2) I was unsure if it led to long term learning. Speed reading was a perfect example. It promised a method to read many times faster and remember everything. I questioned these statements as they usually seemed to focus on short term memory performance and not long-term memory.…

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May micro challenge 📚 2 Atomic Habits

This was one of the books that restarted my reading habit last year. Perhaps that’s not surprising as it is a book on habits. James shares theory and practical advice in an easy to read and understand layout. Shop your local indie bookstore…

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I really like drawing with my daughter

Micro May Challenge Book Recommendation 1: Celebration of Discipline 📖

Celebration of Discipline is Richard Foster’s classic look into the timeliess Christian Disciplines. He covers a the inward, outward and corporate disciplines looking at different traditions, the mindset and goal behind each and with suggested practices to start exploring the traditions. It was a hugely influencial book in my early adulthood and I have been rereading it this last year. Shop your local indie bookstore…

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I don’t really think I can draw well.

I mean, I can draw better than my nearly 2-year old daughter but I’m certainly closer to her ability than DaVinci. Still, I can draw well enough to sketchnote. You don’t have to draw well to sketchnote

I turned an idea from James Clear’s newsletter this week into a handlettering on procreate on the iPad. You can watch the process on Instagram.

I’m really surprised that iOS doesn’t have an ambient lockscreen option. It seems like an easy feature to encourage people to buy the pro not the basic iphone.

‪I’m slightly afraid that today will be my supervillain origin story where I become Mr MicroManager‬. Or perhaps this is the scene where I pick up the infinity gauntlet and say “Fine, i’ll do it myself.”

Today I’ve seen one of the strongest cases for hiring for attitude and not knowledge.

My right wrist is a little painful so I drew a picture with my left. It was kind of fun.

So there’s a global conspiracy to unleash a pandemic to place chips in people but the same people behind it failed to get Hillary to visit Wisconsin once. Seems legit.

When everything is urgent and a priority, nothing is. Not inspired by current life circumstances or anything.

Yellow. Is it me your looking for? (May Micro challenge photo 3 📸)

Just had a new task assigned to me which totally “isn’t my job” and is also “above my pay grade”. My first instinct was “oh no.” but now I’m thinking it’s a good learning experience and will be a good string to my bow… it would be better if this wasn’t in addition to all the other tasks at the moment.

Orange you glad you have a good notebook…and pen.

Being a Non-Expert in a World of Gurus Rocks!

I am not an expert. I’m not incompetent in many areas either, but I’m definitely not an expert. I have so much to learn in every area of life — work, family, faith, creativity, DIY, finance, generosity — that far surpasses what I do know. Sometimes this makes me feel really out of place in a world of Gurus. When I look at what a lot of other copywriters say about themselves, it’s all boasting about how fantastic they are.…

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a quarantine blackout

4 ways to add shadows to sketchnote icons (plus multi-hit combo!) Last week I decided to try out the different approaches I knew for adding shadows and then I thought “Maybe I should blog it.” Enjoy.

Micro photo challenge: I have read this book 📸

For some reason my daughter has fallen in love with “penwin!” So here’s a procreate penguin drawing from the morning.

“Just keep swimming.” - Dory 💬

Iain Broome’s newsletter, Unsplash is a delightful read and his desk picture in this edition has me extremely jealous.

“You think effectiveness with people and efficiency with things” - Steven Covey. 💬 This quote was a real eye opener for me, perhaps it’s obvious but I realised that I hadn’t be operating this way.

Investing in my health

I haven’t had the easiest transition in the work from home, lockdown lifestyle caused by the roller-covid-coaster. Many of the core habits for supporting my physical and mental health have fallen away and environmental factors haven’t helped me form new ones. Even before the government mandated restrictions, I wasn’t really looking after myself well. Apart from the walk part of my morning commute – which admittedly did fulfill the advised 30 minutes of brisk walking health organization recommend – I did little in the way of exercise.…

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The shift to 100% remote working has been very difficult for me but I know that I won’t be going back into the office half as much as I used to after this. I doubt I’m alone.

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made.” - Benjamin Franklin💬

dost thou love life? The do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of.

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover…here are 7 ways to start a notebook.

Me: I’m fed up of managing books, I should focus on electronic copies and not paper versions. Also me: OH look at those full bookshelves of that person working from home! I’m so jealous. I want to look through all their books!

*temporary solution: Bookshelf virtual background.

Micro quote two: happy revenge of the fifth.

“Not all those who wander are lost” - J.R.R. Tolkien (yes, I’m going to play with some calligraphy styles for this quote challenge. This is uncial…sort of.)

iPhone photo. Not my normal editing style but I felt like a more HDR type version.

It’s a public holiday here in Poland so I have decided to do a fresh mac install and actually set up a proper user profile for my wife. She uses it the most so it’s time to give her the keys to the kingdom.

🔗 Shipping The First Version of Ghost - Twitter

Dashboard was a technically unviable photoshop mockup that was very easy to kill. We had to choose between shipping on time, and making a fancy dashboard. We chose shipping. Some people are still upset about it today. Those people will never ship. - John O’Nolan, founder of ghost sharing some of his anecdotes from 7 years of Ghost on Twitter I remember backing the ghost Kickstarter and being extremely excited about its potential and possibility but the initial version really did disappointment.…

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If you get some 1-star feedback and feel down, check out the 1-star amazon reviews of one of your favourite authors. You’ll soon see that there are a lot of people with MAJOR issues out there and if someone hates something you really like, why should your thing be different.

I’m trying out the lofree Keyboard again and it’s better than I remembered.

Excpectation: I’m going to wake up a 6am and do some writing like every morning this week
Reality: Today my daughter woke up at 5:55 and I did no writing pre-work.

Sit down. Write whole post. Sit back. That’s terrible. Start again from scratch…Okay, that’s better, still needs work. Me most days.

Play with shadows for Sketchnoting icons. There’s a video on Instagram

What sketchnote course would you like to see next?

I’m starting to think about making a new sketchnote course so if that’s something you might be interested in, I have a feedback survey that I’d love for you to “kick the tires” of (make sure it works and is a logical flow etc). I want to answer the three questions P.s. I already have three free sketchnoting courses that you’re welcome to try.…

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🎥 Eleanor Rigby” ukulele instrumental by David Beckingham (there’s a link to the tab in the description).

My wife made pão de deus and they are heavenly.

Sometimes I ponder the deeper questions of life. Like which cheese is best for a toastie and how can you make it the most melty without burning the outside.

Feature idea for a micro blog client: pick times to get notifications. Let’s say you want notifications at 10:00 am and 18:00, at those times you get a notification saying you have X new messages from Y, Z.

How does one cross their animals. Asking for a friend.

Look ma, I made a meme.

I’m not certain but I think my daughter finds it more difficult to understand that there are both Polish and English words for a concrete noun (like a door) than she does funcational phrases like “hello” or “goodbye”. I suspect this is because she uses phrases with certain people, but she points to the same nouns and then people say different things. But maybe I’m wrong about both about what she finds easier or more difficult and the reason for it.

I’m working from home in sweatpants/trackie bottoms and I feel like a king. I feel like I’m finally embracing this long-term work from home lifestyle.

A 10-Second and 10-Minute Impression of Using a Mouse with an iPad

I had a quick play with my work mouse (an HP of some sort) on my iPad yesterday. - 10-second impression: “This is cool and feels right! I love these little touches like how the cursor changes.” - 10-minute impression: “Urgh, this is wrong. The scrolling is janky. I can’t slide elements, how on earth do I get to the homepage without using a keyboard. Why can’t I swipe this element!…

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I made a meme.

A Couple of Revelations Connected with Work

I had a few real moments of revelation over the weekend. 1. Work needs to fit my life, not my life fit my work: I really like my job, but I have been arranging my life to fit my job. In my case, this was wrong. While some people’s work is extremely valuable and is making a difference in the world, the truth is mine isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I think my company is fine and a net positive, but we’re not curing cancer and even if we were, throwing away all other aspects of my life for a company with no guarentee that they’ll keep me around tomorrow let alone when I’m old and grey is plain stupid.…

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I see from CJ Chilver’s newsletter that he is preparing to move to Ghost… It seems like a good move to me. Increasingly Ghost is looking like a great way to do a newsletter and paid subscriber thing. Substack looks good too, but less customization.

Over the weekend I cracked (or perhaps it was my back) and now I’m looking at desk options for my home. I need something 1. small and can fit in a corner
2. comfortable
3. preferably standing but I doubt that there are any small ones
4. not too expensive

Spend last night in hospital and just got home. Apart from my slight caffeine withdrawal headache I am well.

The new iPhone SE, but in the iPhone 5s body. If only.

Person: “When people say I can’t afford to, I say you can’t afford not to” Me: 🙄

Oh digital ocean has a fathom analytics droplet…and I have credit that will probably just go to waste. Sure I’ll give it a go.

Reconsidering things

Things I’m currently reconsidering - my blog hosting platform (I’ve been playing with Ghost but I can see a cool WordPress plugin for book reviews. I’m thinking of keeping MB as a separate blog, but maybe I shouldn’t) - my task management app (todoist works everywhere but it always feels like too much hard work everywhere!) - My RSS app (Unread is cool, but maybe I should just use inoreader…or prehaps reeder 4.…

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We’re in the endgame now.

Public holiday. Family game time.

Good morning. Both I and Christ are risen today.

Sometimes work from home is fantastic. Today is not one of those days.

A Rhubarbary

“an enviornment where it is more important to look like you are working than actually getting work done.” Claire Lew I feel like this needs a name. Perhaps an Rhubarbary. Because extras in a movie set who look like they are talking say rhubrarb (apparently) to look like they are talking, when they aren’t.…

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Note to self: Remember to spend more time doing the thing, than talking about/thinking about/ kind-of-related-to-the-thing-but-not-actually-the-thing. You probably will never reach that point, but the point is to do more of the thing. Okay?

Really enjoyed this week’s micro cast. It reminded me of how I set up automatical categories for Micro (under 280 characters) and longer (over 280 or with a title) posts and then change my theme so only long posts show on my homepage but you can see everything in the archive.

Friends with Logos, what package did you get (and why) including if you got a specific stream.

Keeping up with the Internet Joneses

One of the dangers elements of the Internet is that “Keeping up with Joneses” can be multipled manifold. I connect with some folks who are very well off and an average income for their country may have far more than I do. Sometimes when I hear people talk about their five iPads, Macbook, iMac Pro and more accessories It can skew my sense of what I should be able to afford.…

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Me: “I am happy with my blogging system and should focus more on writing than tinkering with my site.” Me five minutes later: “Oh look Ghost…let’s give this a spin!”

Imaginary Apple device idea: Apple Studio - Microsoft studio form factor - ARM processor - runs macOS /iPadOS - has all the iPad app in catalyst.

That would be interesting for sure.

We finally pushed our website update today at work. It was a tonne of work and setbacks but I’m glad we’ve managed to get it out the door and can focus on the next steps now.

You can have two iA Writer tabs on the iPad. Nice 😎 (but part of me still misses Ulysses)

When Idris Elba first turned up in the office, I kind of hoped it was somehow really Stringer Bell and at somepoint there was going to be a crossover between the office and the wire.

My kingdom for a good research tool

Starting some new studies1. Now what tool should I use to save notes and research 🤔. Needs to work on iPad and probably Windows? Don’t think I’ll have access to a mac. I still have DevonThink 2 set up (which is pretty great) but maybe I should just use the old reliable Evernote. Notion seems very cool but it doesn’t have the easy web clipping of the other two. Anything I’m missing?…

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I’m working at the computer as my daughter says the Polish word for poo-poo over and over again and tries to put a nappy on her doll. This is not the work from home productivity and minimalist lifestyle of the blog posts. It’s much better.

Today I discovered, Betteridge’s law of headlines.: any headline that ends in a questionmark can be answered by the word no. I had noticed this myself and used it to avoid clickbait but there’s a name for it.

Dalgona coffee. This has poped up on my social feeds a few times recently. Has anyone tried one? What did you think?

Me: “If I leave a note saying this section is for quotes and use a really obvious placeholder quote, the developers won’t put my placeholder in, they’ll put in the quotes we have on system.” Developers: “so here I need to write ‘this is a quote, replace with real quote” - FIRSTNAME LASTNAME.’ Job done.”

Taking a course on what you teach

I used to find it really strange how often I’d see someone taking a course and they’d want help making their own course better (two examples I’ve seen, copywriter needs to improve the landing page of their copywriting course. Handletterer needs to improve thier lettering for their lettering course). Now, I still find it strange but I also think it’s a very smart decision. If you are a coach, you should be constantly improving to make sure you are providing the best advice possible.…

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I’m on an enterprise website doing some research. I’m pressing on the filter buttons and it literally takes between a minute and two to respond to every interaction! (The company boasts about the speed of its tech).

One of the best decisions I made in following tech stuff is to just not care about rumours. Well, try not to care. It’s amazing how correct some of them can be but honestly it makes no difference if I speculate for months about what a new iPad with a trackpad might be and it’s really nice to wake up and see something you didn’t know was coming. If you like and enjoy all the speculation around tech rumours then I’m happy for you but increasingly I want to use tech to do stuff and not think about how great something might be, one day.

scribd (the netflix of books and audiobooks) have a 30 day offer for new users during COVID-19 but you can get 60 days free with my link.

I wonder how often the average iPad pro user will touch the screen after these new keyboards? Some users currently don’t seem to touch their screen at all so this will surely accelerate it for them.

There are certain podcasters who I occasionally think of sending a tweet to… then I think about how they seem to assume the worst intention of every message someone sends (unless it’s obvious praise)… so I don’t really send messages to podcasters anymore.

I want the new iPad …I probably can’t afford the new iPad… 😢

30 days of sketchnoting the course is live

To give people (and myself) something to do during self-isolation/social distancing or whatever, I published my premium 30 days of sketchnoting course. 🥳 It’s 30 days of sketchnoting activites to build your sketchnoting skills (it works if you’ve never sketchnoted before, or if you have experience but want to expand your skillset). It might be a bit rough around the edges so if you use the code MARCH20, you get 75% off (and I’m going to take it down after a week and correct any issues).…

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I know this is probably a bias perspective and not accurate but this is how I feel during this time. I’m busier than ever as we have a big deadline, I’m working from home so I have zero gap between work and home and I don’t have my usual processing time during the commute. But it seems like everyone else has tones of time so they are putting out even more than usual. I’m sure this isn’t completely accurate but if you feel like me, you’re not alone.

Me: “a couple of quick questions [insert a long list of questions]”

Pro tip: make sure you never end up in a “prisoner’s dilemma” situation with any of your friends who are stockpiling.

Locked in

So my office has now introduced a manditory work from home policy till the end of the month. Didn’t really expect this to happen.

Sometimes doing keyword research leads to some very sad discoveries in common questions. And sometimes it leads to really interesting and funny discoveries (I just found something that depressed me, but as I typed, I realised that I don’t often take note of the positives).

Answer the question.

I got to take part in some interviews today. I asked what aspect of their work they enjoyed the most and which they liked the least. For the first part, the candidate basically answers everything. I asked about what they liked the least and they answered a different question. I asked my question again and the candidate again avoided answering. I wonder if the candidate thought I was asking a “what’s your greatest weakness” type question when I really wasn’t.…

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Just discovered a site which appears to update the published date for all its content (or they published A LOT on Feb 13). Presumably this is for the SEO benefit, still if you haven’t updated the content, that’s pretty sleazy.

Wow, I didn’t expect Biden to do well at all (which shows how little I know about US Politics… or proably politics…even though that was my degree.) Quick thoughts 1. I wonder how well he actually did. Need to see some stats 2. Oh dear God, the conspiracy theories are going to be terrible. 3. I suspect this means Trump is in an even better position than I feared. If Bernie had run away with the nomination, it would have shown broad support. In contast, Biden had his dip and only really seems to have recovered recently (what if he dips again?). 4. Maybe I’m completely wrong about that last point, maybe Biden is more resiliant than I thought? 5. I honestly can’t believe Elizabeth Warren has done so badly. 6. How is Tulsi Gabbard still in this thing.

No, your "brilliant guest post" isn't right for me

I get a couple of emails a week with content people want me to share on a site I’m connected to. I think there has been two times when the content was actually relevant to the site and didn’t sound terrible. And yet, every time I get sent an approach email, it says differently. There’s a good chance that if you are sending emails asking to guest post on someone’s site and you get no response, you are making the same mistakes.…

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(WIP idea) Two kinds of leadership 1. Mentor - helps the mentee become less dependent and grow. 2. “Guru” - makes the follower more dependent, losing them costs revenue.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 30: Vision

Finished reading Ego Is the Enemy: Ryan Holiday 📚

📸 Feb photoblogging day 29: leap (First or maybe second time using an old photo)

I thought I had unlocked the “bring child in from a car seat without waking her or him” achievement but my daughter woke up for a moment. I’ll get the badge next time.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 28: below

today was the second time I’ve used a placeholder name at work (this time John Smith) and people thought it was real and almost published it.

I just made the classic mistake of answering the question I wanted/though was being asked. Luckily I immediately realised and tried to answer the actual question but I’ll try and be more patient when others do that to me.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 27: together

iPadOS has been out for five months now. I think the “desktop class browser” May have created as many issues as it fixed…maybe more.

Camera 📸 Feb photoblogging day 26: Escape

FINE! I’ll try Notion.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 24: hurdle It hasn’t been an easy day at work. I’ve face a few barriers from other people and also myself. It feels like it shouldn’t be this way but it is. Still, I will turn up tomorrow and do my best work again. That’s what a professional does no matter the hurdles they face.

Camera 📸 Feb photoblogging day 24: double (I feel like this could be my album cover).

📸 Feb photoblogging day 23: station

📸 Feb photoblogging day 22: spectacle

📸 Feb photoblogging day 21: progress Yes, she’s getting better at drawing. I wish it wasn’t on the walls.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 20: scale Because I won’t want to step on one after this.

Third donut of the day. This one is chocolate covered with a kind of custard-cream (budding if you know your Polish things) filling.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 19: Space Second donut to occupy my work space.

Tłusty Czwartek! That snuck up on me. Time for some pączki!

📸 Feb photoblogging day 18: oppose (I really struggle with this one)

my MacBook is coming up to 7 years old. Last year it started to show some signs of its age (the battery used to be forgettable, now it needs a bit of care) but it still gets the job done. One of the best tech purchases I ever made.

Treating other people's time as valuable

I try to treat everyone’s time at work as valuable. If there is something I can probably find out without bothering someone, I don’t disturb them. If I want to ask a question, I make sure I keep it short, clear and with any follow up questions I might need so that the other person only needs to respond once. I do this with supriror, people of the same rank, and inferiors.…

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📸 Feb photoblogging day 17: cool

📸 Feb photoblogging day 16: rest

I’ve made a collection of free online courses to help people start sketchnoting. I’d love it if you considered signing up or sharing them with someone who might be interested.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 15: balance

Feb photoblogging day 14: warmth

I’m fairly sure I use about five PDF apps and I use each one differently as each one is different. It’s also usually not mentally taxing to work out which to use.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 13: Rise

Em dashes on the web: Chicago confusion

I just saw an example of Chicago style em dash format on the web (no spaces between words). Initially, I thought it was a hyphenated word and read it as such. Perhaps this was just the layout on the website as I never have issues with the Chicago approach in books. Regardless, I’m noting this as a point in favour of other style guides.…

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📸 Feb photoblogging day 12: attachment

📸 Feb photoblogging day 11: Plain.

A Quick Thought on Focal Lengths in Street Photography

Generally, the more populous the area you are shooting in, the wider focal length you want. - Centre of London: 28mm. - Krakow/outer London: 35mm - rural/ deserted streets: 50mm There are plenty of exceptions (some only use tele lenses. Some only wide. Also are street portraits street?) but I think this is a pretty good starting point.…

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🔗 Incorrect Use of “As Such” I had an editor tell me off for this mistake all the time (and I just saw an example at work).

I always intend to take a selfie pre and post haircut…and ALWAYS forget to do so prior.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 10: sign (A sign of things to come)

My iPad has gone bad. It’s killing safari tabs and background apps all the time. It almost seems to freeze when I opened ferrite today. I don’t know if I just hadn’t noticed this or it’s come from a recent update but it’s infuriating.

📸 Feb photo blogging day 9: Lull Every Sunday I listen to the radio program “Siesta” on Polish radio channel three. The DJ selects a wonderful mix of Jazz, Bosa Nova, Fado and other music that he likes. We listen on my in-laws old radio system. No smarts here. Perfect for a lull in the day.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 8: contrast

It took a while but I finally fixed my om-d em-1. The shutter issue seemed to be connected to the SD card. The trick was to place a different card in and take the battery out, that seemed to free it up some how. Anyway, now I’m looking forward to playing a bit with this again.

📸 Feb photoblogging day 7: Above

I had an ambition idea for today’s photo challenge. it didnt happen, but it was still fun to come up with and plan (and then come up with a backup).

📸 Feb photoblogging day 6: plant

📸 Feb photoblogging day 5: hide

Current favourite YouTube channel. Steve O’nions. Fantastic photogapher in Wales who takes great film and digital photos. He’s been a great help in my campaign to get my wife and I to move to Wales someday.

Today is not a good day: anxious, issues at work, hard to concentrate.
Today is a good day: a new book arrived, progress in projects, time with family.

Oh boy, Fujifilm just announced the x100v and it answers my main wishes… i had been debating getting a new camera and I think this has settled things.

📸 Feb photoblogging challenge day 4: spot

A photo tribute to Europe

I put together a collection of my favourite pictures (and some old pictures) from across Europe in a tribute to mark leaving the EU. See which cities you can identify.

Dear Aspiring Writer. Keep Going.

I’ve seen some writing from aspiring writers which makes me roll my eyes (and some from professional writers too for that matter). Part of me wishes they wouldn’t bother writing about these topics again (e.g. the iPad sucks/ the iPad is the best thing ever as long as you have these 20 apps), but I’m keenly aware of the dangers of wishing a writer wouldn’t bother. The creative process isn’t clean or easy.…

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Feb photoblogging 📸 day 3: reflect

Philippians 4:18 > “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” I think this is something religious and non-religious can agree upon.…

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📸 February photoblogging day 2: sight

February photoblogging day 1: open.

I went to the nearby playground with my daughter. There was no one else there; I guess it was their nap time. This climbing frame is small enough and easy enough for my daughter to climb and navigate alone.

Krakow Płaszow on cheap film with a Mju ii and bright sunlight.

This would have worked better in colour I suspect. Krakus mount in Krakow in the distance. Hassleblad 500cm - HP5 film

Had to come up with a new name for a product (the last one was taken) and managed it in just under 10 minutes. Not a bad start to the day (although that is really lucky and not usual. I’m also not saying it’s a great product name but when needs must, you got to do something).

just got two rolls of film back from the lab. one 35mm in black and white (on an olympus mju ii) and one hp5 on an hassleblad. haven’t downloaded the scans yet but the flick through looks good.

🔗 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Your Writing)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Your Writing) Go a week without • very • rather • really • quite • so • of course • in fact Benjamine Dreyer on Twitter Thought I’d share this as well to go along with that last bit of writing advice. “Of course” is one of those zombie phrases that still rises from my fingers no matter how many times I try to kill it… but that’s what editing is for…of course.…

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“Avoid the passive voice” is one of those bits of well-known writng advice that can go to far; sometimes, the passive voice is the best or only choice. And yet, changing from passive to active is one of the most common tasks I do when editing other people’s work. Maybe it’s not as well-known as I though.

Photo experiments on the train to Warsaw

The palace of science and culture in Warsaw.

🎥 Matt Day: Shooting Ilford’s NEW Ortho Plus | First Impressions!

A new Black and White film from Ilford…time to head to the local camera shop. (I think 120 film and shooting landscapes would probably be best for me).

Finished Reading : Morning Star by Pierce Brown.. 📚

We’ve just got home to our little flat in Wieliczka after a wonderful weekend in Warsaw - including a micro meetup with @danalcantara . It’s great to be home and I hope you’ll excuse me while I collapse.

On the train to Warsaw 🚊

Just had a nice email at work, so I saved it to my “praise” collection.

I’ve always felt conflicted about Bruce Guilden’s photography, but the interview with him by Magnum has made me appreciate him far more.

Another “urban sketching” experiment (I used a photo as it’s cold and I have a kid at home!) I made some mistakes with the first layer (too heavy paint in the sky not enough variation in the church) and I thought the foundation was terrible! But I think the end result is…okay. And I’ve learnt something so who cares.

One thing I wish was better with MB-hosted Micro.blogs...but then again

I really like MB-hosted for the simplicity of publishing…but it’s not that easy to edit older posts. For example, if I wanted to write a list of authors I’m into right now, It would be tricky to find later. I could of course use a page — and that makes a lot of sense for this type of post…sorry, page. There are, however, occasions where I’d like more ways to revist old posts and update them.…

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Podcast idea: Coffee conversation

No, it’s not a podcast about coffee…well not direclty. Here’s the pitch: I meet up with people I think are interesting and have a coffee with them, we record the conversation because maybe other people would like that. But then again, it would probable be a bad podcast (noise of cups and sipping) and probably change the type of conversation…maybe I should just try and have a cup of coffee with interesting people.…

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I’m very excited about the possible Polish Micro Meetup this weekend in Warsaw.

Atomic Habits (Affiliate link) Is only 99p today in the UK kindle store. I just grabbed a copy even though I read it on paper last year.

Will the HomePod Ever Get an Update?

The HomePod is coming up on two years old, it had an A8 professor (5 years old) and there hasn’t been an update. I wonder if there’s something in the pipeline (maybe with a mini version?) or if Apple is just going to drop it.

The best way to notice a mistake is to call a file “Final” or publish something. Suddenly you notice way more mistakes. I swear it’s magic.

📸 A new Photo story: A trip to snowy Zakopane.

It’s take film to get developed day.

Updated and simplified my now page. It was growing and growing so I’ve cut it back. Which is funny as that’s quite like my life.

I don’t share many photos of my daughter but I’ll share this one. From our trip to Zakopane.

🎥 Why We Still Love Film: Analog Photography in the Digital Age | NBC Left Field

🎥 Why We Still Love Film: Analog Photography in the Digital Age | NBC Left Field As someone who still shoots film (on multiple cameras) I loved this. The production is top-notch and features some of my favourite YouTubers. I also love the contrast with this week’s ATP where they said that downloading images off an SD card is too slow (although I kind of understand that frustration). Now I’d better take my last rolls of film to the local developer and get out a new one.…

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I discovered that I didn’t transfer any email subscribers to substack when I made a newsletter there…In other news, I’m thinking of moving back to buttondown as it’s so simple. If I were advising someone else in the same position I’d say that the tool doesn’t matter, there will always be some advantages and disadvantages and it’s more important to be consistent in publishing…and yet here I am. Still, when you’re “unprofessional”, you can ignore your “good advice”.

I got Pixelmator Photo for the iPad when it was on sales for free last year. I didn’t think I needed a new photo editing tool as the ones I had worked well. Pixelmator Photo, however, has replaced my other tools. It’s fantastic.

When you see an email from a blogger and you know that although it’s talking about something that’s “free”, this is the start of a new marketing funnel… (note to self: be generous and do stuff without a “now buy this” at the end).

I keep seeing people talk about Matthew Walker’s book on Sleep…It’s worth invistigating some of the criticisms. Certainly it’s not as clear cut as he has made out.

My new Anne Pro 2 in all its RGB goodness.

We were in Zakopane this weekend and I tried my hand at urban sketching. It’s amazing how a few points can really help. Instead of starting with the pen, I started with the underlying colours. I think it turned out much better.

A very light, easy to drink beer.

A reminder of Julia Skott’s great idea from last year. Resolution Bingo.

MyWay2020 - a free year planner from Readdle Something you might find interesting.

I’m thinking of getting an ebook reader with an e-ink display. I think I’d like one that runs on android so I could get the kindle app (where I have a few books) as well as books from other sources. Does anyone have any recommendations?

🔗 Dark Patterns Website

Dark Patterns Website > Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn’t mean to, like buying or signing up for something. The purpose of this site is to spread awareness and to shame companies that use them. I’m sure you’ve seen examples of this on the web. Some mild ones are the “Accept” button being clear and bold while the “decline” button is greyed out, hard to tell it is a button and not where you expect it should be.…

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Why I like and don't like yearly themes

I’m sure the idea existed before but cortex seems to be the chief propagator or the yearly theme idea. The principle: set a word that should direct your year. It can be predictive or aspirational. I’ve done it in the past, but now I feel a bit awkward about the idea. Here’s why. Many people seem to fail Perhaps this shouldn’t invalidate the idea but on cortex both Myke and Grey seem to say that they have been unable to meet their themes more than they have achieved them.…

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I decided to revisit my old photoblog and start doing something a bit different. On the farm.

I have about 20gb free space on my iPhone but photos says I don’t have enough space on my phone to sync photos…any ideas? Have I found a special iOS bug?

Merry Christmas everyone

I took my Ricoh GR with me on this family trip (and iPhone XS of course). In hindsight, I should have taken my Fuji x100t. It really is my favourite camera and while the Ricoh is a great street camera, the x100 is the better family camera. (Feel free to @ me).

I’m deeply disturbed by the rise in racists abuse at football games across Europe. Part of me wonders if this problem has been around for longer but we’re finally taking action. I hope that’s the case, but everything I’m seeing from BAME players suggests that it’s getting worse.

Farm selfie

I’m thinking of sharing a bit more of my photography with some stories about taking photos (and doing a bit more too!) I was wondering what would be the best publishing platform for this. MicroBlog is great for sharing one photo but not really a series with text between. Perhaps I’ll just stick with WordPress. Any advice @jack ?

When you read a chapter of a book and then draw this…I’m okay. Promise.

Maybe minimalism isn't enough.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who are “minimalists” go through a familiar path. They cut back and see significant benefits, then they expand again and need to “rediscover a life of less” or something similar. I’ve tread this path myself. Perhaps it’s just part of our natural cycle. When you try to balance on a beam, you have to shift your weight from one side to another as you counteract the forces from yourself and the outside world.…

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Evergreen creator recommendations?

Are there any bloggers or content producers who you have followed for more than a couple of years and you still pay attention to all their content with the same enthusiasm? I ask because I can think of many great content producers who I loved and have either gone off, think they’ve changed and don’t care for what they now do/have become, or still think they are good but just don’t focus on everything they put out.…

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🎶 It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 🎵 Not sure why, but I feel like listening to some REM this afternoon.

Just updated my reading log and it seems I’ve read 16 books this year…I think there may also be a couple which I forgot to include (just remembered one of them!) and I’m still finishing off a couple more. Either way, that’s a lot more than I read last year.

I ordered a new clicky clacky keyboard. I guess I’m going to sell my LoFree, it has a sticky “]” key and I don’t really like the keyplacement…so i guess if anyone in Europe is interested, let me know.

I broke out my little watercolour set this morning to make a picture of my daughter. Still getting used to watercolours but I managed to do a bit of highlights and shadows.

I’ve been trying to use iA writer on everything I use and Typora on my work PC so I can jot down notes and simple idea for writing when inspiration strikes. Unfortunately this seems not to work at all. Even with forced saving my data doesn’t seem to sync and I’ve lost ideas and writing. So I’m not sure what I’ll do next…Evernote again :(

US vs UK style guide wars: Episode III

Em dashes look better than en dashes when used for parenthetical clauses or replacing colons.

Thought for myself this morning: When you feel jealous, be generous. (not sure how good this advice is, but it can’t hurt…right?)

Group Chat rules - XKCD > 2. Show you care by triming the tracking junk off links you paste.


Playing around with Substack in comparison with Revue. The substack concept is interesting (blog/newsletter in one) and the design is cool, but I miss some features like the revue extention and the way links are added with rich media. Not sure If I’ll move or even how this fits with my… but it’s fun to play with different tools.

Company values

I’ve been working on some company value statements. They’re great things and I really think the company tries to embody these values…but they’re really secondary considerations. There’s often a couple of primary drivers which we don’t really talk about. It makes me wonder what a company would look like if it really put the values it states above all else.…

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There are some very useful TextExpander public groups…

Reading Golden Son and keep thinking “Well that escalated quickly.”

🔗 Fiona Hill, Boris Johnson and the tyranny of the plummy British accent - FT

Fiona Hill, Boris Johnson and the tyranny of the plummy British accent - from the Financial Times > Accent discrimination is standard in Britain. In a poll by ComRes and ITV in 2013, 28 per cent reported experiencing it. Recruiters favour the 3 per cent of Britons who speak “the Queen’s English”, says Lance Workman, psychologist at the University of South Wales.…

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Also this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter is out and it’s all about BlackInkFriday (I have some great links ready for the next one).

I busted out the pentel brush pen for #blackinkfriday five free Black Friday alternative activities.

.. maybe I should move my newsletter to Substack…Maybe I should just write something for my newsletter.

How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner - Colossal

How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner > In this fun series of photos titled Thanksgiving Special, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein imagines Thanksgiving dinners as plated by famous artists throughout history.…

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How Ryan Holiday Reads - YouTube

🎥 How Ryan Holiday Reads - YouTube > When I see a copy of one of my books and it’s filled with notes, highlighters and folded pages, that doesn’t hurt my feelings as an author, that’s like the highest praise you can give a book. I love little looks behind a writer’s life and approach like this. 1. Read and highlight (add bookmarks) 2. Put notes on notecards…

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So I had a random idea… #BlackInkFriday a sketchnote alternative to Black Friday. Who’s in?

I really like playing with procreate.

… I think my Olympus OM-D EM-1’s shutter is stuck… not good bob.

Yesterday evening I finished a new, free mini-course on sketchnoting. Introducing “How to sketchnote even if you can’t draw”. If you wanted to start sketchnoting but thought you couldn’t because you “can’t draw”, then I’ve got four strategies for instant results and some practice activities to help you get going.

Unhappy at home, unhappy in Rome.

Today, I was reminded of Adam Sandler’s SNL sketch where he is a travel agent who basically says his trips can’t change the person you are: unhappy at home, unhappy in Rome. Isn’t that true with everything. So much of marketing is “this will finally make you happy” and it doesn’t. Even courses on how to be happy with less. You already have everything you Need to be happy (unless you are living in genuine poverty).…

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I’ve read a whole load more this year and it’s been one of the best changes I’ve ever made. I think I might set a reading goal for next year…

When I see a controversial headline and I’m not sure if it’s clickbait and so I don’t want to reward it with views, or perhaps the writer doesn’t know something and reading the article would reveal that…but what if it’s clickbait…or maybe, just maybe, they’re right!

🔗 The secret life of nuns - BBC Reel Very interesting topic and photographic style. The photographers outsider perspective must help here.

Started Reading : Golden Son: Pierce Brown 📚

What is something you’ve changed your mind on? An minor one I can think of: I used to think paperbooks were a waste of space, now I see value in both paper and ebooks.

I’d love to add some filters to my reading log page. Something that would people hide fiction/non-fiction books. I suspect I could do this on WordPress with some Javascript but what about Microblog?

I’m really enjoying using Stoop for newsletters…but I wonder if setting up a specific email address for newsletters and using a separate email app would be just as good or even better in some ways…

Morning reading from Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. 1. It’s impossible to learn what you “already know” (yup. I’ve fallen into that trap) 2. It’s never been easier to get a teacher.

I used ferrite with a bluetooth keyboard for the first time today. It’s even better!

I made a “Hawaii at night” inspired IPhone Wallpaper. Feel free to download if you fancy.

🔗 Desirable difficulties — Wikipedia

🔗 Desirable difficulties from Wikipedia > A desirable difficulty is a learning task that requires a considerable but desirable amount of effort, thereby improving long-term performance. The term was first coined by Robert A. Bjork in 1994. As the name suggests, desirable difficulties should be both desirable and difficult. Research suggests that while difficult tasks might slow down learning initially, the long term benefits are greater than with easy tasks. However, to be desirable, the tasks must also be accomplishable.…

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This feels an appropriate for this week

“James Kerr portrays the team tidying up the locker room after a game in his book, Legacy:

“Sweeping the sheds.
Doing it properly.
So no one else has to.
Because no one looks after the All Blacks.
The All Blacks look after themselves.

Ryan Holiday in Today’s Daily Dad Newsletter

“To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school…it is to solve some of the problems of life not only theoretically, but practically.” - Henry David Thoreau

I’m reminded of Derek Sivers’s brilliant TED talk: keep your goals to yourself. Talk can make us ge like we’ve done more than we actually have. Silence is a strength.

Facebook for iOS uses your camera whilst you scroll your feed - iMore

The issue has come to light after a user going by the name Joshua Maddux took to Twitter to report the unusual behavior, which occurs in the Facebook app for iOS. In footage he shared, you can see his camera actively working in the background as he scrolls through his feed.

Maybe…MAYBE it’s just an unfortunate bug doing something completely unexpected, but considering how many times Facebook (sorry FACEBOOK) has previous messed with iOS (audio playing in the background to keep tracking) I doubt that this is innocent.

A question for IPad Pro with USB-C owners. If you use a dongle to connect to external storage, do you have to plug in power as well? For a lightning adaptor IPad you have to have power and I’m wondering if it’s the same (or better on the new ones).

Good morning

Had a go at recreating the classic Obama portrait.

Updated my Now page and preparing for my next email newsletter.

Reference Your Sources and Inspiration

I disagree with Derek Sivers. In fact, that sentence is my rebellion. He suggested that quoting is lazy and sounds bad. I think it enriches communication. Okay, not always. Derek does give some good examples when it’s bad (constant quoting, to protect yourself from being attacked, constant hedging.) but I don’t believe that’s always the case. An invitation to go deeper Quoting, especially with a hyperlink, allows someone to explore and idea further.…

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…so the argument for paid Facebook ads is that the Facebook algorithm favours inflammatory and false regular posts, so you have to pay for more civil posts… Maybe change the algorithm.

New notebook orded. I only had two pages left in my old one and not having a replacement ready made me take fewer notes. I went for another Rhodia (this time with dots).

I think Apple should have moved to USB C all the things this year. I was at my in laws house this weekend and even though they aren’t the most tech savvy and up-to-date of people, they now have a USB C device. I have no idea if they’ll do it next year. I could see either way.

When you see a big list of features. Look at the ones in the middle. Often these are the most boring and maybe there just to make it look like there is a lot in something. They may be very common things but together look impressive.

Just start (even if you only have five minutes)

“I only have fifteen minutes. I can’t finish this task, so I won’t start.” How many times have I thought something similar to that? I’d guess hundreds of thousands. But when a day is made up of dozen of these moments, that’s a lot of opportunities to do something. Especially for a large project when there is rarely the whole 40+ hours to complete it in one go. Using those little moments can really add up.…

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Okay…let’s see what this is like (me photoshop/lightroom subscription runs out in February. I have no intention to renew. Procreate and the affinity apps do all I need. But maybe adobe will prove me wrong)

A time to rest

Today, we went to the countryside and cooked sausages over a fire. Not much around, very poor phone signal, and things were as they should be. I didn’t have to think about work or what creative project I should do next. I could just enjoy hunting for firewood, sipping back a beer and playing a few games. It’s moments like this that make me realize how shallow most of my rest is.…

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Finished Reading : Red Rising: Pierce Brown 📚

There's Never Been a Better Time to Be a Creator

Last week I had an impromptu task at work that is the kind of thing I love about my job. I was asked to make a video bumper for some tutorials we’re putting together. It’s the kind of creative task that is also a bit of a break from the day to day stuff. I looked into the tools that came with my work PC, then some online services and eventually came back to the brilliant LumaFusion Pro on my iPhone.…

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🔗Inktober 2019 timelaps Okay, it’s not every picture I made but I thought I’d combine all the little films I made into one. I love the differences (and similarities) between them.

Be kind to yourself

I just completed the inktober challenge yesterday and I’m about to embark upon the “blogvember” or “NaBloPoMo” (or whatever you choose to call it). I know I’m not alone in attempting this or similar challenges so I thought my first post should be about the challenge – meta, I know. Be kind to yourself. With challenges like this, or starting a new habit, it’s very easy to get into all or nothing mindsets: To think that we must do the best everyday.…

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Inktober day 31: Ripe. Just in time for Halloween.

Inktober day 39: catch (red handed)

On Small Phones

In some ways, I miss my iPhone SE. With the renewed rumours of an iPhone SE 2 (fool me once…) I thought I’d finish writing a post I started on the benefits of small phones. Pocketable I have the smaller iPhone Xs but even this beast can be difficult to fit in some of my pockets! Every now and then, I accidentally set off Siri as my phone gets squeezed in my pocket.…

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🔗 There are six seasons instead of four — Kottke

🔗 Kurt Vonnegut quoted by Jason Kottke > Here is the truth about the seasons: Spring is May and June. What could be springier than May and June? Summer is July and August. Really hot, right? Autumn is September and October. See the pumpkins? Smell those burning leaves? Next comes the season called Locking. November and December aren’t winter. They’re Locking. Next comes winter, January and February. Boy! Are they ever cold!…

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Inktober day 29: Injured… ego

Just updated my theme so the homepage only shows longer posts and pictures…You can still see smaller posts, like this one, by clicking on Micro… or archive.

I was starting to regret moving from Ulysses to iA Writer but then I set up Typora to access my iA Writer file database and I remembered why I changed. I can easily use multiple app to access the same files or switch to another tool with no effort.

Inktober day 28: ride… the lightning

🔗 - A website all about personal websites designed by humans A very cool site with some personal website design inspiration…I wish I could make stuff like this.

🔗 Coming in November: 30 Practical Tactics to Decrease Your Anxiety — CJ Chilvers

🔗 Coming in November: 30 Practical Tactics to Decrease Your Anxiety — CJ Chilvers > I’m going to post every day to this blog for the entire month of November on one subject: anxiety. More specifically, I’m going to post 30 practical tactics to decrease your anxiety, one per day. Summaries of these posts will appear in my newsletter. I’m a big CJ Chilvers fan and this sound like a great thing to watch.…

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Inktober day 27: coat (of arms)

Inktober day 26: (something something) Dark side

Idea for a pub: Beerilliant.

Inktober day 25: (this is a) tasty (burger)

“You see how much time you have,” Gustie Herrigel writes in Zen in The Art of Flower Arrangement, “only when you stop thinking you have none.”

From Ryan Holiday’s newsletter “Daily Dad”

I'm an Unprofessional Blogger

About 10 years ago, I wanted to be a professional blogger. Now I’m happy to be an unprofessional blogger. Well, most of the time at least. I thought I wanted the exciting lifestyle of making money from work anywhere I wanted. I saw these people “doing nothing” (spoiler, they were doing a lot more than what I saw) and thought that looked great. Free products to review, working in my pyjamas, travel whenever I wanted.…

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Good morning.

Inktober: Dizzy Gillespie.think I did a better job than Louis Armstrong but still could be better.

I just scheduled a new edition of my newsletter for tomorrow morning. 📧

See past editions and sign up here.

Goodbye Apple UK, Hello Apple Poland.

Well I finally did it. I switched from my UK based Apple iTunes account to a Polish based one. A couple of years ago (sometime after June 23, 2016) I realised I probably wouldn’t be returning to the UK in the short run and looked into changing to a Polish account. The additional benefits of paying less for the same products and spending money from my account which is more regularly topped up were key factors.…

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Inktober day 23: (the) Ancient (one)

🔗 The Phone Foyer Method — Cal Newport

The Phone Foyer Method

When you get home after work, you put your phone on a table in your foyer near your front door. Then — and this is the important part — you leave it there until you next leave the house.

Simple but effective idea. My wife and I do something similar to this on a table out of the way…But I don’t always stick to it.

Hey fellow imposter syndrome sufferers 👋. Just a reminder of a simple thing that can really help at work. When someone praises you/your work, take a screenshot/write a note/record it and then put that in a place you can get to. When you feel worried or think that you suck, look at those comments.

Stay Curious — Advice to Myself

My Daughter doesn’t need this advice. She’s just turned 14 months old and she is the most curious person I know. Sometimes I don’t like her curiosity and try to stifle it. Like when she picks up a cigarette bud off the ground and moves it towards her mouth. Or when she tries to touch the dark black surface of our induction hob that is still radiating heat. While those occasions may be very noble efforts, there are other occasions where the intention and outcome are less positive.…

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Inktober day 22: Ghost

🔗 Mu Two | Next Generation 63W Dual USB Type-C Wall Charger - Kickstarter

Mu Two | Next Generation 63W Dual USB Type-C Wall Charger - Kickstarter > Simultaneously charge your devices with the dual USB Type-C ports. Designed with a primary USB C port for the latest Type-C charged laptops, and secondary USB C port for tablets and smartphones. This is probaby the closest I’ve come to “Shut up and take my money” in a long time. I have a Mu Traveller Duo and it’s fantastic.…

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New Ludavico Einaudi Album which is 6 Hours long…Well that’s my work music sorted.

🔗 "Interesting" is the Basis of Blogging - One Man and His Blog

“Interesting” is the Basis of Blogging - One Man and His Blog > One of the stock ideas I use when training journalists to blog is that the basic currency of the blog is the thought “that’s interesting”. Everything you post to a blog is something you find interesting and want to share with others, be it a link, an article, a photo or a video. @adders shared this post of his yesterday and it speaks a lot to me.…

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Challenge: Use a voice assistant more

There’s a piece of data that makes me the most skeptical regarding voice assistants is how (in general) younger people prefer to text rather than call. Perhaps that reflects that younger people are less willing to use a voice assistant than type commands. On the other hand, I know many parents who say that their kids “talk to Google” or Alexa. Not having a smart speaker probably makes me biased here, but I still wonder if trying to make voice the primary method of interaction is flawed.…

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Good morning

Inktober day 20: tread

Song link have made some iOS shortcuts! This is great! Now I just need to test them out.

Opinions on the best keyboard for an iPad Pro (rocking the 10.5).

Inktober day 19: sling(shot) “My name is John Crichton, an astronaut.”

Inktober day 18: misfit

🔗 Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem - New York Times (I have thoughts)

🔗 Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem - New York Times > In his original manual for building enthralling smartphone apps, Mr. Eyal laid out the tricks “to subtly encourage customer behavior” and “bring users back again and again.” He toured tech companies speaking about the Hook Model, his four-step plan to grab and keep people with enticements like variable rewards, or pleasures that come at unpredictable intervals.…

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Catching up on inktober

On the topic of cool Photography stuff. Hoxton Mini Press have some excellent looking new photobooks including… - Once upon a time in Brick Lane - London Underground 1970-1980

There’s a new Magnum photo course on Storytelling with Alec Soth. Probably one of my favourite photographers…I totally don’t need a new photo course…but Alec Soth.

It’s been really tough to focus at work today. I’m not sure what’s going on mentally but it feels like there are a tone of distractions. Oh and my stupid work PC’s keyboard is frustrating (keys are all in the wrong place) and the touchpad keeps deciding everything is a right click!

Does anyone know of any sites that have iOS 13 wallpapers that change dynamically between dark and light mode? The standard ones are…okay, but I’d love something like the Catelina desktop on my iPad.

Inktober day 15: Legend (of Zelda)

Them: “one of my top learnings recently is to avoid business jargon.” Me: 🤨

Inktober day 14: overgrown. I found this prompt tough.

Stoop Version 2: Subscribe to YouTube Channels

Stoop version 2: Subscribe to YouTube channels Stoop 2 is now available in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It brings lots of little improvements over the first version and one big one: you can now subscribe to YouTube Channels and have them delivered right to your Stoop where they’ll be neatly organized, alongside your newsletters. Part of me thinks this is a great addition…and the other part of me thinks “great, you just reinvented RSS”…

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Started Reading : The Artist’s Way: Julia Cameron 📚

I’ve been letting a lot of domains go recently. It’s been very theraputic.

Inktober day 13: Ash (I choose you!)

Inktober day 12: Dragon (this one lives in a cottage cheese cottage…do you know his name?)

So, who wants to start sketchnoting

I’ve been “sketchnoting” for about four years now, but I spent a lot longer wishing I could sketchnote. That’s why I created 7 days to start sketchnoting, so people wouldn’t waste time wishing they could sketchnote, but start immediately. I can’t remember the first sketchnote I saw, it was probably on twitter back when it wasn’t a cool place. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make something similar but two things help me back - “I can’t draw” - how the hell do you organise information so well!…

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Inktober day 11: Snow …okay technically not.

🔗Opinion - To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old - The New York Times

Thanks to Austin Kleon for sharing this in this week’s newsletter.

Inktober day 10: Pattern

Erm…iOS 13.1.2 you okay?

New job, new commute, new inspiration.

Art is anything you can get away with - Andy Warhol

Inktober day 9: Swing

Bad news! my current Leuchttrum softback notebook is almost finished (third notebook of the year). Good news: I have a reason to buy a new notebook. Any suggestions? My gut is suggesting a Rhodia but this time with dotes (I got plain last time).

How We Judge Others is How We Judge Ourselves - Mark Manson

The yardstick we use for ourselves is the yardstick we use for the world.

There’s a lot of truth in this. It’s also why hypocrisy and “not true Scotsman” situations are so common.

My AirPods (gen 1 almost …three years old…no that’s impossible?!?!) are starting to get really buggy. They keep cutting out and disconnecting after about forty minutes. No warning or “saddest sound in the universe” beforehand. I fear they may not be long for this world 🙁.

Inktober day 8: Frail (ego). Thanks to Steve Silbert for the inspiration.

I love some of the collective noun ideas for Programmers. An “Array” of programmers is a great suggestion.

Just curious for work. Anyone had any experience using the inbuilt call recorder with Skype on Windows? Is it any good? Any alternative options?

Inktober day 7: Enchanted (I only had my phone and procreate pocket so I had to try something different.)

The addition of templates in day one is GREAT. I’m just wondering if I can trigger them with a shortcut… or automate them a tiny bit more.

Inktober… husky. Not a great end result but fun and educational to play with different procreate tools and techniques. Can anyone guess who it is (supposed to be)?

Inktober day 5: build

Inktober day 4, Freeze…I didn’t do it!

So I’m using Windows 10 at my new job. There’s a lot not to like but there are some interesting aspect. - Windows hello is nice (Apple Watch unlock on a Mac is better) - onenote is kind of cool - I like the titles I still prefer macs.

Inktober day 3…bait

Mindless or mindful? Inktober

Inktober day one prompt…ring. (Made on iPad with procreate.)

4 common lies about performance and productivity

I’m sure some of these won’t surprise you, but I’ve definitely heard each piece of advice here.

Just before iOS 13 came out, I gave ferrite another go. It didn’t stick with me before but now I get it. With the added iOS 13 support for external storage, it’s made my weekly edit and upload the church sermon much easier. Big fan.

I was just having a shower.

IPadOS users…what are your favourite widgets? I’m wondering if I should change my iOS 12 widget setup and hoping to see some interesting ideas from other people.

I’m just a little black rain cloud 🎵

…still no iPadOS for my iPad 🥺 Isn’t the final version out?

Everyone loves magical Trevor …

The new high-key mono setting in portrait mode in iOS 13 is great for making your own Steve Jobs portrait… challenge!

It came from the deep!

Oh hello micro blog in dark mode.

I just wrote this down, and I like it.

Don’t worry about having “good” ideas, focus on having ideas. My experience has shown that good ideas are shy and tend to only come along when there are bad ideas there to keep them company.

The iPhone 11 pro review I’ve been waiting for…Austin Mann.

The sketch I need not the one I deserve

“…Leverage resources in the most optimal way” … I can’t even. (Really quote from a published book).

A trip to the hair salon

I finally put my pen addict fire on fire ink in my pen and it lead to a very different plectrum pic.

I saw a few people commenting on Robert Frank’s death. You might want to check out Chad Tobin’s tribute here.

Is it a comedy or a tragedy?

Do a barrel roll!

I’m really curious if the price of Apple TV+ and Disney+ will make Netflix lower its price. Probably not immediately, but in a year or two time…


🔗 Sweet Potato & Black Bean Shepherds Pie Recipe · Deliciously Ella

My wife and I just tried this recipe and it was really good…plus vegan (we’re not vegans but are reducing the meat we eat).

I’ve been trying to avoid writing “impact” and choosing other verbs instead. It’s amazing how easy it is to develop lazy writing habits and how little exercises can change your writing.

p.s Some impact alternatives: - change - influence - affect - alter - modify - transform

A Lake District inspired return to the pick pics.

Yesterday was a great proof of the “drafts mentality”1 . I started to write a quick, two sentence microblog post but as I wrote I realised it could be a longer post. Currently it’s just over 900 words and I want to add some more and edit it. Although I mentioned drafts for this feature, it’s also true of Micro.Blog. You can open the editor, start writing and change between a 280 character update, a short post with no title or a longer post with a title. Even this post was originally within 280 characters and is now longer.

  1. Start writing everything in drafts, it may change form. [return]

Bundle packages can be great (10 courses for the price of one!) but I now believe that sometimes it’s better to just buy the individual item you want. Bundles can feel overwhelming, looking at all those resources, and lead to a feeling that you have to/ought to go through more.

The Lake District really is gorgeous.

You could use some eyerollers

This year I’ve seen some writers and podcasters whom I like and have followed for a while make some (interesting/bad/not-for-me) decisions. Today I saw one example and thought this person needs more of what Austin Kleon calls “eyerollers”: a person who will tell great people they are being dumb. One example I’ve seen is people taking themselves too seriously. They’ve reached a level of success and now every new thing they are doing is a HUGE deal.…

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The Best Tool, Is the One You Want To Use More (Most of the Time)

I think it was Valerie Jardin who twisted the classic saying to > the best camera is the one you take more pictures with. While this can certainly be “the one you have with you” (including a smart phone) it may also be a big bulky, dedicated camera if it encourages you to take more photos than your phone. I believe this is a good rule of thumb for most tools.…

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“Well, at least Brexit can’t get any crazier.” Me every week or two…I’m always proven wrong.

Trying some new drawing techniques in Procreate. Think I’m finally starting to get how to airbrush.

“Often kids find more joy in playing with old pots and pans than with the latest space set.”
- Richard Foster — Celebration of Disciple

My daughter certain confirms to this statement. She has some fancy electronic toys that’s she doesn’t care for, but give her some bottle tops and she’s happy as Larry.

My daughter turned one last week. We don’t share photos of her online (I want it to be her choice not mine) but I feel this sketch is okay to share. BTW this is a total cheat. I started with a photo for the outline.

Just because “everyone does it” doesn’t mean it’s right for you or your company. I see these statements about marketing all the time. It’s a classic “Well, it’s just a common marketing practice” as thought that makes it right.

I had been hoping to post more from @Ukulele but - It’s been harder to record audio than I had hoped - even doing minor edits has taken me more time to get used to doing (I believe it is easy) - we’re currently in the UK and have been traveling and seeing friends (and I’m sans ukulele)

Hopefully, these issue will iron out in the future and I’ll be able to share more.

I discovered a Buddhist shrine in London yesterday. Had no idea this was here.

Gather round kids and I’ll tell you a story…

It’s funny how now there are some weeks, I use my iPad loads. Other weeks I don’t even touch it. I think this reflects on how different my weeks and activities can be (as well as how I’m spoiled for choice over devices).

Jimmy, please report to the principle’s room.

Nothing like a good manicure

A very annoying trend is articles written before something happens or is out. I completely understand why this happens (because SEO) but it’s annoying where you see a headline saying something new is out…but it’s not.

I wish I had some of these at the weekend.

Who nose what will be next

A really good skill to learn is when to kill of a project. Ideally you want to do it at its high point, that way you feel positive about it. but it’s hard to know where you are in a projects journey. - Maybe this is just a small dip, - maybe there will be a second wind, - maybe this idea was never any good I really admire people who can kill their projects before I tire of them.

Dynamic Wallpaper club

Looking for dynamic wallpapers for MacOS? This is the place. (Some of the firewatch ones are great)

Some tourist sites are disappointing

My spoke design pen arrived and it’s nice!

Do any MicroBlogranauts have a Drone? Which one? Any words of advice/warning?

Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don’t stand in the doorway Don’t block up the hall For he that gets hurt Will be he who has stalled The battle outside ragin’ Will soon shake your windows And rattle your walls For the times they are a-changin’

The Times They Are A-changin’ - Bob Dylan

Introducing Ukulele.MicroBlog

About a month ago I finally tested out an idea I had been wondering about. I registered a new account on Microblog with the username Ukulele. Today, I paid for the first months hosting. I had wanted to do it sooner, but there had been a couple of things that held me back (funds in my bank account, not having my ukulele around while I traveled) but now it is live.…

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Where could my plectrum be? (Thanks @cn for the inspiration)

erm….I left my plectrum at home…How will I do today’s pickpic? 😟


When you discover had an alpha api.

Back at the office with Johnny Bravo

I got round to my monthly Now page update. The main changes are
Perhaps I should add that I’m now in my 33rd year of life… that seems a suitable now item.

It feels like a Nick Drake kind of morning.

Very strange AirPod thing. Sometimes I try and use one AirPod (so I can hear my family) but the AirPods don’t connect. When I put both in, they usually connect straight away.

When my daughter sees something on the ground, it’s not a matter of if she’ll put it in her mouth, it’s a …oh, she already did it while I was typing.

we’ve reached peak marketing optimisation 🔗

Marketing Effectiveness cartoon - Marketoonist - Tom Fishburne Cheryl Calverley, CMO at UK mattress brand Eve Sleep recently observed:  “We’ve reached peak performance optimization. Everyone has piled in and done the easy stuff in digital marketing … so we come back round in a circle. The only way to stand out from the crowd is creative.” Interesting point and one that I suspect many in the creative department (waves hand) will like more than those in performance.…

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Is it a sketchnote? Is it urban sketching? Who cares. It was fun.

A Recession Is Coming (Eventually). Here’s Where You’ll See It First. - The New York Times 🔗

A Recession Is Coming (Eventually). Here’s Where You’ll See It First. - The New York Times …another recession will come eventually. Fortunately, economic expansions, unlike coin-flip streaks, usually provide some hints about when they are nearing their end — if you know where to look. Below is a guide to some of the indicators that have historically done the best job of sounding the alarm. One caveat: Economists are notoriously terrible at forecasting recessions, especially more than a few months in advance.…

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As I ready my copy of Celebration or Discipline again, I’m struck by how certain pressing issues from twenty years ago—distraction by phones, filling our thoughts with media—have taken on whole new intensities.

On Holiday In Biszczard.

Krakow train station

Take me out to the ball game (I had to research this one a bit)

Life finds a way

Get your motor running

The tempation to chromebook

I really want to try a chromebook. There’s something about them which really appeals to me. It’s probably because 90% of my day job is Chrome based applications (and the other 10% is creating silly graphics of my colleagues). There are, however, a couple of things that really put me off. 1. Google 2. I basically have one already Google is one of those companies that I wish I could trust but every moment they seem to move towards some better privacy standard, their underlying business model prevents that.…

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Your sketchers were so preoccupied with whether they could they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Kind of similar to a previous one…but I can’t resist with all the Apollo 11 stuff.

Where did the inspiration go

I’ve found it harder to write “title worthy” posts recently. I’m not sure the exact origin of this trend. - Perhaps I’m concentrating more on other creative activities that drain that inspirational spark. - Maybe I’m being drained more by work with a more strenuous workload. - Possibly my inspirational diet isn’t as rich as it has been in the past. - or it might just be a little creative burnout.…

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🎵Alas my love you do me wrong 🎶

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Thanks to everyone’s task management replies. I’m going through them all and ruminating on the ideas and approaches.

Off to the chippy

It took me a long time to get an idea today.

Just curious if anyone using multiple todo/task management apps? One for work and one for personal life (or a different division). What are the benefits you’ve found with that? (Also if you only use one master app to rule them all, why do you do that?)

“Sometimes the best thing to do is just practice writing things”

I just found this in my commonplace book but not sure on the source. Still it’s a good point.

Nice to know Benjamin Dreyer advocates keeping a commonplace book.

Congratulations England.

Twist (by doist) might be a good solution for a project…oh no! I’m consider switching todo apps again! (Because Todoist integrates so well. And there are other advantages).

Working in the Polish countryside

Arrived in Lublin. So very tired. But I have good wine so all is all right.

Time for another cross Poland car journey. See you later.

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P.s. Want a preview of the content? There’s something on a commonplace book.

Who can guess the Disney reference?

He puts the Taz in Tasmania…

A night stroll

I spy with my little eye.

After weeks of high twenties temperatures (Celsius of course) and stuffy humidity, yesterday was a delightful high of twenty with a refreshing breeze. But, my Polish colleagues disappointment at the weather again highlighted that I’m still an outside here.

…my manager LITERALLY just sent me a message with “if you could just go ahead and (minor task) that’d be great.” I hope she did it as a joke on purpose.

It’s been hot. At least the tower is full.

…there’s a place in Poland which is selling refurbed HomePods… must…resist!!!

Fountain pen folk. What’s your favourite black ink?

I took some inspiration from my daughter’s favourite book and the wood around me. Always fun to play with Procreate.

A bit later than usual but this week’s newsletter is out and I made a change.

Had an idea for a MICRO experiment…

Notebook almost finished 😢 new notebook ordered 🥳

The Third Law of Creativity

Newton’s third law of physics states “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It’s true of the creative process too. I’ve noticed a tension present in most creative work. The ideas and projects which are the most exciting and motivating also have the most inertia. The cause of that drag can be laziness, distractions and self-doubt. That tension doesn’t feel pleasant, but it’s a telltale sign that a project is a good idea.…

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Is it a pick, is it a plectrum, no it’s superman.

I stole this idea from Ben Crothers’s presto sketching book.

My brain: “Maybe I should do this big project, it would take time to set up. It might overlap a bit with this other idea. Then again there’s that other idea …(carries on for a while).” (The smart part of my brain): “maybe just make something?” Thanks brain.

Happy Fourth or July

“Twitter when everyone says they’re smarter than you are and Instagram where everyone says they’re more fabulous than you are.” - David Brooks on The Art of Manliness Podcast

It’s hot today.

My A5 notebook is almost finished so I’m ordering a new one (thinking Leuchttruam softcover this time) and I might as well ad some more stuff to my cart (due to shipping). I’m not sure what though. Maybe some nicer black ink, some interesting experimental pen? Any ideas?

14 Business Jargon Phrases People Love To Hate 🔗

14 Business Jargon Phrases People Love To Hate from the Grammarly Blog An articles I’d like to send to a couple of people in the office. I really wonder if some people know any verbs which aren’t “leverage” and “scale”.…

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Coming up with an idea today was difficult… you might say that this was my Everest.

Just updated my Now page for July (including a new wallpaper, updated books reading list and some other cool things).

Superficiality is the curse of our age. The doctrine of instant satisfaction is a primary spiritual problem. The desperate need today is not for a great number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people. - Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline

This is the opening of Richard Foster’s classic book Celebration of Discipine, originally published in 1979. True then, at least as true now.

Three reasons to extend a money-off promo

There are three reasons to extend a money-off promotion 1. It did better than you thought.
2. It did worse than you expected.
3. You have no other ideas…
Okay, let’s be honest. It’s just number three.

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…

Wondering round Krakow.

I just sent out this week’s newsletter. - blame at work - sleep - against the rules - and imposter syndrome If you’re not subscribed, You can read it here.

One small step for a pick…

Almost the end of the month. Time to start preparing for to update my Now page

Duh dun…

Impostor syndrome goes away eventually. You just forget about it. The fastest way to get past it is probably to help other people.
- Imposter Syndrome by Brett Simmons

I like this idea. Worst case scenario you’ve helped someone out.

Let’s go fly a kite…

You look tasty

Looking smart.

About a year or two ago I noticed Evernote was starting to (slowly) turn around (it stopped telling me about work chat). But recently the iOS apps has become incredibly buggy. This makes me sad but it’s time to bid farewell.

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Finished Reading : A Walk Across America: Peter Jenkins 📚

There’s a lot going on in the mural in Lublin.

Come fly with me

Today is a public holiday in Poland. I’m catching up on a good book, enjoying a beer and spending time with the extended (Polish) family by the lake.

Just keep swimming

The way I like feedback, might not be the way everyone does.

It’s very easy to point out errors and mistakes. Whenever I work with my team mates I try to not just point out errors but make suggestions. Even if they choose something else I feel like I’m offering helps rather than just complaining. Not everyone I work with takes the same approach. Sometimes it makes me feel like they are just being annoying. Pointing out problems and not really helping. At the same time, I wonder if my approach seems belittling to some people?…

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You are fine without advice and suggestions - Austin Kleon 🔗

You are fine without advice and suggestions - Austin Kleon 🔗 But no, I don’t want to instruct step-by-step how the collages are done, because: 1) I’m still exploring the technique myself and I don’t want to codify it or make any rules or make it boring 2) I am certain that if curious commenters sat down and tried to approximate my technique with their own tools and materials, they would come up with something of their own.…

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Just created a new keyboard maestro hot key to create a new tab and open a new google doc. Something I do at work multiple times a day and now is one keyboard shortcut and not several clicks and typing. 😎

It’s okay to cry

Office for the day at my in laws place.

Another Krakow to Lublin drive completed. Every time I make this s journey I feel exhausted…then I realise that friends in the US might view it as a short drive.

What skills/characteristics do you actually need to listen well?

I’m no expert, but here are some thoughts. 1. Patiences 2. Humility 3. Empathy 4. Attention and focus 5. Memory Patience I’ve found the temptation to cut someone off is high, especially when someone is taking a while to get things off their chest. But listening effectively can’t be hurried. The only cure is patience which gets easier the more it’s practiced. Humility Real listening is about the other person and not ourselves.…

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Did he even play in the final?

Accidental cat filter appears on Pakistan official’s briefing | World news | The Guardian

Yousafzai was giving a a briefing to reporters in Peshawar when a member of his social media team inadvertently switched on the cat filter. The event was streamed live on Facebook.


# 1980s Teenagers And Their Bedroom Walls 🔗

1980s Teenagers And Their Bedroom Walls > So what would your prototypical 1980s bedroom look like? Here is a collection of 40 interesting photos that show bedroom essentials every kid who grew up in that era would have. Not being a 1980s teenager, there’s an element of this which feels so familiar, and so foreign. I guess now we just have stickers on Macbooks.…

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“Use the simplest program for the task…keep your tools simple it allows you to focus on what’s important, creating.” - Leo Babauta The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life

O Christmas tree, O Christmas trees. How lovely are your plectrums.

A new sketchnote on listening based off the recent Seanwes podcast episode on empathetic listening. Listening really is a superpower.

“I think it is a book of hope,” he says. He’s wearing suspenders and a shirt that matches his lively blue eyes. “Children need hope. You, little insignificant caterpillar, can grow up into a beautiful butterfly and fly into the world with your talent. Will I ever be able to do that? Yes, you will. I think that is the appeal of that book.

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ By Eric Carle, Turns 50 : NPR

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Out of hospital and time for some sleep.

Unexpected hospital trip after company go karting trip. Your average Friday.

🎵Friday Music🎵: Dreams - Beck

Just been working on tomorrow’s edition of “Things to make you think and smile”. Sign up here to make sure you get your (digital) copy.

A Jedi guinea pig ?

I was worried that i was starting to run out of ideas…so I needed to go deeper.

When the weather is hot…

I’ve grabbed a Nintendo pro controller. The final push is a work based mario kart competition on Friday. Very important business.

Today’s work music: Monument Valley 2 Soundtrack.

The great cat burglar

I wonder if I could get away with wearing this at work…I really like the idea of organising a string of meetings and wearing this.

Turns out I’m not the only person who had a minidisc player, Radiohead front man Thom Yorke did too and now his secret is out…as well as 18 previously unreleased minidiscs’s worth of demo music. A hacker found the stash in radioheads archives (somehow) and threatened to release them…so Radiohead released it themselves and are donating profits to a direct action environmental charity. It reminds me of the publicity they got when In Rainbows came out and was a “pay what you want” model.

Started Reading : American Gods by Neil Gaiman 📚

Micro blog needs a guinea pig logo eh… @macgenie @manton

It’s hot on krakow

Anything that’s good can be made better with emoji 😜 - @macgenie

It holds up.

Ummm delicious.

More convinced that being creative mean accepting occasionally (or frequently) looking foolish. Doing something that might not work sometimes means it doesn’t work…but occasionally magic happens.

Just updated my Reading log page. Not sure what next to go for…to many good books.

Humour is an essential part of the creativity we need to solve problems, no matter how serious they may be. - John Cleese

Aliens in the office? FB0FC503-C43E-45DB-AE2E-151D2E75E482.jpg

Trying some new desk layout. My main aim, get more drawing space.

Ikea place is probably the only AR app I’ve opened more than once.

I decided to send my newsletter on Saturdays and not Fridays (as some friends had theirs on the same day). Next one is scheduled for tomorrow. Sign up to get it hot off the pixel press.

That’s no plectrum…

I’m SO glad an Indian restaurant opened in Wieliczka. In other news I’m completely full of wonderful wonderful curry.

I suffer from FOMODN…fear of missing out on domain names.

Being confident and teachable

One of those things I’m wondering about. The balance between having confidence in your convictions and remaining teachable to new ideas. I think the concept of > “Have strong beliefs, held loosely.” Applies here. You make your case as best you can but you listen to the opposing case and look for the weaknesses in your own idea. Of course, it’s very easy to say and very hard to live out.…

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My theme word for the week is play…today I played with Procreate.

My favourite “debate ending phrase” at work is “this is too marketing-ish”. A phrase which is used to say “I don’t like this” and then is often followed by a suggestion which is also very marketing language.

When you set up brand words in TextExpander so you get the capitalisations right every time and only have to type three letters for a long name. 😎

Stock and Flow Creating

In my experience, your stock is best made by collecting, organising and expanding upon your flow. Social media sites function a lot like public notebooks …but the thing about keeping notebooks is that you have to revisit them in order to make the most out of them… once you make sharing part of your daily routine, you’ll notice themes and trends emerge in what you share. You’ll find patterns in your flow.…

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The difference between persuasion and manipulation

I’ve often heard people (well marketers) say that the difference between persuasion and manipulation is if the end result is good. Sometimes it’s a variant of this and might focus on the motivation rather than the end result but I really question these statements. After all, I might believe that this product/service/course will help someone but what if they spend money which they shouldn’t on it? Does that mean they were manipulated or does it mean they are bad financial planners?…

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A question I have after WWDC. Does renaming it to iPadOS mean there will be iPad focused features every year now?

I love the cheering for sign in with Apple. I wonder how many data harvesting developers are cursing under their breath.

More play at work

Quite like Bambi, Not sure exactly why.

The sketchnote army podcast maybe responsive for more of my book purchases than any other podcast… and I think another one will be coming soon too.

There are 4 types of wealth:

  1. Financial wealth (money)
  2. Social wealth (status)
  3. Time wealth (freedom)
  4. Physical wealth (health)

Be wary of jobs that lure you in with 1 and 2, but rob you of 3 and 4.

James Clear

Just updated my now page including homepage and a new lockscreen wallpaper (which I made and you can download).

The question of why we read and what books actually do for us is as old as the written word itself, and as attractive. Galileo saw reading as a way of having superhuman powers. For Kafka, books were “the axe for the frozen sea within us”; Carl Sagan held them as “proof that humans are capable of working magic”; James Baldwin found in them a way to change one’s destiny; for Polish Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborska, they stood as our ultimate frontier of freedom. Neil Gaiman on Why We Read and What Books Do for the Human Experience – Brain Pickings

I moved my newsletter over to Revue so this is issue 1.5 (2 felt wrong, but so did 1). Things to make you think and smile.

It’s amazing what you can find with the things on your desk. 6E1FF03D-04BF-453B-8F1D-A440A3F3F29A.jpg

New edition of Greg Thinks Things by @gr36. Polecam

On Drawing a Circle ⭕️

When I was a kid, I struggled a lot with drawing. I’d try to draw a round circle. Put pencil to paper and before I rounded the first corner, I’d know it was no good. So I’d rub it out and start again. This time the first corner would be good but it would be more oval. And so I’d picked up the eraser again, and again and again.…

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Actually Listening, Not Waiting to Speak

I’ve recently become aware of how powerful listening is and how terrible I am at it. It’s shocking the number of times when I ”listen” but am really just waiting to speak. When I have truly listened and held back from speaking or giving my 2c, the conversation is always more edifying and usually saves time as I don’t say something the other person would have said anyway. I’m starting to think that developing my listening skills may be one of the most transformative actions I can take.…

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Researchers at Brown University just got a robot to do something as linguistically improbable as it is beautiful: After training to hand-write Japanese characters, the robot then turned around and started to copy words in a slew of other languages it’d never written before, including Hindi, Greek, and English, just by looking at examples of that handwriting. Not only that, it could do English in print and cursive. Oh, and then it copied a drawing of the Mona Lisa on its own for good measure. This Crafty Robot Can Write in Languages It’s Never Seen Before | WIRED

Curating Friction

One of the curious ideas I found in Atomic Habits is that often our environments have a greater impact on us than motivation or character. For example, if you live in a country where there’s lots of cheap fast food, you’re more likely to be overweight than in a country where fast food is expensive and most people have more restricted diets. There are exceptions, but you will be closes to your countries average (whatever that is).…

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I know it’s no longer Monday but my micro @monday recommendation is @andynicholaides he’s recently returned and it’s great to have him here.

For a while I had thought that long-form content was better than short content. “Books over blogs.” Now I’m not so sure. After all, sometimes a book should be a blog post. That’s all you need.

Perhaps the best thing is just good, deep content.

Out of the box 📦

In general, I believe iOS users tend to prefer out of the box solutions. It’s the whole model of Apple pricing and technology (certainly in contrast with android which favours customisation, even if it is become more standardised). I enjoy this approach a lot. Not having to think but instead just use the default option along with its decisions helps me avoid decision fatigue. When I had an android phone, I found myself fiddling, trying to set it up just right.…

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Accountability vs. responsibility - Seth Blog 🔗

Accountability is done to you. It’s done by the industrial system, by those that want to create blame. Responsibility is done by you. It’s voluntary. You can take as much of it as you want. - Accountability vs. responsibility by Seth Godin …

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This is a second test of a new shortcut to post to microblog and include a category selected from a list. Second times a charm right…

Sometimes a Tweet Should (And Does) Become a Blog Post

I recently -complained- wrote about when a book should really be a blog post or series (hey there most business books) but sometimes the reverse can happen where expanding upon a short idea provides greater context and value. I was reminded of a great example of this, expand by Garrick van Buren. The idea of expand was simple, Garrick posted three tweets every day and then at the end of the week he found out which resonated the most and wrote in greater detail about them for his newsletter (which cost money).…

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Slow Cooked Pork Belly

A quick iPad sketching practice I love lamp
i love lamp

Almost the end of month, which means time my now page is due for an update! I didn’t publicize my last update as it was about a week late. If you have a now page, send me a message with your link.

Famous Speeches: A List of the Greatest Speeches of All-Time -- James Clear 🔗

Famous Speeches: A List of the Greatest Speeches of All-Time After reading that talk, I got to thinking… what other great talks and speeches are out there that I’ve never heard? I’ve been slowly searching for answers to that question and the result is this list of my favorite interesting and insightful talks that are not widely known. What a brilliant list and a brilliant idea. Curating inspiring talks on a page on a blog.…

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Scheduled my first newsletter. It’s full of the best articles I found this week (including some to make you think and some to make you smile) . Sign up here.

Random question…When did you last send an email to a friend? I think I pretty much use email just for business and newsletter type things. I can’t remember sending a friend an email (MAYBE to send a file but even that has got easier with messaging services). Just me?

I’m trying to write about something but I still can’t look objectively. Saved to day one and maybe it will one day see the light of day. Or not.

I have a legitimate reason to use my iPad at work 😎 this is a good day.

Typeform updated their terms and conditions and used…a Typeform to display them! Brilliant!

This will take two hours - Seth's Blog 🔗

This will take two hours | Seth’s Blog We have so many forms of “this will only take a minute” inputs. We have Twitter, which is optimized for wasting time. But we don’t have a convention for important inputs that might take hours of work to respond to. This is one of the best things about a good non-fiction book. It’s not for wasting time, it’s for depth when you’re ready to go deep.…

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A new Course from David Sparks and it’s on Keyboard Maestro… I’ve been using it a bit on my work mac…I’m sure I could find some cool ideas in here…🤔

Is it ironic if I spend more on an app than the service the app is used for…I’m looking at you Timery.

Real life Scott’s tots! but where the guy actually pays.

That book should really be a blog post

Sometimes a book should be a blog series. - A blog series should be a single post. - a blog post should be a tweet. - and sometimes a tweet should be kept in your journal. But sometimes the reverse is true. That journal article should be shared. That tweet should be a blog post (never a thread). That blog post should be a series. And that series should be a book.…

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Amazing…but what tools do you use?

(I’m one of the people who asks the question.)

It makes me sad that the word palindrome is not a palindrome.

Diving into Drafts Automation with Tim

Diving into Drafts Automation with Tim “The Drafts Man” Nahumck - Automators I’m a big fan of drafts, and this episode with Tim Nah…humus was great. It really gave me some extra ideas. Idea one, make more workspaces.…

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A Shortcut to Post an Email with Buttondown

I wanted a system to publish an email newsletter just as easily as I could publish a blog post to my hosted My typical workflow for is to either use drafts and an action I have there, or the sunlit app (for photos). So for publishing an email newsletter I wanted to use drafts as well. I’m not so well versed in making draft actions so I started with shortcuts on iOS which also lets me use different apps if I choose and can be added as a drafts action.…

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Some days at work are better than others. Today was one of those “others”. Still, it’s great to be challenge and learning. Switching to working in a corporate office hasn’t been easy for me but I’m still glad I did.

YouTube Premium came to Poland…Instant subscribe.

Use things

Last week as I was getting changed from a workout at the gym, I moved my bag and heard a sudden thud. I winced as I knew exactly what had just dropped on the concrete, screen destroying floor. I saw my Apple Watch, watch face down. I picked it up and saw no immediate signs of damage, but in better light saw a scratch and ding on one side.…

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Krakow 11/05/19

I just saw a YouTube ad for Pen and Tellers magic masterclass. It’s the first masterclass that actually looks like they’ll teach you how to do stuff and not just an interview with a creative person about their process (nothing against that, just not really what they advertise masterclass as). I’m kind of interested.

Rhodia web notebook thoughts. (now I’m 50% through) 1. The paper really is nice for fountain pens. 2. It’s a little heavier than I like. 3. I should have got the dot paper one. 4. I think I prefer Leuchttrum 1917s

My wife and I have been watching Star Trek discovery (season 1). My general not to so hot take is that it’s a pretty good sci-fi…but it doesn’t feel like a Star Trek series to me (the episode on Pahvo felt the most classic Trek to me).

When you see @rohdesign moving cards around in the Sketchnote Army Trello board 😀

Every time someone talks about quitting their day job or stopping doing the thing they are teaching (so they can teach) I think about this post on the ‘guru’ trap from @ben

Today I had some great feedback at work and possible new opportunities. But my two highlights are getting my daughter to giggle while playing a hiding game with her (she’s 8 months old) and taking a photo of her with a bubble bath beard.

I’ve had a long battle with PocketCasts sync. Even filed a bug via support (with a “thank you we’ll investigate” reply and no more). I just discovered that i had been signed out of my account. Maybe that’s the source of the problems… but I’ve had issues since the latest version launched and with the prospect of marzipan versions of Castro and Overcast, I think it’s time to move. Not sure to which yet. Do you use Castro/Overcast/other podcast app? Why?

Finished Reading : Keep Going: Austin Kleon 📚

Wispański Exhibition in Krakow

Using my watercolour set at home.

The internet, unfortunately, is no longer a safe space to do any kind of experimental thinking, particularly for somebody with any kind of “brand.” … No, if you’re going to change your mind, you might have to go off-brand, and offline is the best place to be off-brand. Your bliss station, your studio, a paper journal, a private chat room, a living room full of trusted loved ones. These are the places to really think.
- Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad - Austin Kleon

Off to watch Avengers!

If you ever think you’ve come up with a clever turn of phrase, say it out loud (preferably to another person). Sometimes that “clever” turn of phrase is just awkward.

People say having a kid changes everything. That’s simple not true.

It changes about 90% of things.

I’ve been too negative recently. Partially I think it’s the mentality I’ve adopted at work, notice the problems. Regardless, the net effect isn’t great. I’d rather be more encouraging so I’m going to be.

The trouble with public accountability

Public accountability so often turns into personal shame. The person who sets the unrealistic goal, tells the world and then in a week has stopped and now avoids discussing the topic at all. In my experience, It’s better to start with a partner who is striving for the same thing to check on you or to start in private and then share the goal. If you last a month, get that public accountability going.…

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Phone Wallpaper: Good and done

I made a new phone wallpaper to remind me to focus on finishing and not over worrying about making something perfect. There will probably come a time where I need to hear the reserve message, to sweat the details and polish, but that’s not now. And I can make a new wallpaper then. Feel free to download and I’d love to know if you do.…

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There is a real beauty in things that can’t scale. A project or task that is for one person and not many. A while back, I tried reaching out to people more via iMessage than something like twitter. It’s still digital communication but it’s one to one and not a mass broadcast. I certainly don’t write the same way in those contexts. My work talks a lot about scaling (SaaS amirite).…

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If you do anything creative (writing, podcasting, etc) then you should read Austin Kleon’s latest book Keep Going.
(@RocketPanda and @gr36)

Happy Easter

In a surprise twist. I’m using shortcuts more again. Turns out that when the app doesn’t crash every time you open it, it’s quite useful.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

I think my biggest lesson of the year (which is still ongoing) is to ask questions and check I understand first rather than speaking and giving my opinion straight away. I still suck at this but I’ve seen how beneficial it is and I want to get better at it.

“Leverage”…in 90% of situations there is a better word or it’s pointless businessease.

Started Reading : Keep Going: Austin Kleon 📚

Just updated my Reading Log with a couple of new summaries from Never Split the Difference and This is Marketing.

Migration time

Work colleague: Vegan keto diet, that’s a crazy idea. Internet: Hold my beer…

Krakow today

I was wondering if I could get keyboard shortcuts on Pocketcasts web player. I remembered hearing about a mac app. Downloaded it, now I can pause with a simple keyboard press 😎

Communities don’t just happen by chance, it takes someone (or a group of someone’s) investing their time and effort. Sometimes it is a thankless task, but there can be great rewards. If you want to start a community, then you need to put effort in, you can’t just make a group and let it run itself.

“Wow, this course is great. I’m getting tones of value and I’ve just finished the first part of six. That’s cool…Oh wait…this first part has SIX PARTS!”

Suddenly realising that the training program my work paid for is far more valuable than I initally thought.

Now and Then April 2019

No, this is no joke. I just updated my [Now page]. Continue reading if you’d like to see a few explanations of what I did and what I’m planning. Last Month: March 2019 Weekly Words: - Celebrate - Plan - Create - Focus March was a great month in many ways. Work was challenging but highly rewarding. We launched a new product at the start of the month which had required a lot of work from us all.…

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Counting to ten online

Recently I’ve written a couple of posts and then debated publishing (just stopped myself from publishing something). It was inspired by an event and I’m aware that my feeling may change later. This is one of the areas where extra friction is good. Sometimes (many times?) it’s better not to share my rant or complaint. It’s basically why anger management people tell you to count to 10. Maybe I will publish it, or adapt it a lot before I do.…

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Krakow Summer 2018 (Hasselblad 500cm and Protra 400)

One of the biggest difference I see in writers online are people who regurgitate idea and those who digest them. I aim to be the later, pulling in related ideas and critiquing as I go, but I’m definitely not perfect. I particularly get annoyed by people who steal idea and give no credit at all. But that’s the nature of people.

Lisbon in September 2018

For some reason, I had issues with my micro blog subscription (hence no posting). I canceled and restarted my subscription and it works now. No idea what went wrong.

Plan Your Weekends Better — Tips From Hemingway 🔗 | Art of Manliness

Hemingway wanted a life filled with excitement, drama, and real interest, and understood that those qualities wouldn’t just happen — they had to be intentionally planned for and created.

How to read more by Austin Kleon

So I’m now a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer. That was a plesant surprise this morning.

Word of the week update “Plan” turned out to be a poorer choice. It didn’t really guide me in anyway and I didn’t have that much planning really. Still I guess it summed up the week. This week’s word is … Create I’ve got some interesting things to make and produce this week. Both at work and more outside. Looking forward to this week!

What I’ve seen of Android Q so far are the new foldable features (could be interesting for the future) and the permissions. The permissions part looks - familiar (oh hi iOS) - a good step forward - google still tracks all your location data

It’s been a really tough day but I’m heading home and today is over. Such a strange day full of communication issues. So many issue with my work (and home/church life) come back to poor communication.

Do you see how few things you actually have to do in order to live a satisfying and reverent life? - Marcus Aurelius

Do you see how few things you actually have to do in order to live a satisfying and reverent life? Marcus Aurelius via Cal Newport …

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No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime - The Atlantic 🔗 This is some phenomenal science writing.

I started getting some pain in my right wrist yesterday. My best guess was rsi issues. So for the last couple of days I’ve been doing as little as I can with that hand at a computer. It’s really made me appreciate - How much I love writing and typing. - How great it is to write with a pen - Dictation tools.

Two new sketchnoting books to check out (and another on the way!)

A Minor Modification in My Language Learning Vocabulary Recording

A small change I’m trying for learning a language (Polish) recording the exact context and context a new word or phrase emerges in. This is based on lexical approach principles. In the past I would either record the word in isolation with a “direct” translation or invent a phrase for it (so it had suitable collocations and was more memorable). Inventing these examples, however, could be troublesome. Often they weren’t very realistic.…

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Oh boy! A new @rhonecast is out from @patrickrhone Check it!

As soon as I arrived at work, someone started to talk to me about Brexit. I then set my status on Slack to “Don’t talk to me about Brexit”…I think I may have accidentally given more people this idea.

I always find it funny how much longer “long story short” makes a sentence.

I thought from an interaction with a client today. Maybe I should ask more and better questions before/rather than give my answer. I probably made assumptions that weren’t accurate and they seemed unwilling to listen to what I had to say. Maybe I was wrong, maybe they were just not ready yet. Asking more questions would have helped. (these thoughts are influenced by the latest book I’m reading).

“Celebrate” was a good and apt choice for a weekly word, this week I think it is “plan”. Ending one major project means I need to consider what’s next. Plus there are some ideas I need to evaluate.

Krakow earlier in the week.

Friends who like sketchnoting (or would like to start sketchnoting) would you like to alpha test something for me :D

The UK and Ireland celebrate world book day today. Most of the rest of the world celebrates it on the 23rd of April. The date UNESCO designated. I mean, it’s fine to have a different book day but to call your’s “World book day”…

I’ve seen a lot of people putting out material on a subject I care about a lot. At a couple of moments I feel worried or annoyed that someone (who “doesn’t know as much as I do”) is sharing/making money on this topic. But I realised something yesterday. It’s great that this topic is receiving interest and there are more resources. In some cases they might be wrong for me, but right for many others. And finally, it’s encouragement to make the thing I wish they made.

p.s. i’m probably quite jealous.

The latest episode of Hurry Slowly could be titled “Productivity Principles over Rules”. It’s one where I think there are really good points, but also disagree on the details. For example, one of Jocelyn’s principles sounds a lot like a rule to me. In addition, I think it’s not bad to create “rules” (habits) for how you will achieve your principles, but be ready to adjust them. That way you can avoid the situation where you can justify anything as being true to your principle.

Mumford and Sons on Song Exploder. I don’t listen to every episode but I’m glad I listened to this one.

When we hold a newspaper, it feels different than a tablet, or a comic book, or a bible. The form changes the way the words sound. - Seth Godin This is Marketing

Krakow Main Station

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Today was a HUGE day at work. We launched a new product and about three months of marketing all came to a head. I’ve checked countless documents numerous times and there are little moments on magical writing I got to contribute (including the Times Square ad) but it was really a team effort. For every element of writing I rewrote, there’s a dozen where I didn’t have to touch them due to my colleagues skill. (And don’t forget the rewrites of rewrites of rewrites). There was a slightly sour note in the whole affair of office politics but I’m proud of the work we did. And today it’s time to celebrate.

I’d really like MB to have a toggle to see a timeline with just longer posts. Sometimes I’d like to see the longer blog posts my friends have posted especially as if people post them while I’m asleep, I often miss them. The alternative is just to follow via RSS…

Write for yourself, publish for others

Write for yourself, publish for others I’m trying this idea out. Write for yourself The purpose of writing should be for yourself. Writing is your chance to process the world, to organize those thoughts that are buzzing round your head. To reflect and discover something you didn’t know. Writing should be a selfish pursuit. Publish for others The purpose of publishing is to benefit other people. If you are going to share something, it should help other people.…

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Why walking makes you a better worker 🔗 - BBC

Why walking makes you a better worker 🔗 - BBC > Either way, it’s clear that seeking out natural settings amid the concrete of modern life is well worth doing. Or, as John Muir put it: “Keep close to nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while… Wash your spirit clean.” There’s some great insights here. - Walking in nature is far better than walking in urban areas - having some greenery in your office isn’t the same as nature.…

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My theme for this week is celebrate. First thing to celebrate. This morning my daughter woke up just after me. That meant I could spend time with her in the morning and I still got a full nights sleep.

It’s time to plan the week ahead. That means reviewing calendar appointments, setting a few big objectives, tasks to achieve those objectives, some good things to learn and a word. This week’s word is celebrate and I’ve got some plans tied to that.

> Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. - E. F. Schumacher

Charlie Kirk is someone I’ve been fortunate to learn from a few times. He spent time taking photos in Turkey between 2012 and 2015 including the events in Gezi Park. He has a photobook coming called Katil var, “there is a murderer”, check out his site.

I think I’ve worked out my “weekly word” for next week.


I already have, and will have more, things to celebrate.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” - Heraclitus

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus, - Fragments …

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What does Enough look like?

The main question I’m left pondering after Paul Jarvis’s appearance on Hurry Slowly.

Now and then March 2019

I just updated my Now page, if you want the short version, check that out. If you want more reflection and events from last month, check out this article. Last Month: February 2019 February was a very good month. I managed to finish a couple of projects which had been holding me back and made real progress towards others. This included the ninja course (last touches before hitting publish mostly just gaining the guts to do so) and submitted my work for the Copyblogger course.…

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Wow…I can no longer use shortcuts on my iPhone at all. Constantly crashing. You would have thought apply acquiring the app would have reduced the likelihood of this happening 🤷‍♂️

White Rabbit!

8 Ways to Be Constantly Improving - James Altucher

The post 8 Ways to be Constantly Improving appeared first on James Altucher. I’ve looked at this image (and the blog post that goes with it) a few times now. I’d probably add an addendum that you shouldn’t fill all the gaps of your life with podcasts. …

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I’ve just updated my now page. I usually try to wait till the start of the next month but there are some things I just couldn’t wait to share. I’ll publish my “now and then” update tomorrow.

As I was waiting for the train I wondered how many podcasts I am subscribed to and what I thought was a reasonable number. I came up with 10 as a reasonable number (with possible some additional micro casts or very infrequent shows) and predicted that I have about 25 podcasts in my app excluding legacy shows which no longer published.

Oh how wrong I was.

I had 45 podcasts with maybe 5 which are legacy shows.

Microblog podcast hosting question. Can you set a name that is different from the account name? And while we’re at it, what’s a good mic/ host @gr36

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies - HBR 🔗

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies As professionals around the world feel increasingly pressed for time, they’re giving up on things that matter to them. A recent HBR article noted that in surveys, most people “could name several activities, such as pursuing a hobby, that they’d like to have time for.” This is more significant than it may sound, because it isn’t just individuals who are missing out.…

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Writing to make the world a better, friendlier and stronger place. A wonderful thought from Patrick Rhone’s appearance on And You Are?


Listening to And Your Are? With @patrickrhone and @gr36 and the story of Patrick’s family returning during the filming of the minimalist documentary is classic. Maybe @rhonecast should be called “the bad minimalist” 😆

The Power of Penmanship: The Art of Manliness Podcast 🎧 via The Cramped This was a really interesting listen on cursive, handwriting and more.

If you don’t want to read Digital Minimalism. This video from CGP Grey is surprisingly related. I remembered it after finishing the book and it touches on many similar points.

First thing which it turns out I signed up using Facebook…meetup. Oh well, new account.

Be Alone With Your Own Thoughts

I made this iPhone X wallpaper from a note I took while reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. It’s one of the affirmative call of the book in contrast to the negative warning against social media and endless streams. Now I see it every time I go to unlock my phone. A reminder to not cram every minute with other people’s thoughts and words, but to spend time reflecting and thinking.…

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my Micro Monday recommendation this week is @danalcantara because we have many overlapping interests.

Finished reading: Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport 📚

Just opened Siri Shortcuts on my iPhone to post a reading update…and it crashed straight away…and again…it appears Shortcuts is unusable on my iPhone.

Hustle And Rest

I spent some of this morning making this hand lettering idea. It’s a message I’m seeing in a few places. When you work, work hard. When you rest, rest well. Doing both helps with the other and produces joy.…

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The latest CJ Chilvers newsletter is very good.

Helping to clear my in-laws plot of land They just bought. I wish i was this type of person more but today I took a vote for it.

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own” - Bruce Lee

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own” Bruce Lee - Wisdom for the way …

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Some of Our Favorite Typefaces — Tools and Toys 🔗

Some of Our Favorite Typefaces — Tools and Toys Here are 7 of the awesomest and most drool-worthy font families we can think of. These are really great. Definitely some hand letter practice material here!…

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Twsbi eco fine nib. I like this much more than my fine Lamy safari. Currently using some standard lamy black ink but I have something nicer on the way…

Quick thought on Samsung’s foldable phone

The proportions seemed wrong to me at first, tablets and phones are bigger. But then I realised that phones are really filling the role a tablet would be better suited to for many and so tablets have to be bigger to be distinct. The fact that it’s 7” also means most android apps will probably be okay as well. They are, after all, designed for big phones and 7” is a big phone now (somehow).…

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I deactivated my account. I’m wondering If I’ll find an app that I have a Facebook log in for that will suddenly not work but I can cross that bridge if it comes.

My idea for an advert may be in Time Square soon. Feeling pretty amazing right now.

The Process of Reading Is More Important Than Finishing

I have to keep myself in check against the desire to focus on the result of “having read” rather than the process reading. It feels good to get to the end of a book and know that you’ve gained some value from it, but by focusing on the end result, it actually harms the end result. Let me give you an example. Yesterday, I was reading through the Bullet Journal Method again (I wanted to read something different and this fit).…

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Keeping Going Book Trailer 🔗

Really can’t wait to get my hands on this.

With all the turn against Facebook and Cal Newport’s new book Digital Minimalism, I think that this would be a great time for @patrickrhone to resurrect the “Enough” podcast. Maybe just a short series of 5-10 episodes under a different name.

new pen has arrived. Expect pictures and a review sometime (next week?)

Theory I’m testing out: The quest for “finding my voice/style” in creative fields is usually a distraction. You have a style, you just can’t identify it and once you’ve identified it, you’ll probably try to change it.

A Sketchnote Love Letter to Aeropress

I love my aeropress. It’s a great way to get good coffee, doesn’t take much space and has a fun, kinetic experience (press that plunger!) So I made a sketchnote love letter to mine. Can a love letter have a complain (my issues with removing coffee grinds?) regardless, I wanted to show my simple technique for using an aeropress. It’s not the sort of thing that would win me any of these aeropress championships, but it works for me.…

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Is it even possible to buy a course on Udemy for full price? (related: Is it possible to buy a good course on Udemy)

A game for Monday (very easy for iOS users). Go and count your open tabs. In iOS, if you long press on the tab button a dialog box opens with the option to “close all tabs”. I had 165 open on my iPad 🤪 now I have 0

Good morning. Chilly but bright.

it’s like computer crack - @gr36 on football manager


Setting aside old and proven jokes about Work Chat and socks, most of the criticism for Evernote stems from this very issue: the company has always been too slow in listening to user feedback and bringing feature parity across platforms. - Federico Viticci In Club MacStories.

That’s a good summary of the main issue with Evernote and one of the things which annoys me about some of the continued criticism which highlights when people haven’t used the app. It’s much better, but still not consistent. I perhaps ought to shift to DEVONthink or something similar (no, not bear) but Evernote still works for me (thank you Polish regional pricing).

Sketchnote - Plan Your Week with the Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative podcast is one of those which I frequently return to despite it often being only Todd Henry talking. I love that it isn’t overly long and often has practical tips for creativity. In a recent episode, Todd shared how he plans his week and the weekly planner he used. I liked many of the ideas he shared and knew I wanted to turn them into a sketchnote. So I found a copy of his planner (which you can buy) imported it into Procreate, and added some notes around the side.…

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It arrived!
Digital Minimalism: Cal Newport 📚

One of the biggest mistakes we make is overvaluing the impact a tool will make and undervalue the impact of focus, intention and time.

The switch remastered version of Link’s awakening looks AMAZING. I played the original to death on my Gameboy

The Advantage of Building a Procreate Sketchnoting Brush Set

Although I most often sketchnote using pen and paper, I also use procreate for digital sketchnoting. When I started I spent a while exploring the different default brushes to learn what did what. That meant I often found myself rooting around and spending vital time searching for a suitable pen instead of actively listening and sketching. After a while, I started to settle upon a few useful tools including a custom brush or two that I picked up along the way.…

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Letting Go of a Domain, Letting Go of a Dream

I got an email today informing me that a domain was coming up for renewal. It was one I grabbed several years ago and – unlike many others– put some effort into. But I won’t be renewing it, that idea hasn’t been my focus for a long time and keeping it would be a distraction from the one or two things I am doing now. The apostle Paul once wrote “this one thing I do”.…

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Appearance on Micro Monday It was a pleasure to appear on Micro Monday with Jean MacDonald last week. I don’t get the chance to podcast much anymore, so this was truly fun. Some of the parts that didn’t make the recording include us sharing about long distance calls before Skype came along. …

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I was never cool enough to give up Evernote. But it seems more people are giving it a second chance again. That’s good. I just wish it wasn’t so pricy for premium (thank goodness they have regional prices here in Poland) and markdown support would be wonderful.

my Micro Monday recommendation for today is @bennorris it’s been a delight to get to know him recently.

Okay Pen folks, I want to get a cheap pen with a flex nib to experiment with writing with a flex nib fountain pen. Any recommendations?

Photographing English Cathedrals • Peter Marlow • Magnum Photos 🔗

Photographing English Cathedrals • Peter Marlow • Magnum Photos This required exposures of between one and five minutes. With that length of exposure, reciprocity failure, where the film requires a much longer exposure than is indicated on the light meter, was a big problem. I discovered that Fuji FP 100 Instant film (used for Polaroids) suffered this effect to the same extent as the negative film, and that the aperture setting for a well-exposed Polaroid would be one and a half stops greater than that for the negative film.…

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Trams and streets of Krakow today.

Very excited to take a peek at today’s Fuji x100t photos. I haven’t had a chance for a good old fashioned photo walk in a LONG time. Probably about 6 months which is just a bit older than my daughter…I’m sure there’s no connection.

A Year of Sermon Sketchnotes

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Calligraphy And Mindfulness

About three years ago I started getting interested in calligraphy. It was born out of my desire to improve my teaching board work so that students could read my writing more clearly…and because of the repeated mention of lettering from the sketchnote army podcast. My initial explorations were very rough and disparate with no clear practice or routines. Unsurprisingly, I made little or no progress. But a year and half ago I finial went along to a calligraphy lesson.…

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Beruit Gallipoli 🎵

A new album from Beriuit, don’t mind if I do.…

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20 Life Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci | The Saturday Evening Post 🔗

20 Life Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci | The Saturday Evening Post 🔗 The fact that Leonardo was not only a genius but also very human — quirky and obsessive and playful and easily distracted — makes him more accessible. He was not graced with the type of brilliance that is completely unfathomable to us. Instead, he was self-taught and willed his way to his genius. So even though we may never be able to match his talents, we can learn from him and try to be more like him.…

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Finished reading: Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson 📚

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” Arthur Schopenhauer via Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson …

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A lot of my internet friends seem to really be struggling at the moment and the issues and the root causes seem similar. - they feel overwhelmed - they feel like they aren’t doing enough - they feel lost and direction less - they feel guilty for not doing more - they feel everyone else is doing much better than they are - they feel they need to be consistent in their output (or they will fail) - they feel they are imposters and shouldn’t be doing what they are - they feel everyone is negative these days - they feel they are hearing the same things again and again - they feel hurt by critiques they have received (recently or in the past)

I wish there was an easy answer but I can tell you that you’re not alone, others feel these things too and it does get better.

(and I’d like to suggest that productivity books/podcasts often make those feelings worse.)


noun [si-nek-duh-kee] Rhetoric. a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole or the whole for a part, the special for the general or the general for the special, as in ten sail for ten ships or a Croesus for a rich man. Similar to a Metonymy. …

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A Pièce De Résistance Is Never Easy

As I concluded the Isaacson biography of Da Vinci he referred to the Mona Lisa as “Da Vinci’s pièce de résistance”. A term many are familiar with, but one I had never considered. The words are literally a piece of resistance. This term – synonymous with the greatest work created by a group or the highlight of someone’s work – highlights the struggle that is present in creating. Great work requires struggle and perseverance.…

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Disagreeing is fine, just remember to be kind. (this is a reminder to myself)

Don't Meet Your Heroes - Austin Kleon

It bears repeating: Miserable human beings who you wouldn’t want to spend a second with in real life are capable of making something great that is beautiful or useful to you. That is, in fact, the whole point of art. (It’s currently an unfashionable belief, but it’s true.) Whatever you love about a writer or an artist’s work, that really is the best of what they have to offer you.…

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My Morning Routine: A brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday. - 🔗

Oh dear, this could be a rabbit hole! Seems like the majority are writers. I find it curious how often productivity stuff focuses on writers. Maybe we just notice writers more 🤔

New beer to try from doctor brew. Molly IPA.

I’m a big believer of bringing sketchnoting to education…but sometimes I see things that make me wonder a) where’s the educational value of this b) where’s the Sketchnoting in this? C) both Sometimes…it’s just drawing stuff

The pen I ordered to replace the one I broke has got lost on its way… :S Japan Post come to my rescue!!

I don't need a shareable task list, I need communication 

One of the key distinguishing features of Todoist compared to other task management applications, is the ability to share tasks with another user. When my wife and I got engaged we started using Todoists shared lists to help share duties and organize the tasks we needed to do for our wedding and beyond.  However a year and a half ago I switched to using Things 3 which doesn’t have a shared task list.…

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Spent the evening practicing some gothic style lettering with a pilot parallel (found a cool, lose alphabet to emulate) and then moved on to brush lettering with my pentel brush pen. Grace is on my mind.


Metonymy Noun Rhetoric a figure of speech that consists of the use of the name of one object or concept for that of another to which it is related, or of which it is a part, as “scepter” for “sovereignty,” or “the bottle” for “strong drink,” or “count heads (or noses)” for “count people.”  My colleague and I discovered this word today and I think it makes for a wonderful word of the day.…

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We humans are really good at overcomplicating our lives aren’t we.

Now and Then Feb 2019

I created a group in Ulysses called “Now”, it has all my now page updates and “Now and then” blog posts. I’ve managed to keep about 4 months worth of updates now and it’s starting to provide and interesting log that I can look back on and observe. Last month: January 2019 January started at my in-laws in Lublin, Poland after spending Christmas in the UK. The rest of the month mainly centred around surviving the cold in Krakow and finding solutions to staying entertained while staying in doors.…

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Good morning

It’s funny how Apple blocked Facebook’s apps, and the Facebook business couldn’t function properly. But if Facebook removed their apps from Apple devices, most other businesses would function better.

I think @rohdesign might approve of my hobonichi customisation.

I came into work to not the best situation so it’s a rough start to the day. I guess this means it’s a chance to turn things around today and finish better than it began…I thing I need more coffee to help.

Just read about the latest MB hosted sites update…that’s probably 99% of all the features I really wanted.

Dual Wielding Microns Like Darth Maul

I can still remember the moment when Darth Maul ignited the second blade of his lightsaber. George Lucas had wisely hidden the second blade for maul’s first fight so the second fight, when we already knew Maul was dangerous, is a real level up. While I might not have a single lightsaber blade (yet) I have been dual wilding micro pens recently with a micro 0.3 and 0.8. These two pens were part ofa set of five that I bought going from 0.…

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Before Every Facebook Crisis...

Facebook: We’re helping the world, we’ve made some mistakes in the past but you can trust us. (a new crisis breaks) Facebook: We never meant to overstep the line, we realise now that some people might not agree with what we did so we’ve stepped back. We’ll never violate your trust like that again. (Meanwhile, actions are taking place for the next scandal)…

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Funny, I’ve always thought that the wizard only became admirable after he stepped out from behind the curtain. In the scene that follows, he admits that he isn’t all-powerful and all-knowing, and that he has nothing to give his visitors that they didn’t already have. The Scarecrow always had a brain, the Lion had courage, the Tin Man had a heart, Dorothy knew the way home. And the Facebook user had friends. - All This Newfound Cynicism Is Going to Hamper Big Tech : Wired

Da Vinci on Minimalism

“men who desire nothing but material riches and are absolutely devoid of the desire for wisdom, which is the sustenance and truly dependable wealth of the mind.” ― Walter Isaacson, Leonardo Da Vinci…

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Imagine Banksy writing a letter to the US army asking to be hired. Imagine he started off by talking about his expertise in nuclear weapons, hacking and other military skills and as a last point saying he was good at art. That’s what Da Vinci did in his letter to the Duke of Milan.

Jeff Perry of @RocketPanda wrote something I’m sure many of us can relate to. Burnout, stress and imposter syndrome. As someone who has a particular bad case of imposter syndrome, I can relate a lot.

I got a Polish email adderess wrong, I should have guest that an email address without at least one Z was a mistake.

Pocketcasts sync has become so bad that I think I have to switch podcast app. It keeps going back to a previous point in an episode. Really defeats the point of being able to switch between devices.

One of the main reasons I still pay for Ulysses is ‪ the ebook rendering. It’s one of its best USPs over other markdown editors…But i could just use pages for that after sharing to rich text from save day drafts or ia writer. ‬ Maybe it’s time to move on.

Wieliczka last week (a photo with my Fuji x100t) for a change. 📷

I finished work today and packed my computer away. I won’t need it till Monday when I enter work. A year ago this was unthinkable when I was a teacher which is why my wife was surprised when I told her.

Visiting friends.

“But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Gutenberg”

Using Paper Like Da Vinci

One of the comments in Walter Issacson’s biography of Da Vinci really stood out to me. He mentioned that Da Vinci grew up in a notaries’ household so he had access to paper and experience in notetaking, but paper was a precious commodity for him so he filled every part of paper with sometimes seemingly disconnected ideas. These seemingly disconnected ideas, maths formulas next to drawings, might explain his creativity and how he saw the world differently from other artists.…

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It’s definitely nothing against any particular creator(s) but I’m all podcast tshirted out. They’ve been over done. Every week there’s a limited sale and they come around so frequently that I just don’t want any.

Dumb mistake I still make. Thinking I can/should write while doing something else (listening to a podcast, watching a film, listening to most kinds of music). Sure, I can still write. But the quality and quantity are always reduced.

Do I renew my Adobe Photography CC subscription 🤔

It’s a pretty chilly morning here in Poland.

Our motivations are heavily informed by the media. Our social feeds are populated by endless images of wealth, travel, power, relaxation, beauty, pleasure, and Hollywood love. This virtual runoff perpetually seeps into our consciousness, polluting our sense of reality and self-worth every time we go online. We compare our lives to these largely artificial constructs and structure our plans accordingly, hoping to eventually afford a golden ticket to these misleading fantasies.

Distracted by the never-ending stream of aspirational media, we forfeit our opportunity to define what is meaningful on our own terms. - The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future eBook: Ryder Carroll

I’d like to announce that I’m not running for the Democratic party nominiation for President.

Back to work doing a job I love with great people and with an exciting product launch. I am so grateful and will remind myself of this when I get grumpy over a surprise project or one of the other “downsides” of my current job.

A Note of Intention - How I’m Staying More on Task with Digital Devices

For most of 2018, I kept a “daily plan bar” in a softcover moleskin notebook. I really enjoyed the discipline of setting out what I planned to do that day and then seeing the reality take shape. It was also great to plan downtime and useful to realize what was feasible in a given day. I still haphazardly keep a plan bar, but my new job involves mostly sitting at a desk and writing so the need to have reminders of being in this place at that time isn’t as compelling.…

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Automators 14: journaling I love @rosemaryorchard ‘s idea of using a shortcut to check the day and give different prompts based off the day.

I should “spark joy” some of my domain names. > “Thank you silly idea for the joy you brought me”

< turn off auto-renew>

Discussion starter: What is a change you’d like to see in society? Can be big or small. Preferably a positive statement (I.e. “I wish people shared/expressed this value” rather than “I wish there were fewer people of this political view”.)

I wish people were more patient.

An Update on Podcast Free Commutes

A couple of days ago I shared my experiment, and thinking behind it, in not listening to podcasts while commuting. I thought I’d share a little update now. The first day was delightful. I used my notebook and stuck with my goal of not using my phone till I got to work. The return journey was the same. The second day I forgot my field notes notebook and so used my phone to save an idea.…

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Locked out of home so I thought I’d play with Halid and darkroom then I decided to try lightroom as darkroom didn’t have noise reduction. Interesting difference.

…I left my keys at home and I’m now locked out as my wife is away. Guess I’ll go do the food shopping.

The shortcut action for lightroom on the iPad is okay. I mean it’s better than not having it, but being able to import straight into lightroom would be FAR better. (also Lightroom CC should add file size export options. If you have to send a photo to a magzine/printer, you have very different requirements.)

Occasionally I am asked why I don’t “monetize” my blog, but everything good in my career has come from that blog: books, talks, friends… it’s just I’ve always played a very long game: Keep a clean, readable, interesting site and people will buy books, talks, prints, etc.

At this point I don’t even keep analytics on the blog. I have no idea how many people read it! It doesn’t matter to me. Every day, I write a post there. I plan on operating that way indefinitely. - Austin Kleon on Twitter

When I read stuff like this, it makes me realise all the mental effort I expend on answer the question of should I use this or that to blog, is pretty pointless.

A Suggested Alternative to the Term "iPad Only"

The term “iPad only” (as in “I’ve gone iPad only”) has annoyed me for a while. It’s usually wrong for two reasons. People use it when they mean they enjoy using their iPad the most but still use other devices sometimes People often use it and ignore their day job <li>This means someone will <em>say</em> that they’ve gone iPad only, but then mention the times they still use a desktop pc at home and occasionally reveal that they don’t use their iPad at work.…

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I remember some people talking about an alternative to tinyletter for friendly newsletters…any direction?

It was a rainy morning in Krakow today.

From an ideological point of view, I really dislike google claiming the TLD .new for their products…but It’s really handy at work to just type and get a new google doc.

When someone has been nasty and sarcastic to me I always want to take the high ground and be nice to them…but I want to be nasty back more than I want to take the high ground (and I only want to take the high ground to show I’m superior).

Primary Source Material

#77: Primary Source Material, with John Roderick - CMD Spacepodcast from RerlayFM Primary source material is original content, not commentary (which is a secondary source). In this podcast John argues that we should seek to create primary source material and not add to the echo chamber of noise around this product or that. I think about this podcast from time to time as I wonder if I’m creating primary source material, or if I’m adding to the same talking points of many peers.…

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I annoy myself by overthinking if this blogging platform or that is better. I really ought to just use one and stick to it…having said that, I really like how the WordPress semantic linkbacks show comments under articles. I would love to see manton hosted microblogs support.

Got to send beta feedback thanks to finding a bug 😌

A Break from Podcast While Traveling

I’m a huge podcast fan. It’s one of the core things I use my smartphone for (along with taking photos, sending messages, satellite navigation, and wasting time on social media including youtube) but I’m going to do an experiment this week. I’m not listening to any podcast while commuting. As I listened to Jocelyn Glei’s interview of Cal Newport in the hurry slowly podcast, I heard Cal describe a digital detox and how the people who got the most out of it were hoping to do things differently afterward (not just take a break).…

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This principle underlines every minimalism movement. Choosing intentionality over convinence - Cal Newport on the Hurry Slowly podcast

Join Analog Social Media - Cal Newport 🔗

Join Analog Social Media - Cal Newport 🔗 >When you take an activity like social media, for example, and zoom in close, you isolate behaviors like commenting on a friend’s picture, or encountering an interesting link, that seem mildly positive. What harm could there possibly be in clicking a heart icon? When you zoom out, however, the cumulative effect of all this swiping and tapping seems to add up to something distinctly negative.…

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After a few months of using Station I have come to the conclusion that it’s basically a slightly prettier version of a worse performing Google Chrome. This may be unfair but it makes my work mac freeze all the time.

Happy world sketchnote day everyone! FA266974-EDFF-4D40-B6C1-2E65DBC4717E.jpg

We're All Product Reviewers Now

Managing reputation in the age of infinity - Seth’s Blog Amazon sells junk. More junk every day. And they know this… The bad news is that by offloading product review from middlemen (publishers, buyers, Good Housekeeping, The Wirecutter, etc.) to the customers themselves, you transform the filtering process, wasting time, money and goodwill. It’s entirely possible that customers don’t actually want to volunteer to test the things they buy, regardless of how straightforward the return policy might be.…

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Currently Reading : Leonardo da Vinci: Walter Isaacson 📚

I feel a bit like I’m in Narnia this morning. Very fine snowfall on the way to the train (first photo is edited, second is straight out of camera).

An Amazing Transformation

It’s truly amazing the transformation my daughter’s face can through on any given day. At one moment, last as long as a whole day even, her face may positively glow with joy. And yet equally possible, and for an equal length of time, her face may be contorted into a completely unidentifiable object. This object has a sole purpose, to generate high volumes of noise, a task it is well suited to.…

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Podcast lovers will really enjoy the latest XKCD.

Is it possible to automate favouriting? For example, save a favourite to Evernote/Instapaper/other.

On the way to the train this morning and practicing editing photo curves. Think I’m getting better at this.

In praise of Garageband - Austin Kleon 🔗

In praise of Garageband - Austin Kleon Garageband turned 15 yesterday. It was introduced at Macworld by Steve Jobs in January 2004. It’s so accessible and ubiquitous now, it’s easy to take for granted just how amazing a piece of software it really is. I recently read an article critiquing Apple’s current price. One of the central causes of frustration for the author was the presence of GarageBand for free.…

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The best cameras but not the best pictures

10 Upgrades for 2019 | David duChemin - World & Humanitarian Photographer, Nomad, Author. Want better photographs? Of course you do. We all do. But it’s probably not our gear, or lack of it, or how old it is, that’s standing in the way: it’s our excuses and lack of creativity. How do I know? Because we have the most advanced cameras ever (even that ancient Canon Digital Rebel the people in your camera club look down their noses at) and we’re still not making photographs that are stronger than those made by photographers from 20, 30, or 100 years ago.…

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Got my notebook and pen stack sorted at work.

World Sketchnote Day 2019! — Sketchnote Army

Some ways to participate:

  • Share your photo, holding a sketchnote w/ hashtag #SNDay2019

  • Create a sketchnote about how sketchnoting has changed your life

  • Teach a favorite sketchnoting technique to your followers

  • Share your favorite sketchnote and tell us why you love it

  • Share your photo wearing a sketchnote t-shirt

I’m excited for this years world sketchnote day. I think I’ll do a couple of these.

Catching the train last night.

A picture from our holiday in Malta last year. 280B0ADB-6A1D-45C2-A673-66F2DC204470.jpg

I’m 10x more productive than I was five years ago. Do you know what I changed to make that happen?

I stopped obsessing over tools, apps, systems, and journaling systems. I quit it all, and in doing so, discovered a ton of spare time and focus.

Stop obsessing. Get to work. - Aaron Mahnke on Productivity

Turns out some of the best productivity advice is to…do the work. There’s definitely value in productivity advice, but sometimes (a lot of the time) looking for more productivity stuff is really procrastination that makes you feel better.

100 things that made my year (2018) - Austin Kleon 🔗

100 things that made my year (2018) A pretty amazing list of personal pleasures from Austin. Not a bad idea of a list to make.…

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Three days into the Hobonichi lifestyle (I’m kidding…sort of) and I really like this notebook. It is a great example of a well put together thing. BUT It doesn’t cover every need (not that it should necessarily) and so I believe it’s time to assemble a Notebook Turduken for the year.

Now and then January 2019

As part of my regular review and reflection with my now page, I’m writing another now and then update. This one with a slight focus on the year that’s been. Last year was easily the biggest change in my life for a long time. I changed career path and became a dad. Either on its own could be acknowledge as life changing and merit reflection but both together, a mere month apart, was a killer one-two.…

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Note from today’s journal entry that caught my attention.

Resilience is a powerful characteristic.

Rebound quick

  • bad workouts are more important than good ones
  • don’t underestimate the compounding effect
  • missing one day is okay, make sure you grab the second

(Lessons from Atomic Habits). F3BB9DFC-EEFC-46B6-9DB6-93D9BBD5451B.jpg

Current iPhone homescreen (sharing so I can add it to my now page)

First entry with my new hobonichi (my first) and I’m sticking in a picture.

I started discussing some plans for a photo trip/ holiday with a friend this coming year. I just realised that it will be post brexit day and so I may need to do some extra steps to be able to travel.

Five new things I’ve liked this year

  • Atomic habits 📚
  • Chvrches: Love is dead 🎧
  • Ask NT Wright Anything (podcast)
  • Black panther 🎥
  • 📱

(I wanted to write a blog post with a four for each category but i found it difficult to think for each one.)

A halo created by my in laws tea light.

My daughter laughed for the first time and I filmed it on my phone. There maybe downsides of technology but there are also magical moments like that.

Lublin skyline.

Just wondering if there’s any easy way to add a video to a manton hosted microblog? Got a little fun project I might want to share. I could just use YouTube and embed right?

I was a big fan of google+. whenever a story of its impending death came out five or six years ago, the community ignored it and pointed to whatever signs that things were fine. It hobbled along for the next five years and never died but slowly faded away. After a while I stopped logging in, not all at once but gradually reducing. If Facebook is going to die, it will be like this. Slowly reducing over time. Most people won’t dramatically quit but will find themselves logging in less and then not logging in. I think that reduced use has been a trend for many users this year, but that could be my bias.

When you get tired, take a seat. Lublin, Poland.

My tip instead of resolutions: A bingo board of fun and/or useful things you’d like to do during the year. No pressure, but a good reminder of what you want. We actually managed a bingo this year! Julia Skott on Twitter

I really like this idea. I might have to steal it.

A little abrstract photo that might work for a wallpaper?, taken when flying yesterday afternoon.

Time to return to Poland. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas time UK 🇬🇧. 18950AAA-BF68-466E-829C-156340B6D324.jpg

A healthy Boxing Day lunch…at five guys FA7D04D1-A95C-47DA-A529-51DC3C4647FD.jpg

What Would You Downgrade To?

As I walked my daughter yesterday I found my mind was also off on its own adventure. For some reason I posed a new question to myself > what would you downgrade your equipment to? I’ve asked myself what I’d like to upgrade to many times, but I’ve never asked myself what I could downgrade to. The default for many of the items I considered was simply the previous version. In a few cases there wasn’t a clear choice but the most interesting cases were the ones where there was a clear option that, while it had downsides, also had benefits subsequent versions didn’t.…

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Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate it then I wish you a good day regardless. 680634B9-A3A2-4E0A-ADF2-2D6395E46888.jpg

My parents’ (homemade) Christmas Nativity set.

It’s a tough life being a dog 603132A8-B616-4006-9834-CA20FA595027.jpg

Plectrums, plectrums as far as the eye can see!

Walks in England aren’t half bad (and playing with darkroom is fun too)

Having the best mattress, suitcase, and vitamins nearly broke me - Vox 🔗

Having the best mattress, suitcase, and vitamins nearly broke me - Vox I would try them all at once, in the service of a single question: Would they actually improve my life? The short answer is yes. Of course they did! As a shock to probably nobody, the direct-to-consumer mattress was indeed far superior to my regular mattress, which is actually my old roommate’s mattress, which before that was probably somebody else’s too……

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Happy ten year anniversary Sketchnote Army. great to see how it’s grown. Great work @rohdesign

A cup of coffee at the best coffee shop in all of New Malden. The Place .

My Top Paid iPad Apps – Painfully Hopeful

Well Christmas is here, and a lot of folks will be getting iTunes gift cards. So I thought I’d share some of the best paid apps for getting “real work” done on an iPad.

A great selection of paid iPad apps from Wesley.

We took a wet trip into London today, but the friendship (and Mexican food) warmed us up.

3 Sentence Book Summaries by James Clear 🔗

Book Summaries: Popular Book Summaries in 3 Sentences or Less This page shares a full list of book summaries I have compiled during my reading and research. I have tried to summarize each book on this page in just three sentences, which I think is a fun way to distill the main ideas of the book. I love this idea from James Clear. I might have to steal it!…

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Now and then in December 2018

This month has been busy which is partially why I didn’t post a “now and then” update earlier, however my now page has been updated). November included - a hectic work schedule, - a thanksgiving meetup with old friends - a family birthday - and minimal Black Friday shopping (I bought a couple of switch games which had been on my list for a while. I did a bit on many of my projects for last month but finished few.…

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We’ve been in the UK for two days and I’ve only had two mince pies so far. I will correct this error.

Shuffling feet

Right foot forward, Left foot forward, A slight dip in the hip with each stoop, Pulling the foot across the floor, Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Wringle, wringle, wringle. Moving in my arms, A sudden shift in position with every breath, Left arm out, Right arm out.…

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How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon - Motherboard 🔗

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon - Motherboard By now, it’s common knowledge that Google, Facebook, and Amazon are harvesting as much of our personal data as they can get their hands on to feed us targeted ads, train artificial intelligence, and sell us things before we know we need them… With the exception of Microsoft and Apple, these fortunes were not built by selling wildly popular products, but by collecting massive amounts of user data in order to more effectively sell us stuff.…

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I found flying stressful. Today we’re flying with my four month old daughter 😣. I’m focusing on the destination not the process.

I got some Lamy ink to fill my cross pen, this was a gift when I was 25 or something like that but I’ve barely used it. Now it’s at work that might change. D8EFED9C-8074-43FB-9D60-AD1336D75517.jpg

One of My usual camera testing spot but this time with a very different view. 16A66304-9A1B-4E9D-8E80-65E6BDD5BAB0.jpg

Making 95% of the perceived effort

When I first moved abroad I thought that when I returned to visit the UK, I’d simply state that I would be somewhere or available for an period of time and people would come to see me. From my perspective, I was travelling several thousand miles so why shouldn’t other people travel a couple of miles to see me? But after a couple of return visits I realised I was wrong.…

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The Baron Fig book page has some great book suggestions.

When you discover that @patrickrhone linked to something you wrote 🤗

Autumn Leaves Jazz Guitar Collection 🎵 📽️

The second Jazz standard playlist I’ve put together, this time it’s all Autumn leaves. Different versions of the same song.

I’m really enjoying these weekly link things that some people are doing on MB. It’s great for discovering something interesting and I almost always check them unlike email newsletters which are full of links. Maybe it feels less obligatory to click through or it’s the mindset I’m in 🤷‍♂️

David Sparks’s Omnifocus Field Guide is very good. Especially the custom perspectives, I love some of the ideas he offers here.

My techo arrived ☺️ 6EADE30F-29BE-4567-A409-DCF486E5D039.jpg

Copywriter world problems. How do I say we are “low-cost” without sounding like we’re rubbish, or that we’re really expensive but pretending to be cheap (i.e. affordable pricing). Probably overthinking.

My RSS service hunt seems to be leading me towards Inoreader at the moment and I’m trying the free version but I’m going to take a look at a couple of others before finally settling.

Good morning

I got a blister from playing bass at the weekend and it looks like it’s just about okay to play guitar again. So tonight is learning to play jazz guitar night :)

Mission for today, buy an ugly Christmas sweater :D

Facebook's had a bad year, but the users are staying.

Looking Back on Facebook’s Murky 2018: Here’s Why Users Are Sticking Around (New Data)🔗 But with every new announcement and report, it seems that it isn’t quite enough for people to part ways with the social network for good. After many of these events, we ran surveys to determine if it they were enough for users to delete or deactivate their accounts, and every time, there was a consensus: “No, I’ll stay.…

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A copywriting course I’ve been following is much more a general business course. It’s not bad, it’s just mis-advertised and only covers the basics of copywriting while spending more time on general business points (which is not what I need).

There’s one AR app I use and I don’t know why I do. It’s a football app that lets you see the team lineups in AR. I could just look on a screen but I like walking round the teams. It’s pointless but I like it.

Atomic habits has really helped me understand the value of certain GTD practices like the weekly review. James mentions that the people with the “strongest self-discipline” actually just have the right systems in place so they don’t need to exercise self-discipline.

The Guru Trap 🔗

I keep coming back to this post and thinking about it. My favourite Apple blogger’s/podcasters have other jobs because they give real examples (exception is Federicco Viticci).

The frost yesterday morning.

Move Slow and Mend Things? 🔗 I’m not sure there is a clear answer, however my gut says that Facebook is more net negative than iPhone. I wonder how much of that could have been avoided if more consideration was given while building out the Facebook, as was given when Apple built iPhone. This is an interesting link and comment by @ben and I wanted to continue that thought by suggesting the opposite of Facebook’s approach.…

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I signed up to a course to learn how to use a drawing app on the iPad better. I had a survey about why I signed up and most of the answers suggested that people want to learn about how to turn their art in to a business. I have no interest in that and it actually made completing the survey difficult! I understand the idea of trying to segment your course attendees and then up sell a business course (everything seems to have a premium turn your … into a business course now) but it really shocked me how “Of course you want to do this” it was this time. What’s wrong with doing something #justforfun

The Best Table Tennis Shot of 2018 🔗 📹 One of those titles that sounds clickbaitey, but totally sticks the landing.

A Suggestion for Better Starbucks Cup Size Name

Something I’ve been wondering about. Starbucks coffee size names. They are clearly influenced by Italian culture and attempt to communicate that but they are confusing so people just use large middle and small (in my experience). So it makes me wonder what could be a better system of names. Ones which reflect Italy but also are clear over the size. - Piccolo - Medio - Grande I don’t think everyone would use them, but you wouldn’t have to remember that Vente is in fact the largest coffee size, not the grand grande.…

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Come for the Topic, Stay for the Hosts?

I remember hearing Merlin Mann make this statement on back to work some five years ago or so. At the time I nodded my head in agreement, but recently I’ve been questioning this statement a bit. I initially accepted it as that had been my response with every podcast I listened to, I found them from the topic, but I stayed because I enjoyed the hosts views and the way they talked.…

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Georgia On My Mind Playlist

One of my new listening habits at work is to listen to a jazz classic performed by several different people. One of the best things about Jazz is how different performers interpret and add their own flare onto a standard version. YouTube is such a great place to find these variations. So here is a playlist of variations of Georgia on my mind, some more jazzy, some more bluesy, many are solo guitar pieces but some have backing tracking or a band.…

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One of the Google features that I find incredibly useful and very worrisome is maps telling you predicted busy hours and live results. I often use it to plan when I go to the shops, and yet it is so upfront about how Google is tracking you.

I still love paper

In many ways I think my attachment for my smartphone is born out of my same attachment for notebooks and pens. The later preceded the former when my father gifted me a translucent purple covered a6 pocket notebook at high school. The point was to write my tasks and assignments so I wouldn’t have to rely on my very fallible memory and instead stay organized and on top of things.…

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My daughter has started teething…this is the darkest timeline.

My Black Friday shopping was finally buying the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I held off buying it previously to encourage me to complete Mario Odyssey and then waited for a good deal. So far, It’s amazing.

Outside of krakow station last night Not certain about the edit. Need to brush up on my lightroom skills. 49102408-315C-47EB-98F6-5521C44AE630.jpg

Just wondering what service you use for RSS and why.

Go on an “Artist date”

I made the image below inspired by the accidental creative podcast this morning, which was itself inspired by Julia Cameron. …

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The Annoying Trend of Making Stuff About Making Stuff

One of the things that annoys me the most about the modern internet landscape is how much stuff is made about making stuff. Especially when it is the same form as the thing which is being made. - Blog posts about writing blog posts - Youtube Videos about making YouTube videos - Podcasts about podcasts (this is probably the least offender) I now wonder if this is part of the inherit nature of being an indie creator.…

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Imagine buying a WordPress theme with a “lifetime license”, now imagine not getting any updates in the last year and half after a few since it’s launch. NOW imagine there is a new version of that theme where you have to purchase a new “lifetime” license.

Nate Lopez Performs “Georgia On My Mind” 🎵 📹

Some smooth acoustic blues for the afternoon

Krakow train station tonight 📸
Edited in darkroom for the iPad.

iPhone photography discovery of the day 📷

Darkroom lets you edit the background and foreground of a portrait mode separately. That’s cool. 68EAECAE-4F12-4BF5-8BFD-7B50CF3564FA.jpg

The digital divide is being flipped 🔗

The Digital Divide is Being Flipped - Seths Blog > Today, as digital tools get cheaper and more widespread, a new gap is appearing: If a parent uses a tablet or a smartphone as a babysitter, it’s a lot easier to get a kid to sit still. As a result, parents who are busy, distracted or can’t afford to spend as much 1:1 time as they’d like are unknowingly encouraging their kids to become digital zombies, with a constant need for stimulation, who are being manipulated by digital overlords to click and click some more.…

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Monday Morning Music 🎵 📽️

Jeff Goldblum: Cantaloupe Island

I Checked Lightroom CC when it came out and wasn’t too impressed. Back then I was using an iPhone SE. I downloaded it this weekend on my iPhone Xs and with the combination of new camera and improvements, it’s really a lot better.

Yes, I am a tastemaker: The Pen Addict 334

An episode even non-pen addicts may enjoy when Brad discusses his passion and realising his words can have an impact.

The whole “I’m passionate about the Oxford Comma” thing feels very cliche now. So my bio will have “No.1 em dash fan”

I’m really enjoying playing with the iPhone XS camera. It lets me take photos I couldn’t with the SE. Shot with Slow Shutter Cam

Colder weather means porter time. This is a Christmas porter. 1EA2A0BB-F78B-4CAB-89F3-6E04AE88380F.jpg

Pocketcasts 7. Great update.

Any wireless charging recommendations for iPhone Xs? I’m looking at the Anker PowerPort 5, The Logitech Powered for iPhone looks the best…but that price.

“Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done: The dictation of the materials” -Anni Alberts “Weaving in a college” via Austin Kleon’s Blog “The Dictation of the Materials”

Read the whole thing, you won’t regret it.

Finally got my iPhone XS in a semi set state. Still moving a couple of items around by this is my homescreen for now. Might add this to my now page 🤔

It’s a public holiday here in Poland so I took my daughter down to the graduation tower connected to Wieliczka salt mine.

In addition to Veterans Day and Armistice day, November 11 is Polish Independence Day. Prior to the end of the First World War, Poland had faced 123 years under foreign rule.

Morning coffee in krakow. The sign says “coffee is essential”

Good News: National Witness? | Fulcrum Anglican > Good liturgy isn’t everything, but bad liturgy isn’t anything.

Tom Wright on the state of modern evangelical worship.

Where are the fresh blogging opinions 🔗

Daring Fireball: Dan Frakes Goes to Apple as Mac App Store Editor > Cross linking between blogs has nearly dried up. It’s almost impossible to find new opinions because everyone links to the same three websites, like I’m doing now. A lot of voices have moved on to podcasting. Frankly, as someone that also podcasts, it’s easier and there’s less accountability than with blogging. Today, I also see a lot of thoughtful people writing on Discord groups.…

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Austin Mann on the New iPad Pro 🔗

the new ipad pro for photographers Austin is great to follow for all things Apple and photography and his latest post doesn’t disappoint. He really picks up on the key issues I’ve faced with editing photos on iOS as well as some of the work arounds…which kind of work. I’m going to check out the Gnarbox.…

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Spark Email showing me a new feature with a dismiss button of “Thank You” I’m both impressed at the clever copy hack of getting people to say thank you to build connection and annoyed that I’m being forced to say thank you.

Can’t wait to dig into the new procreate update :)

I missed my train at krakow station last night. So I finally returned to street photography with my iPhone.

I’m becoming increasingly critical of the IPad as a platform. Not because it’s getting worse but because it’s got so good. There are so few things that now hold it back, those that do become increasingly frustrating.

No one makes a living on Pateron 🔗

No one makes a living on Patreon Of those creators, only 1,393 — 2 percent — make the equivalent of federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, or $1,160 a month, in October 2017. Worse, if we change it to $15 per hour, a minimum wage slowly being adopted by states, that’s only .8 percent of all creators. Kind of depressing reading as it casts a lot of doubt on pateron and donations as long term viable income streams.…

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Monday Morning Music 🎵Athlete: Half Life

Ulysses keyboard shortcuts for Mac and iOS I love how many different shortcuts Ulysses has…except I have trouble remembering all of them .

“Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you stick with them for years.” — James Clear in Atomic Habits

Isralie style coffee and baklava in the coolest coffee shop in Krakow. 76737E3B-A92B-4667-8DF0-E5452C5E5555.jpg

We’re in our favourite coffee shop in Kazimierz, the old Jewish district in Krakow, and there are free short stories. This one is a graphic novel. CCE51CCA-FD93-4A55-BC0F-9CDC566912C4.jpg

November 2018 Now and Then Update

Last month I tried updating my Now page at the start of the month and writing a description of what had occurred, and what is coming up. It’s kind of a “monthly review” for me. So here’s my November 2018 Now and Then Update Then Goals My goals for last month were a mixed bag Spend time with my daughter - I caught up with the copyblogger course I’m doing and now just need to submit some work.…

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A Long-Term Review of The Focus Course

“The Focus Course helped me create a manageable plan of action that worked with my work and lifestyle that I could easily implement.” - Me I noticed the Focus Course had reopened today and my testimonial (the one above from being one of the initial beta testers) is still there. This made me reflect on the course and what has changed since then. I’ve got married I bought a home I welcomed my daughter into the world and I changed job There’s more that’s occured of course, but these points — espeically the last point — really highlight The Focus Course’s legacy in my life.…

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Luke Sital-Singh: The Last Day 🎵

Another great folk song from my fellow New Malden-er.

Honestly, I think Evernote might finally be turning things around. The templates feature is the first in a while which focuses on their core functionality, taking notes. I’m more hopeful about them now that I have been in a while.

October is almost over so I guess it’s time to look over my now page from last month and get ready to update it. Also I’d better get a couple of things ready for my challenges next month.

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley - The New York Time 🔗

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley - The New York Times via @leo A wariness that has been slowly brewing is turning into a regionwide consensus: The benefits of screens as a learning tool are overblown, and the risks for addiction and stunting development seem high. The debate in Silicon Valley now is about how much exposure to phones is O.K. Interesting article that touches on ideas you’ve probably heard a lot recently.…

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Austin Mann's iPhone Xs camera review 🔗

Austin Mann’s iPhone Xs camera review 🔗 Surprise Austin takes great pictures with an iPhone again. This weekend I took a photo of a friend on sunny day when he was standing in the shade and it was hot. I suggested moving into the sun for a better picture, but he declined. Smart HDR would have lead to a much better end result. Then there was another moment at home where I suspect Smart HDR would have helped.…

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Currently reading: On Writing Well by William Zinsser 📚

Should We Stop Listening to Podcasts? — CJ Chilvers 🔗

Should We Stop Listening to Podcasts? — CJ Chilvers When you mention time and attention theft, most creators think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (which I call Facebook II). They usually don’t think about Youtube or podcasts, which have the same issues: the ad model and all its abuses to the listener, and the lack of quality in favor of burn-out-inducing “consistency” and quantity (something that is also tied to the ad model).…

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I’d rather be a blogger – Paul Jarvis 🔗

I’d rather be a blogger I just think one of the main reasons that the internet took off like it did from the late–90s onward was that people could finally have a voice, regardless of whether or not that voice drove clicks and views. No need to go through gatekeepers like print publications, book publishers, etc… we could just write something and hit publish. Now our voices are collectively passed through the values of content marketing and growth-hacking.…

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Cognitive Dissonance for Marketing 🔗

Cognitive Dissonance > It has also been observed that if a person finds themselves engaging in activities which are in opposition to what they believe, they will be more willing to change their belief or adopt new beliefs to suit the situation, rather than change their actions. I’m researching for an article and this statement really struck me. People will change their beliefs to match their actions more than change their actions.…

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Reading Aloud - Austin Kleon 🔗

Reading aloud >I find that reading my work aloud makes it weird enough that I can’t scan or gloss over anything. > Reading to an audience is best, because you start really judging the thing when you have to project it into a room full of people. Quentin Tarantino says he likes to read his scripts to his friends, not for their feedback, but their presence. “I don’t want input, I don’t want you to tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, heavens forbid,” he says, “But I write a scene, and I think I’ve heard it as much as I can, but then when I read it to you … I hear it through your ears, and it lets me know I’m on the right track.…

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Currently Reading : Arbitrary Stupid Goal: Tamara Shopsin 📚

Finished reading: Perennial seller by Ryan Holiday 📚

Currently reading: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday 📚

Read More Books 📚

A reminder from myself yesterday. Books are rewarding and I should read more. C23B8CB7-A57A-487E-B30E-9C231127B251.jpg