🔗 The Perils of Audience Capture - by Gurwinder

The Perils of Audience Capture - by Gurwinder - The Prism

In some respects, all his eating paid off; Nikocado Avocado, as Perry is now better known, has amassed over six million subscribers across six channels on YouTube. By satisfying the escalating demands of his audience, he got his wish of blowing up and being big online. But the cost was that he blew up and became big in ways he hadn’t anticipated.

A really fascinating read. Makes you wonder how we’re all being changed by social media.

🔗 Facebook's TikTok-like redesign marks sunset of social networking era

Facebook’s TikTok-like redesign marks sunset of social networking era

Mark last week as the end of the social networking era, which began with the rise of Friendster in 2003, shaped two decades of internet growth, and now closes with Facebook’s rollout of a sweeping TikTok-like redesign.

And just in case you thought the changes were limited to Instagram, Facebook is going the way of Tiktok too.

I guess Facebook decided to give up on trying not to destroy the world through the algorithm and is now going full speed ahead.

🔗 How Reels Have Impacted Engagement Rates on Instagram - Later

How Reels Have Impacted Engagement Rates on Instagram - Later

For those who have pivoted to Reels, engagement rates have remained consistent — or, even better, seen positive growth.

So regular posts went down 44% but if you post reels it’s about the same engagement.

The headline I saw this shared with (reels leads to a 44% drop in engagement) made me hope that the new timeline was a disaster, but no doubt meta will see this and think. “🔥this is fine.”

🔗Instagram gets worse with dark patterns lifted from TikTok TechCrunch

Instagram gets worse with dark patterns lifted from TikTok | TechCrunch

The new UI is plainly inspired by TikTok, the way Instagram has routinely been “inspired” by its more innovative rivals, like when they clone-stamped Stories out of Snapchat. In this case they took the opportunity to bring in a few bad habits and troubling choices, all pretty clearly intended to juice their metrics and force users to interact with content on the app’s terms.

I saw this shared by Andy McNally an illustrator friend who is active on instagram. I enjoy his, and other sketchnoters content but the algorithm and new feed is increasingly hostile.

In my weekly sketchnote newsletter, I never share any from instagram, mostly because it doesn’t have a friendly embedding option with revue. That actually makes it quite difficult to share sketchnotes as the majority are shared on Instagram.

I wish there was a better platform with mass adoption for sharing these images. At this point I know I should proclaim the virtues of Micro.blog (which is great) but it would be a real challenge to convert the sketchnoting masses.

Still, perhaps that is a vocation worth heeding.

So long and thanks for all the todoist

I’ve left todoist.

I’m not sure why I was on todoist recently but probably because I wanted a task manager on a windows PC. That’s my usually reason for choosing todoist.

But now I’m working in an Apple only environment and I’m free to choose.

While todoist has some nice aspects such as its flexibility, boards, web based automation and generous free plan, I wish it was more opinionated and native to the Apple platform. By trying to work with many task management systems, it doesn’t really encourage any system and requires hacks for a gtd style approach.

picking a new app

But what should I choose?

Well, I’ve been playing around with reminders, things 3 and OmniFocus on mobile (as I own all three) and I think I’m ready to pick.

So stay tuned for a post detailing my migration and how I set up my new system.

Joining PomPom as a Marketing Executive

I've Joined PomPom as a Marketing Executive

Back in 2013 I started a small podcast to promote our English School in Badajoz, Spain.

We shared our thoughts on Spanish life and made some materials based on the topics we discussed. Our students loved it! The content was intimately relevant for them, and they got free lessons each week.

To our surprise, we ended up in the top 50 language podcasts in iTunes.

By that time I was already a major podcast fan having discovered them after graduating from university in 2008 and working scanning documents while searching for a more permanent job. The work was boring, but it let me listen to whatever I wanted while I worked.

Today, I am taking the next step of my podcast journey

I'm moving beyond just listening and creating a podcast but joining Pompom— a podcast studio application native to the Apple platform.

After speaking to the team a few months back and bonding over our loves of all things Apple, great podcasts and getting excited about their vision for the app, I knew I wanted to join. Fortunately for me, my ideas for how we could promote pompom made them want me to join as well.

I'm sure I'll share more in the future but if you're looking for a simple podcast editing app with time saving features to help you product podcasts faster, you should definitely check out Pompom on the Mac and iOS app stores.

The perfect time to change todo app

I’m starting a new job on Monday so this is perfect moment for me to consider changing task management systems.

After all, I have a string of out of tasks for my old work that no longer matter. And this would be a great way to mark the end of my work there and a fresh start.

Losing tasks in the migration would be a feature, not a bug.

I’ve been “using” Todoist recently but I’m mighty tempted by things and omnifocus. The cost of upgrading to get the mac version would be about the same for me but I know omnifocus 4 is on the horizon so that’s another expense.

so maybe I should just push reminders as far as I can stretch it!

Episode 2 - 5 WWDC impressions

For my second micro cast, I thought I’d have a look at WWDC and the five things that caught my attention including that spoke to me as a sketchnoter. I’ve listed the topics below so turn away now if you don’t want any spoilers.

  • Continity camera
  • Messages
  • Stage Manager
  • Freeform
  • M2 MacBook Air

Starting is the first step

I’m starting a micro cast experiment to get more familiar with my new company’s app PomPom. It’s a podcast editor that’s native to the Apple platform so my role as a marketing executive will be to help make it more wide known and create relevant content on the Apple and podcast ecosystems.

So here we go!


Hi, everyone. welcome to my first microcast. This is a new experiment I’m doing partially because I am joining a new company who makes a podcast editing tool called pom-pom. In fact I’m using it to recording to edit this podcast now this microcast but also because I’ve had the desire to do podcast for awhile I’ve put it  off for very good reasons and And now I can’t have a perfect excuse to break through that barrier because it will help with work so it’s one of those things which is fortuitous to help me overcome those barriers. So what will this micro cast be about? I’m not 1 00 % sure I’m basically starting now and starting to microcast to try and find my feet. And in fact that’s what I basically did with my newsletter. I had started a newsletter three years ago or something crazy like this maybe even longer and the idea was just sharing some things that I found interesting something that made me smile each week and that was even the initial name the initial version And then overtime I changed it to be more focused on showing Sketchnote resources in fact I actually think that was the first version — sharing Sketchley resources came first then I share a type of things I found interesting. Then I changed it again to be about creativity and showing the creative process And now currently I’ve been doing the sketching round up for 20 editions that I’ve sent out and this has really seems like it’s found its place. I think I actually had more subscribers for the the old learn create share newsletter but this is one which is just so easy for me to create and it’s so fun to create and it feels like it’s it’s the right newsletter to be doing And it’s just interesting how that has kind of emerged from nowhere and that it took me a long time of trying different things of changing the format of making mistakes to find the thing that actually worked for me. and that’s that’s the key part you know maybe this isn’t the most popular newsletter it could be. If I was really focusing on that and maybe I do something different for my followers or whatever but it’s a sustainable newsletter that I can keep going. And so that’s what I’m hoping will happen with this microcast. Maybe I’ll make some pivots maybe I’ll try different formats but it’s only by starting that I can learn what I actually want to do so thank you for listening and I’ll catch you in the next one

A brief reflection on hitting issue 50 of my newsletter

I just published issue 50 of my newsletter! (It’s actually a few extra which I didn’t import).

It’s gone through about four iterations during that time but the sketchnote roundup format really seams to have worked for me.

  • I was sharing this content without the newsletter
  • It’s simple enough that I can produce it every week
  • I’ve had some really nice comments as well.

It’s certainly not perfect and I wish I had managed to get a few more subscribers it a bit more, but I enjoy making it so that’s enough for me.

Making the right choice for me.

I spent ages debating whether or not I should call my site Learn Create Share or keep SketchnoteClassroom or do something else.

In the end I changed to Learn Create Share as I wanted an impulse to make sketchnotes about other topics rather than just make sketchnotes on sketchnoting.

That was a fantastic personal decision.

It completely changed my approach and I am really pleased with the sketchnotes I’ve made since then.

At the same time, I’ve basically stopped making any sales of the courses I made since then!

So it was a great personal decision, but terrible “business” or brand decision. And I’m totally happy with that.

Managing vs leading.

I’ve asked some friends for advice on managing a team and a lot of people respond with things on “leadership”.

I find that jump interesting. Of course there’s a lot of crossover between the two but I don’t view them as the same.

Leadership involves setting the vision and prioritise for a team. It’s about knowing where you should go and communicating that vision.

Management is about getting the most out of the people who report to you. Leadership and vision help with that, but it’s not the end of the discussion.

You can set and communicate a great vision with everyone bought in, but there can still be management issues (conflicts between team members, under performance from a team member, one team member needs a different approach, someone isn’t doing their best work) and when the vision is less than perfect, more problems can be added on.

I’m not saying that I’m a perfect leader, but I believe that my management issues aren’t related to my leadership but to my management. It’s even possible that my focus on setting a vision might be interfering with helping my team members. What I mean is I can be so focused on the goal that we should be going towards, that I miss the issues that are preventing team members from reaching that goal.

I suspect that I’m being tough on myself here (as I often am) and overthinking this, but it’s certainly an interesting area for me as I’m in the process of changing my mind on this subject.

Perhaps I’ll share more soon.

A lack of flow

Today I realised that since I became a manager, I have a lot less “flow” time. Instead of the long, multiple hours of focus on one thing, I now have a lot more jumping from one thing to another. Part of it could be changed (by myself and others in the company) but part of it seems to be a natural part of the job. It’s a bit depressing really. Flow tasks feel incredibly rewarding and are often high value. All this jumping feels more stressful and less important work.

My fears about doing a roundup newsletter

Whenever I’ve run a newsletter sharing links of stuff I find interesting, I’ve always worried it will become obsolete. Surely people would just start following the same sources I do and find what I find before I share it. But yesterday I realised that is not true. Many of the roundup newsletters I follow share articles from some regular sources and while I end up following some, I still appreciate when they share something I missed or also read. Plus, I never follow ALL their sources.

I love this as it’s a classic example where from my perspective as a creator, things look completely different than my perspective as a consumer. It’s basically the “Assuming everyone knows what you know.” or “No one else is paying you as much attention as you are paying yourself.”

If you’ve been thinking of making a roundup newsletter but have faced this fear, I’d bet that you don’t need to worry.

awkward product placement in Ted Lasso and The Morning Show

One of the most annoying parts of Ted lasso and the morning show is the awkward use of iPhones. Anytime someone gets a text, it’s shown on the iPhone and the camera has to do a close up of this small text. Shows like Sherlock found an easier way to show texts by making bubbles appear around the character, but these shows don’t do that as they must include the product placement of the iPhone.

🔗 First Look at WordPress’ Upcoming Twenty Twenty-Two Default Theme: “The Most Flexible Default Theme Ever Created for WordPress” – WP Tavern

First Look at WordPress’ Upcoming Twenty Twenty-Two Default Theme: “The Most Flexible Default Theme Ever Created for WordPress” – WP Tavern

Reigstad said the theme will be “built for Full Site Editing first,” with as little CSS as possible, and all theme styles configurable through theme.json wherever possible, so users can edit them through Global Styles.

Of course WordPress would have to tempt me with an upcoming default theme! The tie in with 5.9 makes sense with the full site editing push. Still not sure what I make of WordPress’s direction. It’s surprising how page builders still seem prevalent despite the advances in Gutenberg.

🔗 Scotland's version of 'hygge' - BBC

“But it isn’t just MacLeod’s sumptuous hot toddy choux buns, Heilan’ coo cupcakes or haggis bon bons that have made the soft-spoken chef a viral sensation. By serving his food with a side of Hebridean folklore, Scottish Gaelic tongue twisters and traditional music – as well as the occasional cameo by his wee Westie pup, Seòras – Coinneach’s goal is to bring the best of Hebridean culture to the world”

Scotland’s version of ‘hygge’

A hot toddy choux bun sounds fantastic! Not so sure about the haggis bon bon though.

🔗 Best Habits to Track in 2021. Analyzing Habit Tracking Behavior from… by Coach Tony Coach.me App Medium

Best Habits to Track in 2021. Analyzing Habit Tracking Behavior from… | by Coach Tony | Coach.me App | Medium

Every year I go through our data from Coach.me to see what habits people have started tracking and what habits they’ve stopped tracking. The result is a snapshot of what is becoming more popular and what is becoming less popular.

A really interesting list of habits and what are the most popular (see if you can predict the top five).

Bullet journaling just isn't for me...or is it?

Me two weeks ago: I think I’m finally done with Bullet journaling. It just doesn’t work for me and I’m doing everything in obsidian now anyway.

Me today: You know I like interstitial journaling but it’s a hassle to get my journaling page up and add to it. If only I had a separate window with it…or maybe a note book. I guess I could write in a paper notebook and maybe migrate some items at the end of the ….oh crap I’ve invented bullet journaling haven’t I.

So now I’m looking at getting a new notebook to replace my last one.

How do you know if they're a good app reviewer?

Would you more trust a reviewer who jumps apps as often as they change clothes or one who hasn’t changed app in years? The one who always changes probably is probably too interested in novelty over real usefulness, but the long term user might be too stuck in their ways. I saw a forum discussion with defenders of certain reviewers locked in verbal battle with each other. It made wonder if you really can achieve unbiased reviews. I guess that’s why I try to find a tool I like and then work out how to get as much value out of it as possible. Obsidian may well not be the best of these connected notes apps (and I may not be using the “best” plugins) but it works for me and I’m happy with that.

🔗 Why Italian football does not make sense in the English language Serie A The Guardian

Why Italian football does not make sense in the English language | Serie A | The Guardian

Italian football is often criticised for being overly dramatic, with players spending too much time feigning injury, encircling the referee or dropping to the grass with their faces in their hands after they have missed opportunities. These criticisms carry weight but, given the language of the game in Italy, it is hard to see how the game could be any other way. An Italian match is more than just that; it is a performance in which the players are fighting not just to win but to win over the audience. I was reminded of this article while watching the match yesterday. The whole piece is really enlightening about the differences between Italian and English football.

A Week off social

In theory I’m just over a week into my social media fast… But in reality I’ve been breaking it left right and centre. Some has been for good reason (like checking content for work, finding an old bookmark or messaging regarding an upcoming newsletter interview) but a good amount has been “the twitch”.

The twitch

You know, when suddenly you find your phone is unlocked, in your hand, and your thumb has magically found the hidden app icon and twitter is open before you.

How did it happen? You twitched and it was there.

Who knows what the exact trigger was - boredom - being in the “right” location (the sofa?) - reading something about a social network?

But the effect is undeniable.

I’ve been using a scheduling app to continue an experimental social media profile (it’s always good to experiment when marketing is your job) which has certainly helped, but it’s not a miracle cure.

What has been good

It’s not all doom, gloom and failure. I’ve definitely been using social media less. My screentime proves it! Even when I do twitch and find twitter open, I often move over to an ebook or switch the app off. Checking my screentime also reveals that in this second week, twitter is no longer my “pick up” app or even in the top ten. Perhaps the “twitch” is wearing off?


Around 2016 I started to feel that personal messaging was the better type of social media and what I should use these services for more. This fast has proven that more to me. I continually find myself wanting less to scroll the feed (although I do want that too) and more to reach out to certain people whom I can only contact via twitter DMs or microblog replies.

It turns out the part of social media I miss the most, is the social part.

And while that’s also a good reason to take a break and invest in more face to face social interactions (thank you easing lockdowns) it’s also something I will invest in more when I do return to social media… however that looks.

(written in drafts to avoid the feed).

A break

Tl;dr. I’m taking the month off social media but will continue blogging.

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded of the idea of a solitude break; a day, weekend or weekend away from everything spent in solitude and silence. It’s a Christian idea I found in celebration of discipline with the purpose of connecting and listening to God but I’m sure atheist and agnostic friends can see value for themselves in this kind of activity.

I approached my wife with the idea, suggesting that she too could and should take a weekend in solitude at some point. I was even happy for her to do so first and I was okay if she said no. She said it was a great idea and pointed to next weekend (10-11th of July) as the best time.

I got excited about the idea and started rereading a few books I’ve read on similar topics.

Then today I felt rushed and thin from work. I could feel the pressure of our deadlines falling ahead of me and my mind skipping from idea to idea. Fortunately, I recognized the impulse, acknowledged the legitimate deadlines and that certain deadlines weren’t real.

I calmed down.

But an itch stayed with me.

The idea that I don’t need to run or be so frantic. That this is not normal and is negative. That the constant always on communication is part of the cause.

I suddenly thought I should take a month of social media and that as today is the first of the month, today is a great day to start.

So no more logging on to social media for me for July. I can blog and I may have some automatic messages shared but I probably won’t respond to comments on social.

If you have one of my email address, you can contact me via it and I’ll respond. Perhaps I’ll respond to many comments when I come back on social media. Maybe I won’t be back on social media.

I guess we’ll see.