Something im working on for next week. Not sure it’s quite right (may take out the headings?)Might reread some parts of 4000 weeks too. This is basically about how talking about work-life balance isn’t great because work is still life and it can actually cause more burnout.

Two calendars. One with work and life appointments. The other with just life representing the issue of work life balance.

Assignment on the OT references in Matthew’s account of Jesus' temptation…done! Time for an evening off before getting to work on my final hermeneutics class assignment. A paper on Jonah.

Looks like the kids illness has got to me. Send lemsip!

The IVP bible background commentary (2nd edition) points out that Jesus being led into the wilderness is a common recitation of YHWH leading the Israelites, to which Keener cites Is 63:14 as an example. All good, but he doesn’t mention that Deut. 8:2 (the verse prior to the first verse that Jesus quotes) says that very thing. I would have thought this would be great to highlight as it ads extra depth to the passage as echoing how Jesus faced the same trials but came through faithfully.

“We do not learn from experience . . . we learn from reflecting on experience.”

A pithy summary of some of John Dewey’s work (but it seems never actually said by him)

Whole family is ill except* me. This is the darkest timeline.

*I only have a mild headache and no fever.

Essay on OT references in Matt 4 - Jesus temptation - Book four of the Psalter

I had checked the context of Psalm 91:11 for the Psalm, but not the whole Psalter. Psalms stand alone, right? Wrong, past-Chris. You know better than that. Psalm 91 is early in the fourth book, just after a Psalm of Moses for forgiveness for the golden calf (during the exile), the whole book has a theme of hope in YHWH as the kind of all creation. It is a response to the previous book’s messianic longing during the exile. Interesting that this is the book of the Psalter Jesus quotes from.

My sketchy idea newsletter is back. Trying a new, shorter format.

Oh and I’m trying a short sketchy advent devotional too. which you might like. (My goal for those is one a week. I kind of wish I had gone for more of an advent candle theme.

The first draft is always perfect

β€œEvery first draft is perfect because all the first draft has to do is exist. It's perfect in its existence. The only way it could be imperfect would be to NOT exist.”&10;― Jane Smiley

πŸ”— [A bride to be discovers a reality bending mistake in Apple’s computational photography

I was surprised at @numericcitizen’s high praise of freeform after some mediocre experiences. But I’ve been using it a lot the last couple of weeks and it’s fantastic! I discovered a few actions that either weren’t there or were too well hidden before, plus the bugs from the beta seem to be gone. Something like Miro or Mural probably still has the edge, and I need to try the drawing tools again, but it’s become a key part of my tool kit now.

I’m using Keener’s IVP New Testament Bible backgrounds commentary and D.A. Carson’s contribution to the Expositors Bible Commentary on Matthew for an essay. Both are very good quality.

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” - Simon Sinek in Start With Why.

Installing Hugo on my mac… Stand back, I’m about to try science! I mean basic web design.

Orthodox friends (@ReaderJohn @JohnBrady ) How similar/different is the hermeneutical approach for the orthodox church to a) St.Augustin approach to the Good Samaritan (looking for deeper symbolic meaning) b) Evangelical that claims to be looking for the authors intent even if projecting.

My son has discovered the original Thomas the Tank Engine from 1984. It looks so much better than the new computer generated version.

I’ve used an automatic tool to share my mental model sketchnotes across different platforms (but not Microblog). I expected twitter, where I have 1000+ followers somehow) to be the biggest source of traffic. No. For the last 30 days, I’ve seen more visitors from mastodon!

🎢 Plans by Death Cab For Cutie πŸ’Ώ

Carrd has just announced their Black Friday sale (40% off pro plans with the code BF2023). I’ve made a few mini sites over the last couple of years using carrd (and it’s saved me tones on WordPress hosting fees!) Here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to try it.

I would expect someone should get to grips with the oxford comma after 6 months of a writer being in a company that requires it. And yet, here we are. Every. Single. Article.