Oh boy! Mobile apps are coming to obsidian. I’d bet you’d have to use (and pay) obsidian sync but as long as the files are still plain text, this is an easy “shut up and take my subscription.”

I always intend to take a before and after haircut photo… today I actual took one!

After seven years of learning Polish, I still sometimes use the wrong gender adjective endings.
My two-year-old daughter just corrected me.
So how’s your Friday going.

I’m so done with Unsplash images.
I really hate seeing the same images over and over again as well as these prestine pictures of minimalist desktops. I vow to only use photos I take for my blog from now on.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

Yesterday’s walk with my daughter.

A return to time blocking

Back when I was a teacher, I was a huge believer in time blocking: planning your day and marking certain hours for certain activities. It made total sense for me back then. I knew when I’d be in a class, I could estimate my travel times, and setting boundaries on lesson planning helped overcome Parkinson’s law. But after transitioning to work for a corporation in marketing, I had stopped time blocking.…

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I recorded some test footage with my new light today. It is a massive improvement over my previous lighting. Just trying to work out some practical issues for my next sketchnote video.

The test run of SPS has been fantastic! Basecamp was the perfect choice, in fact, I couldn’t have picked a better platform and I didn’t! Time for the next step.

Billionaire most likely to own a volcano base…Jeff Besos or Elon Musk?

So tired from a day at work. Hope you are all doing well my micro friends.

Principles I say I live by: only as complicated as needed.
Principles I actually live by: oh look at this new shiny! I will love it and use it for ever and it shall be mine. (A few weeks pass) urgh, new shiny isn’t shiny anymore and is so complicated…but new new shiny on the other hand…

Just found a second hand “duckie” lens (70-200mm. Perfect for pictures of the ducks) and it made me wonder. What are some other non-proper but very discriptive names for camera lenses? Other suggestion - street photography lens - 35mm - the Bruce Guilden lens - 28mm - the Bresson - 50mm

I bought a couple of years of web hosting which runs out in June… I have no idea what I’ll do when it runs out. I’m sure the prices have gone up so maybe I should migrate…maybe move away from WordPress…maybe let go of those sites (Hey, remember iPad Guild?)

Stocked up on refills for my spoke pen. Been missing this baby.

I’ve created a whole load of marketing guides and resources for our team at work, I’ve shared some with friends and now I’m wondering if maybe I should adapt these and publish them for anyone (specifics and confidential details removed of course). A lot of it is fair obvious stuff for marketers, but maybe someone would find it useful/enjoy it.

I had a go at copying one of Ian Barnards hand lettering designs. Mine wasn’t as good but still great fun to try and great to learn.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is overvaluing the impact a tool will make and undervalue the impact of focus, intention and time.

🔗 Chris J Wilson Thanks past Chris.

Reloaded my film camera today.

A very scientific survey of the least to most annoying versions of the Baby shark song. 1) super simple songs.
2) super simple songs (Halloween version)
3) bounce patrol
4) pinkfong.

As it happens, this is also the reverse order of my daughter’s favourite versions.

Nikon z50 review

About six months ago I started experimenting with recording and editing some videos as a creative challenge and break from my day to day writing. Although I had made some videos for my Sketchnote courses I hadn't been completely satisfied with the results and wanted to improve their quality. Playing with video has helped me hone my skills and I'm now ready to update my course materials. I started as anyone should -- using their smartphone -- and made small, cheap improvements in my equipment along the way.…

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Wow! Craft is gorgeous!

Asked the dumb question at work (“Sorry, but what is X” “Thanks, but can I just check, is that X or Y?”) and it turned out the person wasn’t sure! Always good to ask dumb questions!

Graceful accountability

As Chad Moore and I were discussing SPS, we came up with the term “Graceful accountability”; encouraging each other to do our best, but understanding our circumstances and limits. I wonder how it applies elsewhere? Accountability to meet the goals you set and develop yourself with wiggle room and understanding. Providing challenges, but knowing that life has a great way of messing up our plans. I think it might be a good approach for most things in life.…

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Tłusty czwartek!!!!

🔗The Management Myth

🔗The Management Myth “. Notwithstanding the ostentatious use of stopwatches, Taylor’s pig iron case was not a description of some aspect of physical reality—how many tons can a worker lift? It was a prescription—how many tons should a worker lift? The real issue at stake in Mayo’s telephone factory was not factual—how can we best establish a sense of teamwork? It was moral—how much of a worker’s sense of identity and well-being does a business have a right to harness for its purposes?…

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… I really don’t need hey email, do I. I tried the 14 day trial and it seemed…fine. But using Basecamp for SPS with @cm really impressed me…and there’s something in basecamp called Hey and it’s nice…I wonder how much a years subscription is in Zloty…

Ordered a new softbox with Bowens mount…they shipped the wrong model. Now I have to return it.

Thank you Internet for this glorious moment. “I’m here live, I’m not a cat” says lawyer in zoom filter mishap.

We (@cm and I) had our official secret side project kick off call last night. Hopefully we can share more in a couple of weeks.

🔗Asking, Giving And Blogging – Greg Morris

🔗Asking, Giving And Blogging – Greg Morris Truth is, I have been trying for a while to make writing and blogging pay like it used to. 6-7 years ago web ads paid ok with a few thousand hits a month and didn’t completely wreck your website and income paid for my hosting and even allowed me to, shock horror, make a little profit. I can relate to the changes Greg has seen in writing online.…

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Two responses to problems

I’ve noticed two main responses to any problem at work. 1. Blame distribution 2. Solution implementation While most people employ both to varying degrees, we also seem to tend towards one or the other. Blame distribution is where we sell to find the person to be blamed. It’s not about find the responsible party but that may happen as a lucky consequence. During blame distribution, you should expect to see email chains resurfaced with sections highlighted or underlined.…

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When I get some deep work in vs when I don’t.

That’s not your really challenge.

When someone wants to start a creative project, they usually mispredict what will be their challenges and what they need to focus on. Several months back I told myself “you think this is your biggest challenge, but it’s actually…” and then my mind filled in the blank (space was actually my challenge.) So I spent time working out how I could have more space and set up equipment faster. Then I started to buy myself some toys.…

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Well! I finally managed to push send on a new edition of the Learn Create Share newsletter and state that I’m moving email services (again!). There may even be some mistakes but I’ve procrastinated on sending this for too long already. It was ready last month!

There's a whole world out there

Sometimes, while I’m on Micro Blog, I get a glimps of a whole world here that I am completely unaware of. Usually it’s from the discovery feed, where I see a post on a topic that I would never normally go searching for, but is interesting regardless. Other times it is from a comment that appears in my feed and I explore the coversation. I’ve heard people discribe different forms of “twitter” (i.…

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Unlock with Apple Watch? Shut up and take my beta.


Me: I should redesign my microblog site.

Closing the idea - action gap

One of my big challenges at work now is stopping ideas falling through the gaps. We’ve had a lot of ideas for ways to improve what we do, but sometimes they get forgotten in the day to day running. So I’m moving to close those gaps. No more “cool idea let’s do it later.” But “okay, what’s next? What does this actually look like? Who is responsible?” Part of sharing this is to hold myself accountable if we don’t close the gap.…

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I’m curious. Which would you prefer, a slack community or a discord community (or something else?) and Why?

Feb photoblogging day 3: comfy

My comfy work desk

Feb photoblogging day 2: Morning coffee

I’m very critical of my work windows computer…but a built in clipboard manager is magic. There are times when I accidentally “copy” something, but it’s okay, I still have it.

Photoblogging day 1: close up

I’m wondering if I can turn N.T. Wright’s study into my zoom background…To be honest, I’d just like a study like this!

Not the best start to the morning. My train was cancelled…but no one told us anything for 30 mins. Oh well, working remote instead of the task I need to do in the office.

I have started a list of custom key caps to buy.
Now I’m getting emails with more suggestions.
This is getting serious /dangerous / potentially expensive.

It’s ALIVE!!!

Create your first sketchnote workshop

Just 20 mins to create your first sketchnote.

Had some issues with hard drive space and final cut but now my new intro to sketchnote course/video is exporting!

It's good enough for me

I’ve been finishing a little review of my new camera and I had a realisation. As I wrote about the mobile app, which is far greater than my previous camera, I realised that there are other cameras which are supposed to have superior apps. I’m sure they do and I might even like and use those extra function. Still, this camera is an improvement and in the ways I needed. While it may not be the best, it’s good enough for me.…

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