I finally put my pen addict fire on fire ink in my pen and it lead to a very different plectrum pic.

I’m really curious if the price of Apple TV+ and Disney+ will make Netflix lower its price. Probably not immediately, but in a year or two time…

I’ve been trying to avoid writing “impact” and choosing other verbs instead. It’s amazing how easy it is to develop lazy writing habits and how little exercises can change your writing.

p.s Some impact alternatives: - change - influence - affect - alter - modify - transform

Yesterday was a great proof of the “drafts mentality”1 . I started to write a quick, two sentence microblog post but as I wrote I realised it could be a longer post. Currently it’s just over 900 words and I want to add some more and edit it. Although I mentioned drafts for this feature, it’s also true of Micro.Blog. You can open the editor, start writing and change between a 280 character update, a short post with no title or a longer post with a title. Even this post was originally within 280 characters and is now longer.

  1. Start writing everything in drafts, it may change form. [return]