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  • As a long suffering Sheffield Wednesday fan, I am hopeful for today’s playoff match, but ready regardless of what happens. It would have to be against Barnsley, wouldn’t it.

  • 🔗 What if you could only use ONE APP on your iPhone? – Shawn Blanc

    What if you could only use ONE APP on your iPhone? – Shawn Blanc

    So this is a completely random but fun experiment… but what app would you pick if you could only pick ONE?

    I read this quick post from Shawn a few days back and knew my answer almost instantly – Drafts.

    I’d certainly miss the camera (but I have a ricoh gr), podcast, and the sat nav in some situations, but with drafts I’d cover the other 80% I use my phone for. I could even manage my tasks there too if I needed.

    Continuing with the other devices… I’d probably pick

    • Mac – Arc (cheating I know, but I’d need it for work). excluding that, Obsidian.
    • iPad – Reader from Readwise

    I’d never choose obsidian on the iPhone, it’s just not fast enough. In fact, it almost makes me wonder if I could just switch to drafts…

    What about you?

  • Brian Eno on why you shouldn’t get a job and be part of a scenius instead..

    Time to listen to some atmospheric music, I think.

  • Had some fun making a Matisse style cutouts for this Matisse quote. “Creativity takes courage”.

    A graphic showing the Matisse quote “Creativity takes Courage” with a cutout of Matisse in blue.
  • R.I.P. Tim Keller Twitter update

    My tribute.

  • Printer: working fine for weeks. Me: Right, need to print this ticket in a hurry. Printer: Sorry, problem. Me: What problem? Printer: that, detective, is the right question.

  • You don't have to go full YouTube guru to benefit from the thing

    I’ve noticed (and I feel the temptation too) to think of task management/PKM/bullet journaling/jorunaling/whatever as a binary thing — either you have some incredible complicated system which you use everyday the way the gurus on YouTube use theirs, or your “not doing it right”. … read more

  • My wife brought me Galaxy chocolate back from the UK after her trip. I brought her Tony’s chocolate… I think we brought each other the chocolate we wanted ourselves.

  • My silly little “coffee is the answer” t-shirt just got promoted in the same email as PCalc and the accidental tech podcast! I honestly did not see that coming.

  • Finished reading: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday 📚 Probably the best, most varied and most practical of Ryan’s first trilogy.

  • The WordPress theme I’m using just released version 1.0. I downloaded and lost my custom page templates (whomp whomp). So I started to edit a button so it’s back in the theme colours and… the element can’t be displayed… Gutenberg is terrible.

  • A quick visual of The Paradox of Choice. I have a trick for shopping for craft beer. I have a price limit and look for items on sale in my local shop. 90% of the time, that makes my decision for me. Otherwise I use the process I say in the post.

  • It’s amazing how beepy bloopy music (example from today) can suddenly trigger my brain into a sense of focus and motivation for work. Anyone else experience that?

  • Side effect of GA4 is I’m removing analytics from many of my old sites. I never really check them anymore so why bother. Plus GA4 is a dumpster fire.

  • “Coffee is the answer”

    Seen in work Slack.

  • Struggling with something in my head today so mucking around in procreate and single line portraits (With extra layers for colour).

  • I think this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me with 1password. I have no idea what I’ll replace it with though, maybe just iCloud keychain now it can do one time passwords too.

  • Good news. I’ve found my Ricoh Gr at my folks place. I don’t have the right charger with me but at least I will be able to use it again soon. In the meantime it’s been fun to use my MJU ii in London.

  • I was reading about childhood wounds and acting out like a child yesterday. So I made so,e journaling prompts to help me think about situations where I don’t act the way I wish to. Feel free to use them if you think they are useful

    • What traits of my dad am I worried about inheriting?
    • What traits of my dad do I want to exhibit?
    • What feelings and pains from childhood do I still feel?
    • When do I react “like a child at work”, what causes that?
    • When do I react “like an adult”?
    • When do I react “like a child” at home, what causes that.

    P.s. if you have better phrasing, especially for the third, I’d be happy to hear it.

  • Five beautiful things in this cafe

    • A Dad reading to his daughter
    • Old friends catching up
    • “Thank you for tidying up” — a child repeats after her parents
    • Ludovico Einaudi on the radio
    • The aroma of freshly ground coffee infusing the air.
  • When you’re down on the south bank and have your iPad with you…

  • Hi from London.

  • The head of -Twitter- X corp could really do with listening to that Elon Musk bloke.

    “You should take the approach that you’re wrong. Your goal is to be less wrong.”


    “Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold.”

  • I started a little Van Gough inspired background for my zoom calls. I might add more details but I’m also tempted to try a more manga style one too.

  • I’ll be in London and free on Friday. I don’t suppose there are any micronauts who want to have a micro meetup in central London?