a different -kind of- writing process

Posted on Feb 16, 2018
  • Write 1st draft, it’s too long,
  • write second draft, it’s long,
  • write third draft, okay we’re getting somewhere, but maybe we need to start again,
  • write fourth draft, okay we’re heading in the right direction now.
  • Re-read fourth version, cut useless words, rephrase sections, cut a paragraph that isn’t needed, add a new one.

This is not my normal writing process. Normally I either write in one go and then edit or I write once, delete and then write again. This time I’m writing for someone else’s publication and there’s so much I could add. That’s what I realised on the second draft, I could say more. But the truth is, the reader wants something for them, they don’t care about the aspects I find interesting or the fine details. They want the interesting take away or idea for them.

That’s why I’m taking my time, and I’ve not even finished yet