Posted on Sep 29, 2018

Autumnal may well be my favourite word in the English language. It’s partially because it has such wonderful sounds that flow smoothly into each other – no fricatives to be found here. But it’s also because of what the word represents.

To me, Autumn is a time of coziness. Of warm drinks, Golden colours and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Heat and energy radiate out of it at all times, be that in the mid-day sun, the new fashion items to wear or the red leaves that now lie on the ground.

This warmth is something I try and live out in my life, not just in this season but always. - To share what I have with those in need, and not. - To be friendly even when people aren’t friendly to me (I’ve found this more difficult recently) - and to gather those closest to me whenever I can.

Admittedly “Fall” has some similar phonetic qualities but I can’t divorce it from its other meaning. But as a writer who focuses on an American audience I have to fall for its charms, at least superficially.

Deep down my heart belongs to Autumn.