A friendly reminder inspired by an email in my inbox.

    When you turn your hobby into a hustle, you’ll probably lose what made it a great hobby in the first place. Not always, but probably.

    Scheduled a new sketchy ideas newsletter for this afternoon (with a new section highlighting things from around the web).

    The dad-mobile has arrived. A used Citreon C4 Grand Picasso. Tomorrow she gets her first real test with a trip to the in-laws.

    I got an Amazon voucher from work for my birthday and spent it all on books. Can you see the common trend?

    One of the greatest ironies in life: by trying to make a message less passive aggressive, you can end up making it more so.

    Goal: seek to be better, not right.

    I see the opposite in a colleague and it annoys me. That means there’s a good chance I’m just as guilty of this issue if not more.

    I forgot how tiring baby’s are. But now I have a baby and two bigger kids who demand energy even when the baby is asleep. Thankfully, all three are having a siesta and I’ve never been more grateful.

    There’s this strange thing I’ve noticed with a few individuals in the work place: they try to claim your ideas.

    If you share a unique insight or idea they say “yes,” and then rephrase exactly what you said offering nothing extra. I really wonder why they bother, especially when they either show their ignorance in what they say.

    Personally, I’d praise the person making the suggestion, perhaps agree that I had heard that (without restating the information) or discuss how to implement. I really don’t get the need to repeat the same thing.

    My 2 year old son is waking up early again and asking for various cartoons/youtube videos. My current solutions are a sticker books (work quite well) and today: Wreck This Journal. We had great fun messing it up.

    My school had a computer lab full of the original iMacs. I hated them! It was such a pain to move files between them and my PC at home. Plus the one mouse button really confused me. It put me off Apple for years.

    But oh boy did they look and feel nice.

    Finished reading: The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel πŸ“š

    β€œGood decisions aren’t always rational. At some point you have to choose between being happy or being “right.” - Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel.

    Sometimes it’s annoying when my kids never give me time alone. But I’m sure I’ll be sadder when my kids never want to spend time with me.

    Just started a couple of pages at the back of my notebook to collect possible goals and words for a theme for next year. This is a situation where I find pen and paper so much better; so easy to collect and find.

    When you’re at the playground and a child pees on the other side of the same tree you are resting under.

    Luckily I realised just before the peeing began.

    WordPress 6.3 has added a command pallet. This could be nice.

    New baby, who did? (Literally. We haven’t settled on a name yet!)

    Day off with the kids.

    Time to upgrade my mokka pot technique. Thanks James Hoffmann πŸŽ₯

    I’m tempted to make a simple website called “Ugly bujo”.

    It would explain bullet journaling but every image would be basic and simple, not a super fancy spread so anyone could feel they could start.

    Or maybe it’s a tumblr account sharing ugly examples that work.

    Hill I will die on. Globalization should always be spelt with a Z, even in countries that favour -ise over -ize because it makes the word and example of its meaning.

    I’ve seen a lot about the fourth turning recently. I’ll admit my first reaction was that it seemed and interesting idea. At the same time, I had some major questions right from the off. It seamed very American centric, the more I’ve looked at the more it seems like it might be European - American. After I just saw a well known kinist christian figure share a video seemingly endorsing it (I’m not clicking on that!) and it made me wonder:what kind of people does this “prophetic” vision attract and why?

    I can imagine those very critical of “Wokism” would be attracted as the author seams to say that we’re heading to a phase of returning to community values over individualism. I can also see why revivalist christians would like it. There were several great awakenings throughout American history and so it might seem prophetic of another one coming.

    (I should add that the author seems to have a new book on the topic coming out so the reason I’m seeing this idea a lot is probably just because he’s promoting it).

    Happy Trump indictment day however you celebrate yours. I remember when Trump indictment day was a rare and special day, now it seems like it’s just another day.

    When I started blogging, the experts told me not to use hedging words like “I think” and “In my experience”. There’s value in that for sure, but it made me sound like a wannabe guru in topics I knew little about. Now, instead of writing “10 tips to …” I’m more likely to write “10 things I’ve tried” and discuss what works, why I think it works and invite you to share if you try it. Maybe it won’t work for you, and I’d be happy to hear that! Maybe I can learn some more nuance or what types of people it helps.

    I’ve just moved from my tiny Ikea desk that I bought when lockdowns started to a 120x60cm standing desk (we’ve actually had it for a while but it’s a long story). The extra space is amazing! It’s the difference between feeling like everything was falling on me, and feeling like I can stretch!

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