If you are interested in Biblical textual criticism then you will probably find this fascinating (Take a bit to get into it). Basic summary. Maybe there was only Mary in John 11-12 and Martha was a fourth century addition.

As part of our 20% projects, I made a notion template for managing podcast guests. It was a fun little challenge and I’m going to update it with more resources next week during our next 20% sprint. Let me know if you give it a go and find it useful.

Turns out my thunderbolt 3 cable isn’t the right type of thunderbolt 3 cable for my new dock. This is not the seamless one port future I was promised.

Over on Learn Create Share I’ve been publishing quick visuals and summaries of cognitive biases and how to resist them. I thought some people here might find them interesting. My goal is to keep publishing one a day while I have ideas.

Minecraft have come out against NFTs because they create scarcity and exclusivity which aren’t in the spirit of the community. A really great response and appeal to core values. Especially as NFTs are sometimes presented as a tool for community.

I’m really excited for this idea for a podcast @chadgmoore and I are going to test out this week. My working title is “ruminations” or “meditations”.

A really fun task for our latest release in Pompom was making a summary slide that looks like those Apple release summaries. Thankfully, someone made a figma template which was a massive help.

As I was preparing a social post for Pompom and checked up my podcast listening statistics. Just a few. What are yours?

I’m not saying it’s raining a lot in Krakow, but I just saw a guy shoving animals 2 by 2 onto a large boat.

Boris Johnson had so many scandals I forgot about the Owen Paterson scandal which on its own was sufficient reason for him to go!

Independence day, the day when (some) Americans impose their national holiday on other nations. This is slightly tongue in cheek, but also I’ve had real complains that my (Polish) company didn’t do enough to mark this holiday.

The spiritual discipline of not arguing with everyone on the internet.

I enjoy the neubrutalism design trend that seems popular at the moment…but I don’t think it’s good design.

I really enjoyed the accidental jazz podcast in this week’s macpower users. I wonder if @macsparky still uses micro blog…

Walk thought: parents and teachers don’t need to encourage creativity because all kids are born creative. Instead, they need to make sure that kids creativity isn’t crushed.

Really pleased to bring the Sketchnote roundup back after a short break. This time there’s a fun little challenge included. Enjoy.

People who use a laptop with an external monitor (with the laptop open) What side do you place your laptop on? I’ve always placed mine to the left (It felt right) but I just realised that it’s worse reaching for TouchID and now I wondering about changing!

🎶When Love Is New: The Cedar Walton Trio Afternoon listening.

Universal control has suddenly started working between my devices (probably thanks to a software update) and it’s magical! I just wish I could use my keyboard on the iPad too.

This week’s episode of connected really got me wondering about going iPad only. My new job would actually work okay using an iPad as my main device, although our app is still more advanced on Mac so it wouldn’t be perfect.

Regular iPad with usb-c… Nice upgrade but I’d still look at the air for the M1 chip (stage manager!) and the second gen pencil. I’m sure my daughter would like to get her hands on my 10.5 iPad Pro too!

The Royal Castle in Chęciny

I wonder if the studio display will gain the overhead camera feature of continuity camera. It might help explain why they gave it an ultra wide camera.

Feels like a very solid release. Lots of outstanding issues (external display support for the iPad) ticket and a few new enhancements especially for work from home. There are a few things (stage manager) that i want to see before I decide.

Freeform looks a lot like mural / Miro (but Apple only). Sounds nice, but I’m not sure who I would use this with as all the Mac users I know use zoom and their whiteboard/mural. (Disclosure, mural is a sponsor of the Polish sketchnote camp. I don’t think that has affected me but it might have I …