Hello from Goa

Been bed ridden most of the day. But I read some books.

Sometimes I see a chain of messages on Facebook messenger and wonder how some people have so much time on their hands.

A few photos from my first day in Bangalore

Finished reading: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig 📚

10 years ago I was in Spain…and I did movember…and Apple photos just reminded me of both of these facts. Thanks for the warning never to grow a beard again.

Apparently Musk has complained about Apple on Twitter. He should have filed a radar 🤭

As part of my wife’s new business she got a whole load of neuland stuff. And I have permission to use some!

I went looking for my Ricoh GR this weekend so I could take it to India. Then I remembered I had left it in the UK! Not sure what I’ll do for photos there but maybe it’s Olympus mju time!

Sometimes I see YouTube thumbnails and worry what happened to the creator…then I realise it’s a review for a new productivity app and it’s “all for the algorithm”.

Happy thanksgiving to all the Americans on Micro.blog.

Visa sorted. Going to be in Bangalore and Goa early December. What a delightfully unexpected surprise.

I was today years old when I learned that i could set a setting in safari so it never asks for permission for my mic and camera on certain websites.

Did I just join hive to secure my username without Mr in front of it…yes I did.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. Michelangelo

Turns out I have a mastodon account (shows how much I use/used it) time to give this a try I guess…but I still think dropping that kind of social media is probably in my best interest.

My favourite slack culture thing is when you message someone and then their status goes from green to blank.

Those comparison pages on websites are really on the borderline (or over it) of marketing ethics…but they are a fantastic way to learn about alternative options to a SaaS you’re considering.

For my talk on visual note taking this week I’m using Concepts with its infinite canvas. This means I can import sketchnotes, picture etc and navigate around the canvas while adding images. I’ve made layers which I can hide and reveal as we go to.

I changed learncreateshare to SketchyIdeas yesterday (actually my webmanager did). It’s a small change but I wanted to reflect what I’m sharing there. In this time of online gurus, I love that my website name deliberately reminds people to not take these ideas as gospel truth.

I didn’t really think Twitter was just going to collapse in a cloud of hubris…after the recent contractor layoffs, I unfortunately think I’m going to be proven wrong. On the plus side, I don’t really plan to replace Twitter. Yes, micro blog is similar in someways (and the fact that I’m writing a …

Kids have just recovered from a cough and runny nose (hurrah!). The kids now both have temperatures (oh no!). This is a real British monarch move. As soon as one illness is gone, the next is enthroned.

With Revue almost certainly shutting down I’m setting up a new email service for the sketchy idea newsletter. My current ideas for the subdomain are. letter(s).[domain.com] newsletter.[domain.com] email.[domain.com] Which do you like (or do you have another idea?)

I’m doing a quick live stream with a sketchnote tutorial for how to draw the world’s easiest banner. If you don’t watch live, you can watch the replay too. Hope too see you there.

The way Twitter is laying people off feels a bit black mirror. No direct message access cut who knows the decision process or reason why I can easily imagine some automatic firing system in the future. If your performance drops below certain metrics, you get warning messages then a severance …