Cleaning Up Workflows

Posted on Sep 18, 2018

Thanks to the release of Shortcuts, I cleared out about 70% of my old Workflows in preparation. There were about two or three groups. 1. Workflows I just never use. In some cases the apps went away or their functionality was replaced with iOS improvements. 2. Workflows I replaced with better ones 3. Workflows I downloaded to see what the creator had done even though I had no use for them. At the same time I also moved my most used workflows to the top of the app and organized some of the workflows near similar ones. I.e. I have a book review and movie review workflow for DayOne, they are next to each other now along with other DayOne workflows.

I could have done this at any time but this was the prompt I needed. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing especially with the experiments I’ve been doing.