Oh Hi there Micro.Blog

Posted on Feb 13, 2018

So after this week Mac Power users podcast I finally got round to signing up for Micro.Blog. I had been meaning to do so for a bit, especially after seeing people like Zsolt Benke at decoding using the service on their own site. However I wondered if I should use it on my own site or whatever. In the end, I signed up for a Micro.blog blog as I wanted to help support the service as well. Paying $5 seems like a good way to do so and solved my overthinking.

So why did I sign up in the first place.

My increasing announance at Social Media (twitter)

I’ve increasingly felt that social media is very “meh”. I hate what Facebook has become as it increasingly tried to grab my attention with cheap tricks and tracks everything I do (no matter if I try to stop that). Twitter too isn’t perfect with its lack of efforts to stop trolling and abuse.

My annoyance at blogging

Likewise I’m fed up of the “professional blogging culture”. There are so many “have tos” with blogging now like:
- write long posts - have links - be helpful - only show the good sides - no link posts - be on a single focus topic And so on and so on. All great advice if you want to make money, but as CJ Chilvers says

“one is a business model, one is a life model”

That’s what I’m hoping for in this site. Somewhere to play, somewhere to create and somewhere to be unprofessional.