My brain: “Maybe I should do this big project, it would take time to set up. It might overlap a bit with this other idea. Then again there’s that other idea …(carries on for a while).” (The smart part of my brain): “maybe just make something?” Thanks brain.

My A5 notebook is almost finished so I’m ordering a new one (thinking Leuchttruam softcover this time) and I might as well ad some more stuff to my cart (due to shipping). I’m not sure what though. Maybe some nicer black ink, some interesting experimental pen? Any ideas?

Coming up with an idea today was difficult… you might say that this was my Everest.

Just updated my Now page for July (including a new wallpaper, updated books reading list and some other cool things).

Superficiality is the curse of our age. The doctrine of instant satisfaction is a primary spiritual problem. The desperate need today is not for a great number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people. - Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline

This is the opening of Richard Foster’s classic book Celebration of Discipine, originally published in 1979. True then, at least as true now.

Three reasons to extend a money-off promo

There are three reasons to extend a money-off promotion 1. It did better than you thought.
2. It did worse than you expected.
3. You have no other ideas…
Okay, let’s be honest. It’s just number three.