Obsidian opinion: - looking at the open graph view is basically useless.
- looking at the local graph view with 2 or 3 depth is fantastic.

I’ve been creating a series of minimalist animal faces with my daughter in procreate. A limited colour pallet, square design, set of pens and that’s about it. It’s a fun little challenge we can do together. There are A LOT more.

How it started. How it’s going. First Mac (retina MacBook Pro late 2013), new Mac (MacBook Air 2020 m1)

This may be the best image i’ve ever made for a blog post. also I hate drawing hands.

I would do a how it started how it’s going thing but I had to trade in my UK driving licence to get this one.

We (@cm and I) had our official secret side project kick off call last night. Hopefully we can share more in a couple of weeks.