About a year or two ago I noticed Evernote was starting to (slowly) turn around (it stopped telling me about work chat). But recently the iOS apps has become incredibly buggy. This makes me sad but it’s time to bid farewell.

Today is a public holiday in Poland. I’m catching up on a good book, enjoying a beer and spending time with the extended (Polish) family by the lake.

The way I like feedback, might not be the way everyone does.

It’s very easy to point out errors and mistakes. Whenever I work with my team mates I try to not just point out errors but make suggestions.

Even if they choose something else I feel like I’m offering helps rather than just complaining.

Not everyone I work with takes the same approach.

Sometimes it makes me feel like they are just being annoying. Pointing out problems and not really helping. At the same time, I wonder if my approach seems belittling to some people? If they think they could have come up with that themselves and how dare I act otherwise.

I’ve asked some colleagues how they like/dislike my feedback. They have seemed positive but I know some people avoid conflict.

I have to trust that they’d tell me otherwise (and tell those colleagues who give me feedback in a way I dislike how I’d prefer that feedback).

it’s all another reason why communication matters (and sometimes that means conflict).

You are fine without advice and suggestions - Austin Kleon 🔗

You are fine without advice and suggestions - Austin Kleon 🔗

But no, I don’t want to instruct step-by-step how the collages are done, because:

1) I’m still exploring the technique myself and I don’t want to codify it or make any rules or make it boring

2) I am certain that if curious commenters sat down and tried to approximate my technique with their own tools and materials, they would come up with something of their own.

I have to admit that I often ask people how they did something. Sometimes I try to do it myself before I ask (leading to interesting results) and on other occasions I try to copy to the letter (and often I fail to reproduce it exactly). I wish I could say those failed attempts always lead to some cool, unique style. More often than not they are just lame attempts. Regardless, the process is always fun (with frustration).