Chris J Wilson

A meditation metaphor

Parkinson’s law, but for stuff.

Parkinson’s law says that work expands to fill the time allocated to it.

I’ve found something similar with “stuff” at home.

If we get more shelves or cupboards, they get filled.

We moved a few things around last week and opened up some floor space…now it’s my daughters favourite location to play with puzzles.

I’m not saying it always has to be this way, and you can certainly need more space, but it seems like we’ll probably fill however much space we have.

How it started. How it’s going. First Mac (retina MacBook Pro late 2013), new Mac (MacBook Air 2020 m1)

Sometimes I use copywriting formulas for email subject lines when I send internal emails. Just now was one of those times.

Made a minor update to my now page. Finally.

🔗 Google Nest 2 home device tracks body activity in bed - BBC

🔗 Google Nest 2 home device tracks body activity in bed - BBC > And Privacy is Power author Carissa Véliz asked: “What happens when you have sex?”

Google said the new features had been “built with privacy in mind” - and the data collected would not be used to create personalised advertising.

Of course Google won’t do anything creapy with that personal data. I wonder how many Nest users will suddenly see an increase in vigara adverts?

When I first saw the headline, I didn’t immediately think about sex…but it really didn’t take long to think about this connection. This makes me think of how tone deaf Facebook was over the portal…but maybe I’m wrong and people won’t care.

I think every Apple product I own is space grey…and yet none of them are the same colour!

Just crossed the last of my “urgent, must get done this week!” tasks and now I’m just down to normal Friday admin and longer term tasks! Fantastic feeling espeically as I wasn’t expecting that! 😎

Good morning from Wieliczka.

Some thoughts about tasks.

Today in every day sexism, asking someone to change a job position to say “their” rather than “his” (I’m hoping it was just a translation issue).

Cleaned up my obsidian database a bit. Starting to turn into something.

Just sent a new edition of the learn create share newsletter out with a new creative challenge. Now time to record a sketchnote video!

What is an idea from a productivity book you’ve found helpful?

I remember next actions being fantastic for helping teenage me break through procrastination. Tasks that seemed so massive could be broken into chunks and then I just had to do the next step.

I still want @gr36 to write a productivity blog/series of post and call it “Gregging Things Done”.*

*Also applies to other Gregs. Feel free to steal.

🔗 Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT

🔗 Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT > The band is actually dropping three types of tokens as part of a series called “NFT Yourself,” people involved in the project tells Rolling Stone. One type is a special album package, while a second type offers live show perks like front-row seats for life, and a third type is just for exclusive audiovisual art.

Really interesting to see what NFT will do to the music industry and arts in general. It’s also very encourging to see that this isn’t DRM 2.0 but offering additional benefits. At the same time, bands have been offering extra add ons to superfans for a while. Perhaps NFT is a bit overblown. Regardless, the person behind KoL marketing should take a bow for the press this will get.

Do I need to interrupt them?

I communicate with my team through a combination of real-time messaging and email. Before I send a message, I try to ask myself “Do I need to interrupt them?”.

I say try because sometimes I forget to reflect on this point (sometimes because I DO need to interrupt them). Most of the time, the answer is “no” or “not now” (I asked my team when they are most productive and I try to guard those hours for them) but sometimes the answer is yes.

Depending on the answer to the question, I can work out if I should - fire off a quick message - send an email - add an item to a task list - or just wait. I know how annoying it can be to have the over eager colleague who has to share every idea, and I know I can fit that description to a tee. So I try to rein myself in so they can stay fully focused.

Of course, I’ve written this down as I just felt the pull to send a message and then realised, I can and should wait till the end of the day.

That’s at least one success for the day.

This may be the best image i’ve ever made for a blog post. also I hate drawing hands.

It’s amazing how no one objected to our messages about a social media initative for our internal company party, for Valentines day, for clean your desk day, for earth day (coming)…but when it comes to international women’s day, we didn’t follow the right procedure and that’s why people are upset…it’s almost like it’s the cause they object to…I’m sure they just “forgot” to complain about the other things. I mean…they’re not sexist, they have friends who are women.

If a consultant doesn’t use the word leverage at least once an email…are they really a consultant?

Currently catching up on CJ Chilvers site. Really like his new simple design and was surprised that it’s a squarespace site not Ghost. I wonder whether his issues with transferring posts to MB had to do with using Squarespace?

There is a Ben Gibbard’s signature guitar… I now have a new dream guitar (it’s not really my dream guitar, but I do want it.)

I would do a how it started how it’s going thing but I had to trade in my UK driving licence to get this one.

Oh boy! Mobile apps are coming to obsidian. I’d bet you’d have to use (and pay) obsidian sync but as long as the files are still plain text, this is an easy “shut up and take my subscription.”

I always intend to take a before and after haircut photo… today I actual took one!