Chris J Wilson

Putting up shelves Chatting with @cm Watching the football/soccer It’s been a great Saturday.

Morning thought. I love how I can be my full self on micro blog. I can talk about technology, work, share a pic from my travels, find other ukulele players all in the same day (and that doesn’t feel wrong). It’s a real testament to the community.

It’s so hard to concentrate with my daughter and her cousin playing next door… But I get to hear them both go “SPAGHETTI!!!!” So who cares!

I’ve been putting together a set of resources on Galatians for my church as it’s our next sermon series. Any resources you’d recommend?

I used to think gaps and career changes in a CV were bad…and maybe some employers still view them like this (especially when you get TONES of applicants) but for me, they just make me curious. We’re interviewing someone soon and they went through a major career change recently so I can …

Was so great to see people at the sketchnote micro camp session. I know @cm really enjoyed preparing it too. And here’s my sketchnote selfie (trying some different styles this time).

We tried to make a frappe today. I discovered we needed more ice (wow you need a lot of ice!) and a bigger blender 😬

So it turns out that we now get charged for packages coming from the UK. I wonder what other lacking side effects of Brexit we will discover as time goes on.

Apparently the iOS 15 public betas are out. Anyone on the developer betas have an opinion on the stability / battery life?

How do you know if they're a good app reviewer?

Would you more trust a reviewer who jumps apps as often as they change clothes or one who hasn’t changed app in years? The one who always changes probably is probably too interested in novelty over real usefulness, but the long term user might be too stuck in their ways. I saw a forum …

Bye bye old iPhone XS case, hello new iPhone XS case!

First of August! End of my social media retreat and time to catch up on messages.

🔗 Digital Minimalism Book Summary - Learn Create Share I reread digital minimalism during my de-digital retreat and made a book summary. (Apologies for not replying to microblog comments, I’m trying to avoid all social media. I will reply to everything at the end of the month)

Catching a night of the Lublin jazz festival.

🔗 Twitter is shutting down Fleets, its expiring tweets feature - The Verge Turns out fleets was just a fleeting experiment.

Podcast Appearance: Sharing and Privacy; Delayed Reaction [Podcast #328] - ChurchMag

Sharing and Privacy; Delayed Reaction [Podcast #328] - ChurchMag Yes, we know, we know. Apple’s WWDC 2021 happened a while ago. But guess what? Somewhere in the mine conversation post that event there were some gems we just had to share. In this episode Blessing Mpofu and Chris Wilson unpack two …

🔗 Obsidian Mobile It’s finally out for everyone! Happy days.

🔗 Why Italian football does not make sense in the English language Serie A The Guardian

Why Italian football does not make sense in the English language | Serie A | The Guardian Italian football is often criticised for being overly dramatic, with players spending too much time feigning injury, encircling the referee or dropping to the grass with their faces in their hands after they …

The latest TestFlight version of obsidian mobile is version “1.00” and the notes say it’s aimed at general release! It’s happening!!!

A Week off social

In theory I’m just over a week into my social media fast… But in reality I’ve been breaking it left right and centre. Some has been for good reason (like checking content for work, finding an old bookmark or messaging regarding an upcoming newsletter interview) but a good amount …

Krakow earlier in the week.

A break

Tl;dr. I’m taking the month off social media but will continue blogging. A couple of weeks ago I was reminded of the idea of a solitude break; a day, weekend or weekend away from everything spent in solitude and silence. It’s a Christian idea I found in celebration of discipline with the …

At least once a week I confuse discord and discourse.

🔗 Colorful Apple Watch International Collection bands and faces help show love of country - Apple Newsroom New Sport Loop bands and matching downloadable watch faces feature bold designs that represent 22 nations around the world Well, I guess I’m going to buy a new Apple Watch strap. (New …

🔗 Amazon is using algorithms with little human intervention to fire Flex workers - ArsTechnica

🔗 Amazon is using algorithms with little human intervention to fire Flex workers - ArsTechnica Locked gates, inclement weather, and bad selfies—all reasons drivers report that they were fired by the bots that apparently run human resources for Amazon’s Flex delivery program. File this one under …