Went for an autumnal walk over the weekend. And it will get even more golden in the next few days :)

I try doing this all the time. “If I were advising a friend, I’d say/ask…” Still isn’t helping my camera dilemma!

“In Joe Biden’s America, socialist democrats will put poison in your morning coffee.”

People who are interested in the micro brew club, can you get hold of a grimbergen blonde? Not the most indie beer but it has to be wide spread that people can find it.

I was thinking about the different “communities” on micro.blog I belong to. There are probably a couple of others I’m not including (books, writing, stationary lovers) and certainly there are overlaps I’ev missed (photography and christians for example). I’d love to see yours.

I have an alternative idea for all those people who can’t deal with wearing a mask…

Forgot my keys this morning. Just so happens to be the one day of the week when my wife is out till later. Nice excuse to read in the park (the book feels very appropriate too).

Here you go @patrickrhone six years of wear and tear. I’ve used the wrong polish, had a local cobbler replace the sole (three times. One time was a bad job) and broken two shoe laces. I’ll need to get them ready for the upcoming winter.

“Have holy curiosity” I had completely forgotten about the gems in mastery. I read it about five years ago but readwise has been sharing little gems with me all week.

Saw a beer ad which made me want to make my own in procreate. Getting the lighting, shadows and 3D curves is really tricky. Still need to work on the perspective with the text.