Chris J Wilson

📹🎶 “What A Wonderful World” It Is with a 1959 Gibson ES-335 via YouTube Some Friday jazz.

I working on an article laying out my learning stack. Here’s a WIP draft of an image showing the tools I use.

Wait! The iPad has widgets everywhere now! I need to update my homepage!

More of this tech companies!

Lunchtime pondering: I wonder if a belief in God makes people more entitled?

I saw Austin Kleon shared an image of the books he’s read this year. I’d like to make a similar thing but I can’t see anything easy like this in Goodreads. Are there any alternatives that have a function like this? (maybe even the new bookshelf on Microblog)

A thought from working on my evergreen motivation note.

Todays feels… (Oh hey Chris! When was the last time you publish a long form blog post. SHUT UP BRAIN!)

Me: quickly! Let’s get to the park so we can play. My 3-year-old daughter: let’s take our time and have fun on our way. She has the right approach.

Shut up, Thierry Henry!

Happy Ted Lasso Day! We’ve got our watching plans ready for later. Come on you greyhounds!

As a recipient of a newsletter, do you prefer substack or revue? (Or other)

I man. I put up shelf (my wife helped a lot. It was such a faff! Seriously, I lose adult points on this, but I’m glad it’s done! )

Putting up shelves Chatting with @cm Watching the football/soccer It’s been a great Saturday.

Morning thought. I love how I can be my full self on micro blog. I can talk about technology, work, share a pic from my travels, find other ukulele players all in the same day (and that doesn’t feel wrong). It’s a real testament to the community.

It’s so hard to concentrate with my daughter and her cousin playing next door… But I get to hear them both go “SPAGHETTI!!!!” So who cares!

I’ve been putting together a set of resources on Galatians for my church as it’s our next sermon series. Any resources you’d recommend?

I used to think gaps and career changes in a CV were bad…and maybe some employers still view them like this (especially when you get TONES of applicants) but for me, they just make me curious. We’re interviewing someone soon and they went through a major career change recently so I can …

Was so great to see people at the sketchnote micro camp session. I know @cm really enjoyed preparing it too. And here’s my sketchnote selfie (trying some different styles this time).

We tried to make a frappe today. I discovered we needed more ice (wow you need a lot of ice!) and a bigger blender 😬

So it turns out that we now get charged for packages coming from the UK. I wonder what other lacking side effects of Brexit we will discover as time goes on.

Apparently the iOS 15 public betas are out. Anyone on the developer betas have an opinion on the stability / battery life?

How do you know if they're a good app reviewer?

Would you more trust a reviewer who jumps apps as often as they change clothes or one who hasn’t changed app in years? The one who always changes probably is probably too interested in novelty over real usefulness, but the long term user might be too stuck in their ways. I saw a forum …

Bye bye old iPhone XS case, hello new iPhone XS case!

First of August! End of my social media retreat and time to catch up on messages.