📸 Feb photoblogging day 24: hurdle It hasn’t been an easy day at work. I’ve face a few barriers from other people and also myself. It feels like it shouldn’t be this way but it is. Still, I will turn up tomorrow and do my best work again. That’s what a professional does no matter the hurdles they face.

Camera 📸 Feb photoblogging day 24: double (I feel like this could be my album cover).

📸 Feb photoblogging day 21: progress Yes, she’s getting better at drawing. I wish it wasn’t on the walls.

📸 Feb photo blogging day 9: Lull Every Sunday I listen to the radio program “Siesta” on Polish radio channel three. The DJ selects a wonderful mix of Jazz, Bosa Nova, Fado and other music that he likes. We listen on my in-laws old radio system. No smarts here. Perfect for a lull in the day.