Chris J Wilson

Watching Arsenal vs Chelsea and thinking “out of all the London clubs, I’d choose AFC Wimbledon.”


Chris last week: “I have stopped doing morning writing because of my daughter and our house guest. I can’t get up before them or disturb them. That’s why I don’t do this habit anymore.” Chris this week (who’s currently home alone): yeah, I’m still not doing morning writing.

Just found out I have booked an extra day of holiday before the end of the year. So I stop at the end of today, not tomorrow! I have no idea what I’m going to do with this bonus day except wake up and shout “BONUS DAY!!!!”

Yesterday I finally recorded the new Sketchnote in the classroom guide (an intro to sketchnoting and some principled ideas for how teachers can start using Sketchnotes in their own classrooms).
I need to edit it and then uploaded but I’m really excited to update the free course and share it.

Took a walk in the mist today.

Happy weekend everyone. Thank you for being the best* community on the internet.

*definitions of “best” may vary.

🔗 Overthinking? Try this iOS Shortcut.

🔗 Overthinking? Try this iOS Shortcut. > As usual, I found myself overthinking this week about small details and not getting much done on the big stuff. >It’s been happening too often lately, delaying my newsletter and book projects. >But this week, I decided to do something about it. >I built a kind of break-glass-in-case-of-emergency shortcut for whenever I’m stuck in a rut and overthinking.

I really like this idea from CJ Chilvers. I think I might steal/adapt.

So I created a little t-shirt to go along with Learn Create Share 10pts to the first person to identify the main influence of the shirt.
50pts if anyone identifies the font inspiration.

Just sold my e-m1. Less than I wanted, probably a fair price. A lot closer to camera budget goal and with one fewer camera, I have a space for a new one now. Still not just what exactly I should get.

I created a seven step guide to start sketchnoting today.

Give it a go if you want to make your first sketchnote.

We finished Ted Lasso. It got even better.

Continuing the joy of multiple Englisehes. The blog separated by a common language has some fantastic articles…if you like that sort of thing. Which I do. If you don’t, look away.

After @joshuapsteele ’s recent post I’d like to know - What Americanisms British people like. - What Britishism Americans like. …and any other regonial variations of English (I.e. Aussieisms or …Kiwiisms?)

We’re half way through Ted Lasso and I have a feeling that it is the perfect anti-2020 series. In a year when everyone thinks the worst of people, Tedd’s optimism is perfect.

Me: here’s a link to a Google doc with the changes as we did last time. Them: I will not open it and you must send me an excel file version via email because last time you didn’t give me edit access. Me: I did, (and I even sent it in the doc we used before so you definitely do) but here’s the doc so you have no excuse not to start now. Them: I have some questions so I’ve uploaded the file as a Google doc. Me: 😡

The path to collect my daughter today.

Re-reading Celebration of Discipline

I finished reading Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth last night. It’s my third time reading it and this time I took a year and a half to slowly go through.

My intention was to apply each chapter one at time. I don’t think I really succeeded in every chapter but I certainly went through it more actively this time.

My mindmap notes

Advent starts today…So I’ve christmas-afied my avatar. Ho ho ho.

I just published the last edition of learn create share for the year. I’m taking a little break but it will be back next year.

Thought I saw a stray full stop in some text. I went to delete it and then realised…it was dust on my screen.

Appropriate quote for today, the blackest of Fridays.

Happy thanksgiving to all the Americans on micro blog. I’m grateful for this community.

Is there a kind of collaborative habit tracker? Something where a group set the same (or different) goals and everyone can see when you do/don’t do it? I have an idea…