I’ve just updated my now page. I usually try to wait till the start of the next month but there are some things I just couldn’t wait to share. I’ll publish my “now and then” update tomorrow.

As I was waiting for the train I wondered how many podcasts I am subscribed to and what I thought was a reasonable number. I came up with 10 as a reasonable number (with possible some additional micro casts or very infrequent shows) and predicted that I have about 25 podcasts in my app excluding legacy shows which no longer published.

Oh how wrong I was.

I had 45 podcasts with maybe 5 which are legacy shows.

Microblog podcast hosting question. Can you set a name that is different from the account name? And while we’re at it, what’s a good mic/ host @gr36

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies - HBR 🔗

Why You Should Work Less and Spend More Time on Hobbies

As professionals around the world feel increasingly pressed for time, they’re giving up on things that matter to them. A recent HBR article noted that in surveys, most people “could name several activities, such as pursuing a hobby, that they’d like to have time for.”
This is more significant than it may sound, because it isn’t just individuals who are missing out. When people don’t have time for hobbies, businesses pay a price. Hobbies can make workers substantially better at their jobs.

This article resonated with a lot of stuff I’ve seen from Austin Kleon this year and some of the ideas from Digital Minimalism.

The “turn your passion into a job” movement seems to have result in us constantly working rather than “never working a day in our lives”.

I’ve heard far too many stories of becoming a professional raining the passion.

Just this week I talked with a colleague who published her first YouTube video in a year (she makes game reviews). Now that her job is making YouTube tutorials, she find it harder to find the time.

I’ve seen the same thing with my writing. I keep going and writing and have a habit in streaks, my habit tracking app, but it changed from more content strategy focused to self expression (and even that I do less).

One of the reasons I’ve recently got more into pens, calligraphy and drawing is to counter the time I spent at a screen all day. I don’t want this to become my profession, writing is my profession.

This is a hobby, one I’d like to get better at but ultimately, I’d rather it stay free of work baggage and never make me a dime than bring me a fortune and become stale and dull…though you should probably test my resolve on that statement if it was possible.

Writing to make the world a better, friendlier and stronger place. A wonderful thought from Patrick Rhone’s appearance on And You Are?


If you don’t want to read Digital Minimalism. This video from CGP Grey is surprisingly related. I remembered it after finishing the book and it touches on many similar points.

First thing which it turns out I signed up using Facebook…meetup. Oh well, new account.

Be Alone With Your Own Thoughts

I made this iPhone X wallpaper from a note I took while reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. It’s one of the affirmative call of the book in contrast to the negative warning against social media and endless streams.

Now I see it every time I go to unlock my phone. A reminder to not cram every minute with other people’s thoughts and words, but to spend time reflecting and thinking.

As a Christian, this time naturally turns to prayer. Both that of gratitude and supplication. I didn’t specifically add that so that any reader might find it useful and choose to use it.

You can download the image below.

The actual creation was rather simple. I have a template in procreate based on an iPhone screen size. I started with that and then dragged in a black later. I left some space at the top for the time and date. Then, from my sketchnote pen set, I used my “sharpie” shape for the main line. I soon realised that doing everything in large letters would be too much, so I used my “thin pen” for the smaller parts. Finally, I used a brush pen for “be” to add some more variation.

I wanted the largest text to be sufficient on its own. “Alone…thoughts..” it works as a call though the rest obviously enhances the call.

Just opened Siri Shortcuts on my iPhone to post a reading update…and it crashed straight away…and again…it appears Shortcuts is unusable on my iPhone.

Hustle And Rest

I spent some of this morning making this hand lettering idea. It’s a message I’m seeing in a few places. When you work, work hard. When you rest, rest well. Doing both helps with the other and produces joy.

Helping to clear my in-laws plot of land They just bought. I wish i was this type of person more but today I took a vote for it.

Twsbi eco fine nib. I like this much more than my fine Lamy safari. Currently using some standard lamy black ink but I have something nicer on the way…

Quick thought on Samsung’s foldable phone

The proportions seemed wrong to me at first, tablets and phones are bigger. But then I realised that phones are really filling the role a tablet would be better suited to for many and so tablets have to be bigger to be distinct. The fact that it’s 7” also means most android apps will probably be okay as well. They are, after all, designed for big phones and 7” is a big phone now (somehow). From a business point of view, it looks like a pretty good move for Samsung but maybe not for Apple. A way to justify more money from the same people (most Samsung phone owners don’t buy Samsung tablets but this phone costs more than both a Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone). For Apple, it might just be moving money from one to another. At the same time, It could well give people a reasons to upgrade if they held off.

My biggest criticism of the idea is “is one device really better than two?” I’ve long wondered if we’d see the phone plugged into a desktop replace the desktop computer. At first it seemed the power was lacking, then the software, but now it seems like we’re basically there and people prefer having separate devices. Why wouldn’t the same be true here. Having said that, I’m sure that a pocketable 7” tablet would prove popular for commuters. I often don’t take out my iPad Pro 10.5 as I don’t want to fiddle around in my bag.

I’ll be really interested to see if this idea does stick.

I deactivated my account. I’m wondering If I’ll find an app that I have a Facebook log in for that will suddenly not work but I can cross that bridge if it comes.

My idea for an advert may be in Time Square soon. Feeling pretty amazing right now.

The Process of Reading Is More Important Than Finishing

I have to keep myself in check against the desire to focus on the result of “having read” rather than the process reading. It feels good to get to the end of a book and know that you’ve gained some value from it, but by focusing on the end result, it actually harms the end result. Let me give you an example.

Yesterday, I was reading through the Bullet Journal Method again (I wanted to read something different and this fit). I came to a section with a useful exercise, writing what’s on your mind. “Almost” like GTD where you should get everything out of your head. Now I could have read this and carried on reading but instead I stopped and did the activity.

Now that’s an activity, but there are other reasons to stop. As I read Atomic Habits, I frequently stopped and questioned “How could I apply this to my life?”

I want to make sure that when I read, I do not just go into a trance but take in the information. That reading leads to learning and inspiration not filling time.

I try to focus on the process of reading so that I can benefit the most from each book.

But it feels good to finish a book.

With all the turn against Facebook and Cal Newport’s new book Digital Minimalism, I think that this would be a great time for @patrickrhone to resurrect the “Enough” podcast. Maybe just a short series of 5-10 episodes under a different name.