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The traditionally taught writing approach requires the knowledge that can only be learned from the process of research and writing. Instead of setting a firm topic, we need to start the research process and adapt as we go along.

From “How to take smart notes” by Sonke Aherns.

What’s a great purchase under $100 that you’ve made? A little question inspired by something I saw spfrom James Clear on Twitter. His was a higher price.

…so the question is not will I be getting a new Mac, it’s which new Mac will I be getting.

It’s shocking how much faster my 2017 iPad Pro is at exporting video than my 2013 MacBook Pro. If only it had full Final Cut Pro. LumaFusion is fine, but final cut is just so much better.

🔗iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Review Zion — Austin Mann I usually marvel at the quality of pictures Austin gets on the iPhone. This time there are certainly stunning photos, but also moments where subjects look lower definition than I expect. In one case it was using the long exposure effect that caused the tree leaves to blur as well, but there another where the man in the background just looks pixelated. Maybe it was the conditions but it’s the first time I remember thinking the quality was lower than I expected.

New notebook. Who did?

Finally refilled my pens.

New word: A fearling When you have a small sense of dread. Usage: when you mean to say “I have a feeling” but your actually worried and it comes through.

I have a fearling that my daughter may drop my coffee cup.

Biden is going to be the president. 2020, everything is forgiven.

Just putting the finishing touches on this week’s Learn Create Share newsletter. Spoiler, there’s something about Jazz.

Me: wow, the electoral collage seems unrepresentative Meanwhile in the UK … Source: UK Parliament.

2020 election polls: Did the pollster learn?

The explanation of the inaccurate polls in 2016 was not accurately predicting turnout from likely and undecided voters who leaned towards Trump as well as over weighting high educated voter turnout. 2018 seamed to correct a lot of these inaccuracies but weren’t completely accurate. So I wonder what might be explaining the difference in the polling and (predicted) results in 2020? I also wonder if we’re still waiting for the “Blue shift” and if that could changes some of the predicted declarations?

Note: I may well be missing information. I am certainly not the most informed about American Politics even though I do keep and eye on some things. Please feel free to point out mistakes.

Thank You, GTD

Reading Getting Things Done as a recent university leaver was highly influential on my life.

One of the ideas that really struck me was “break down large projects into smaller tasks.” It’s so obvious once you know it but for adolescent me, this was groundbreaking.

Instead of chipping away at this glacier of a task, all I had to do was one small thing. Adding in the idea of “if you don’t know the first task, ask someone who might.” Killed most of my procrastination overnight.

Even though it’s obvious, looking at my task list from the last few days and I can see a few large projects that aren’t actionable tasks.

Time to go through my inbox.

Morning doodle.

A morning doodle.

The procrastination mistake most of us make when writing

We’ve all face it. When there’s something to write but you stare and stare at the blank page with no words coming. Sometimes, it’s something you don’t really want to write, but have to. Other times it’s a topic that is really important to you, but the words don’t come. The mistake, is starting writing with the blank page. Instead, we should give ourselves a helping hand by starting our writing before in the form of notes, outlines and ideas. Following this approach, we have a framework which we can fill in wiith ideas and writing we’ve already done, rather than a terrifying blank page.

Idea adapted from How to Take Smart Notes

I drew Batman. Because Batman.

I hope people are kinder at pointing out my own inconsistencies and hypocrisies than I am of theirs. I could be worse, but I certainly could be kinder at times.

Fun, meaningful, or profitable.

I was looking at my list of recurring debates this morning and added a new time. This list contains questions and problems that I frequently face. I want to track the things that catch my attention and cause me to stay up at night. Most of them aren’t really topic focused but more look at discussions that cross topics. The latest addition is … “Should I focus on the activity that is - most fun - most meaningful - or most likely to make me money?”

It frequently comes up and this weekend was no exception.

For the most part, I tend to focus on the first two for my decisions. Perhaps I would have been able to go freelance/earn a lot more money if I tended towards the third option, but I’m happy with my choices.

I’m almost expecting a certain minimalist to sell a guide on how to buy nothing on buy nothing day.

Monthly vs Annual Subscriptions

I’ve decided that I generally prefer monthly subscriptions over annual ones.

The benefit of an annual is it’s cheaper over the year, but that can mean you get hit by a single big payment. I am very bad at spreading these payments out and you never know what next year will look like.

The larger monthly payments are easier to track and buget for.

Probably the best solution is to spread my annual payments across the year.

15-year-old me hated learning languages.

I just saw a language learning ad that said “didn’t think learning Hebrew could be fun” and I thought “of course learning a language is fun!”

People change.

Took my hassleblad out to get some day before birthday pictures of my wife with autumn leaves and the golden hour. Can’t wait to see the end result!

“Daddy. Don’t touch the poop.” Thanks for the advice daughter. I won’t.