Chris J Wilson

Me last week: Well, I think I’m finally done with notion. Obsidian just seems the right fit for me. I don’t really need notions databases, trello boards etc. One week later… @CM : Would Notion be a better tool for this Me: … yes.

I’ve discovered mechnical keyboard subreddits and custom keycaps… This is not a good path.

Inspired by @gr36 this is my circle of app upgrades. It also applied to tech hardware (who needs a stand alone camera?) abs most other areas of my life really.

I shared this on Twitter yesterday. I call it the circle of moans. It’s why I listen to fewer tech podcasts and avoid commenting even when they annoy me.

Anyone had any experience with Keychron keyboards or Ducky? I’m wondering about getting a 75% keyboard instead of my 60% Anne pro.

Every time I try to paste text without formatting on windows is a pain. And I do this a lot.

SO very excited after today’s thinking buddy chat with @CM I’ve got some more work to do for Sketchnote Classroom and maybe a very cool top secret joint project. :)

ME: Okay, let’s do some work on a side project The resistance: Or you could spend another hour debating its name (an hour later) Me: What? I spent an hour thinking about a thing instead of doing it, what a waste of time. The resistance: mission accomplished.

My job is to put out fires.

I’ve had this thought for a while that my job is Make a plan and start working on it in the morning. Spend the whole of the morning finding out that the plan has changed and there are ten new things to do. Adapt plan and work on the new most urgent tasks. Wake up the next morning and repeat. …

Don't repeat the subheadline

A terrible blogging writing mistake (I hold my hand up and admit that I do it all the time) is to restate a subheadline as the first sentence of that section. Here’s an example Subheading: What’s good about (topic) First sentence: There are many good aspects of (topic) which we should …

Qanon believers “How’s that stormy-changey thing working out for ya?”

One site or two? And which name?!?

For a while I’ve wondered about combining my two sites Sketchnote Classroom and Learn Create Share into one site. Reasons I want to focus on one site, not two. There is a lot of overlap between the two. They are both about creativity. I share sketchnotes on different topics on LCS so almost …

Selling a camera. Someone offered me a lower figure (after I had already dropped the price). I help my ground and replied that I wouldn’t lower the price as it was a good price already AND I was offering X extras. They just replied that it’s fine and they will pay the asking price. I …

It wasn’t I who spilt the coffee. It was antifa. I can’t understand your confusion. I know they were dressed up like me and acting just like me and I have said that I’m clumsy and might spill coffee, but the person who actually did the thing was antifa.

Two pronoun questions

Question about non-binary people who use the pronouns they/them. How do verbs conjugate? They is or they are? I’ve wondered about that for a while but never got around to asking. Secondary question for Americans. Companies are generally referred to as individuals (Apple is making…) …

I just discovered I missed a call I was supposed to attend… what if… what if I didn’t have to attend all these calls… what if that meeting could be an email…

Last week “I need to focus on what I’m doing and not think about adding anything extra to my plate.” This week “I should start something new!” (repeats every couple of weeks)

There’s a lot of competition for the individual who has sold out the most under the Trump administration, but Eric Metaxas is the winner. Then again, Ted Cruz…

Just had an idea for a nerdy photography podcast — the rule of nerds.

Best lightroom alternative? I’ve heard a lot about capture one but never used it. I really like lightroom but…subscriptions. (Plus being able to use on IPad would be a big plus).

A couple of new camera experiments from yesterday including answering the question “Can it Bokeh?”

My new camera has arrived. Expect some test photos soon.

If it turns out that Republicans didn’t turn out because they throught the Georgia election was rigged… well, that’s what you get for getting into bed with a demagogue.

Ordered a new camera and lens and it’s on its way! Not certain if this is the right choice but with a two week return window, I’ll take the risk. Hopefully I can share some photos soon. Keeping the model a surprise for now :)

Finished reading 📖 Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl