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  • Finished reading 📖 Dominion by Tom Holland

    Just finished dominion by Tom Holland And here are some thoughts. Summary Western culture including secularism and humanism have inherently Christian values that drive them. The cross is significant The cross, and the symbolism of the Crucified God, the powerful humbling themselves for the … read more

  • "How do you not see it?"

    Whenever I have the thought that I can’t believe some co-workers don’t act or think the way I do, I’m wary. Maybe they know something I don’t. Perhaps there’s a different reason for their actions. Probably I don’t do things the way I think as often as I think. … read more

  • iOS 14.5 public beta 7 seemed very buggy for me. I hope beta 8 has fixed that. Also, beta 8!

  • Obsidian opinion:

    • looking at the open graph view is basically useless.
    • looking at the local graph view with 2 or 3 depth is fantastic.

  • Microphone question: Any experience/thoughts on ….

    1. Rode NT-USB micro.
    2. Samson Q2U (seams to basically be the Audio-technica atr-2100)
  • Looks like the audio technica atr-2100 (and atr-2100x) are out of stock everywhere in Poland :(

  • I took a break from Mac Power Users after Katie left but I’ve come back to it recently (I blame you M1 Macbook Air). I really appreciate how thematic the shows are and not driven by the latest rumours/outrages.

  • It finally happened.
    There are no meetings on my work calendar 🕺 (For today)

  • Learn Create Share 33: The lesson of the water bottle Yes, I published a newsletter :)

  • Time to rewrite a homepage …

  • Protip: if you stop writing the word “analytics”, half-way, make sure you go back and finish writing it. Otherwise your colleagues might get a surprise.

  • Do people ask you which vaccine you got? Here in Poland, whenever I mention someone has had the vaccine, I get a follow up question of “which one?" Is this true in other places?

  • Creating a personal status board in Trello - Learn Create Share

  • I’ve been creating a series of minimalist animal faces with my daughter in procreate. A limited colour pallet, square design, set of pens and that’s about it. It’s a fun little challenge we can do together. There are A LOT more.

  • I think we're doing the anti-best approach...

    Best communication channels to provide content/web design updates at my work. A document with comments/track changes. Project management system with comments/attachments etc Email, so there is an easily found record later. Real-time chat application like Slack. (I’m open to hear about better … read more

  • Surprising outcome from my Readwise subscription: noticing punctuation errors in books.*

    *pobodies nerfect

  • “How can I disturb your work as little as possible”

    I ask this question whenever I need to contact someone at work.

  • My superpower is having the instinct to have a hair cut JUST before new lockdowns come into place. What’s yours?

  • Just ordered two pairs of classic earpods (3.5mm jack) as backup headphone for the computer. I don’t often think about the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone/iPad but… it would be nice if it was still there.

  • 🎙Against the Rules - The Coach in your head

    I’ve listened to this podcast episode a couple of times now. The part that really caught me this time was how the leader is the interference. This resonated with me as I’ve seen work culture which comes from the top-down (the micro-managing CEO breads micro-managing managers etc. When the CEO looks for the person to blame, the buck gets passed down the chain) but I realised that I must be causing issues I’m unaware of. The idea that our attitude in one sphere might influence/reflect our attitude in another is one that is both obvious and counter-intuitive at the same time.

  • A mid day walk

  • I think about this a lot.

  • 🔗 Jazz keys “When I write I hear music.”

    Because this website literally turns your keystrokes to …well piano keystrokes. 🎹

  • I’m making a little Obsidian starter kit. A few pages that can help provide some structure and show how ideas like Maps of Content, backlinks, daily notes etc can work. While there are things like the LYT kit which have more, this shouldn’t impose too much.

  • Obsidian show and tell session - register free

    tl;dr: I’m doing a guided tour of my obsidian system. provisional date April 6: 20:00 UTC Obsidian can be really confusing, but I don’t believe it has to be. I’ve been using Obsidian for a while and while I know my system is perfect, I’ve solved some of my core problems and … read more