Work colleague: Vegan keto diet, that’s a crazy idea. Internet: Hold my beer…

I was wondering if I could get keyboard shortcuts on Pocketcasts web player. I remembered hearing about a mac app. Downloaded it, now I can pause with a simple keyboard press 😎

Communities don’t just happen by chance, it takes someone (or a group of someone’s) investing their time and effort. Sometimes it is a thankless task, but there can be great rewards. If you want to start a community, then you need to put effort in, you can’t just make a group and let it run itself.

“Wow, this course is great. I’m getting tones of value and I’ve just finished the first part of six. That’s cool…Oh wait…this first part has SIX PARTS!”

Suddenly realising that the training program my work paid for is far more valuable than I initally thought.

Now and Then April 2019

No, this is no joke. I just updated my [Now page]. Continue reading if you’d like to see a few explanations of what I did and what I’m planning.

Last Month: March 2019

Weekly Words: - Celebrate - Plan - Create - Focus

March was a great month in many ways. Work was challenging but highly rewarding. We launched a new product at the start of the month which had required a lot of work from us all. My personal highlight was helping on an ad that was in Time Square New York. The rest of the month involved a slightly slower pace of work with some more planning for the future.

Copyblogger certified content writer

I had submitted for certification just before the start of the month. A week ago I heard that I had been successful. That was another high point on my professional path as it meant independent recognition and it was something which my company had paid for me to do.

Copyschool signed up

I then convinced my company to pay for a new copywriting training program. This time one that focused more on the persuasion side of content.


I continued plodding away on the books I had been reading. I tried to not rush them and focusing on having read something, but on getting as much as I could when I read. I started listening to Never Split the difference on audiobook which has been very interesting indeed. If I had to sum it up, it would be learn as much as you can before you start negotiating as knowledge is powerful.


I started a couple of new things with sketchnoting. I launched an Alpha version of 30 days of sketchnoting, a possible training program I’m putting together to help people start sketchnoting (or develop a sketchnoting practice routine). I’ve noticed some errors and issues that I want to improve.

I hope to have a beta version ready this month and to offer a lower price as I continue to add more useful content to it (I really want to add some videos for the final version but video production takes time and requires low noise levels. Something I find hard to control). I also launched an instagram account for my sketchnoting to record things there. I know that instagram isn’t cool now, but I’m going to give it a go. I can always pull everything off it later.

The Month: April 2019

April should be an interesting month. My mum is visiting us in Krakow, my company has a weekend away, Easter is coming and we’re planning to go to my in-laws for that.

I want to get the 30 days of sketchnoting completely finished and then I can start working on a new little project. Plus the sketchnote army podcast is coming back and show notes to be made.

I hope to read a new book or two and finish the one’s I’m reading at the moment but I’m in no rush.

Overall, I’m really happy at the moment and excited for this month. In some ways it’s more the same with work and projects but I’m doing what I love and spending more time with people. Basically, my life feels like it is going in a good direction.

My yearly goals

  • learn and play 3 jazz standards at an open mic night
  • keep and play with a journal ([hobonichi])
  • spend less time on devices and more time with people, doing things
  • start taking more photos again

Counting to ten online

Recently I’ve written a couple of posts and then debated publishing (just stopped myself from publishing something). It was inspired by an event and I’m aware that my feeling may change later. This is one of the areas where extra friction is good. Sometimes (many times?) it’s better not to share my rant or complaint. It’s basically why anger management people tell you to count to 10. Maybe I will publish it, or adapt it a lot before I do. Maybe I’ll just keep it to myself.