One of the biggest difference I see in writers online are people who regurgitate idea and those who digest them. I aim to be the later, pulling in related ideas and critiquing as I go, but I’m definitely not perfect. I particularly get annoyed by people who steal idea and give no credit at all. But that’s the nature of people.

For some reason, I had issues with my micro blog subscription (hence no posting). I canceled and restarted my subscription and it works now. No idea what went wrong.

So I’m now a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer. That was a plesant surprise this morning.

Word of the week update “Plan” turned out to be a poorer choice. It didn’t really guide me in anyway and I didn’t have that much planning really. Still I guess it summed up the week. This week’s word is … Create I’ve got some interesting things to make and produce this week. Both at work and more outside. Looking forward to this week!

It’s been a really tough day but I’m heading home and today is over. Such a strange day full of communication issues. So many issue with my work (and home/church life) come back to poor communication.