Friends who like sketchnoting (or would like to start sketchnoting) would you like to alpha test something for me :D

The UK and Ireland celebrate world book day today. Most of the rest of the world celebrates it on the 23rd of April. The date UNESCO designated. I mean, it’s fine to have a different book day but to call your’s “World book day”…

I’ve seen a lot of people putting out material on a subject I care about a lot. At a couple of moments I feel worried or annoyed that someone (who “doesn’t know as much as I do”) is sharing/making money on this topic. But I realised something yesterday. It’s great that this topic is receiving interest and there are more resources. In some cases they might be wrong for me, but right for many others. And finally, it’s encouragement to make the thing I wish they made.

p.s. i’m probably quite jealous.

The latest episode of Hurry Slowly could be titled “Productivity Principles over Rules”. It’s one where I think there are really good points, but also disagree on the details. For example, one of Jocelyn’s principles sounds a lot like a rule to me. In addition, I think it’s not bad to create “rules” (habits) for how you will achieve your principles, but be ready to adjust them. That way you can avoid the situation where you can justify anything as being true to your principle.

When we hold a newspaper, it feels different than a tablet, or a comic book, or a bible. The form changes the way the words sound. - Seth Godin This is Marketing

Today was a HUGE day at work. We launched a new product and about three months of marketing all came to a head. I’ve checked countless documents numerous times and there are little moments on magical writing I got to contribute (including the Times Square ad) but it was really a team effort. For every element of writing I rewrote, there’s a dozen where I didn’t have to touch them due to my colleagues skill. (And don’t forget the rewrites of rewrites of rewrites). There was a slightly sour note in the whole affair of office politics but I’m proud of the work we did. And today it’s time to celebrate.

I’d really like MB to have a toggle to see a timeline with just longer posts. Sometimes I’d like to see the longer blog posts my friends have posted especially as if people post them while I’m asleep, I often miss them. The alternative is just to follow via RSS…

Write for yourself, publish for others

Write for yourself, publish for others

I’m trying this idea out.

Write for yourself

The purpose of writing should be for yourself.

Writing is your chance to process the world, to organize those thoughts that are buzzing round your head. To reflect and discover something you didn’t know.

Writing should be a selfish pursuit.

Publish for others

The purpose of publishing is to benefit other people.

If you are going to share something, it should help other people. It can help you as well, but publishing should primarily be for other people.

Your thought or idea can be incomplete and you may want feedback to develop, but there should still be a benefit for other people. After all, if there is no benefit for other people, why would they give feedback?

Publishing should be a generous gift.

My approach

I’ve long taken this approach to my writing but I never really codified it. My notebook and day one are full of selfish writing and reflection but my blog posts aim to be useful for everyone.