new pen has arrived. Expect pictures and a review sometime (next week?)

Theory I’m testing out: The quest for “finding my voice/style” in creative fields is usually a distraction. You have a style, you just can’t identify it and once you’ve identified it, you’ll probably try to change it.

A Sketchnote Love Letter to Aeropress

I love my aeropress. It’s a great way to get good coffee, doesn’t take much space and has a fun, kinetic experience (press that plunger!) So I made a sketchnote love letter to mine.

Can a love letter have a complain (my issues with removing coffee grinds?) regardless, I wanted to show my simple technique for using an aeropress. It’s not the sort of thing that would win me any of these aeropress championships, but it works for me.

About the sketchnote

I used my leuchttrum notebook and two Faber castell pens in small and 1.5 for most of the sketchnote. I also used a Faber Castell brush pen in black for the brush letter “Enjoy” and a grey one for some shadows. I wanted to try a slightly different headline style for the main item. I didn’t spend too much time on the text within the sketchnote but the main headline and images were more important to me.

Is it even possible to buy a course on Udemy for full price? (related: Is it possible to buy a good course on Udemy)

A game for Monday (very easy for iOS users). Go and count your open tabs. In iOS, if you long press on the tab button a dialog box opens with the option to “close all tabs”. I had 165 open on my iPad 🤪 now I have 0

Setting aside old and proven jokes about Work Chat and socks, most of the criticism for Evernote stems from this very issue: the company has always been too slow in listening to user feedback and bringing feature parity across platforms. - Federico Viticci In Club MacStories.

That’s a good summary of the main issue with Evernote and one of the things which annoys me about some of the continued criticism which highlights when people haven’t used the app. It’s much better, but still not consistent. I perhaps ought to shift to DEVONthink or something similar (no, not bear) but Evernote still works for me (thank you Polish regional pricing).

Sketchnote - Plan Your Week with the Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative podcast is one of those which I frequently return to despite it often being only Todd Henry talking. I love that it isn’t overly long and often has practical tips for creativity.

In a recent episode, Todd shared how he plans his week and the weekly planner he used. I liked many of the ideas he shared and knew I wanted to turn them into a sketchnote. So I found a copy of his planner (which you can buy) imported it into Procreate, and added some notes around the side.

This kind of sketchnoting – with images imported and highlighted – is a style I don’t often use but is highly useful. It adds the real object you are referencing, but allows you to add your notes and comments. You can create quick references cards to return to and making it leads to a greater understanding of the idea.

I’m going to make one for Todd’s Daily planner too so.