Disagreeing is fine, just remember to be kind. (this is a reminder to myself)

Don't Meet Your Heroes - Austin Kleon

It bears repeating: Miserable human beings who you wouldn’t want to spend a second with in real life are capable of making something great that is beautiful or useful to you. That is, in fact, the whole point of art. (It’s currently an unfashionable belief, but it’s true.)

Whatever you love about a writer or an artist’s work, that really is the best of what they have to offer you. You don’t want the whole human, trust me. You really want that thing they offered up to you: The art.

Austin Kleon - Assume Away

I’m a big believer of bringing sketchnoting to education…but sometimes I see things that make me wonder a) where’s the educational value of this b) where’s the Sketchnoting in this? C) both Sometimes…it’s just drawing stuff

The pen I ordered to replace the one I broke has got lost on its way… :S Japan Post come to my rescue!!

I don't need a shareable task list, I need communication 

One of the key distinguishing features of Todoist compared to other task management applications, is the ability to share tasks with another user. When my wife and I got engaged we started using Todoists shared lists to help share duties and organize the tasks we needed to do for our wedding and beyond. 

However a year and a half ago I switched to using Things 3 which doesn’t have a shared task list. You might have thought that this would have caused a problem in either using two task management applications or worse. My wife assigned me a task which I then didn’t see as I wasn’t using Todoist. But this wasn’t the case as we had stopped using the shared tasks.

We had switched to having a weekly meeting where we discussed what was coming up and what we needed to do. This communication made sharing a list unnecessary.

Looking to technology, when we should look to ourselves 

Often, we look for technological solutions to solve people problems. Sometimes these people problems can’t be solved with a simple conversation, but more often our technology solutions are merely trying to replace good communication and personal skills (and often fail for the same reason). 

Want an example? 

At a one language school I worked at, we had to fill in a register with a record of work in a Google spreadsheet. Some staff filled in theirs immediately after classes with clear records. Others would regularly not fill in their record, and when they did, it was as if they were speaking a different language. 

The doc was supposed to make it possible to be filled in from anywhere at any time to help those who found it difficult to complete at work. But it didn’t help. It was the same people who didn’t fill it in at home, who didn’t fill it in at work. 

But technology can open new doors

On the other hand, I’ve used Google docs for students to share questions and answers to their homework before the next class. This collaboration couldn’t have been done without some form of technology (other classes of students have used WhatsApp and Facebook groups). 

Sometimes, technology can solve or ease our problems, but often there is a simpler solution resting with us. 

Spent the evening practicing some gothic style lettering with a pilot parallel (found a cool, lose alphabet to emulate) and then moved on to brush lettering with my pentel brush pen. Grace is on my mind.





a figure of speech that consists of the use of the name of one object or concept for that of another to which it is related, or of which it is a part, as “scepter” for “sovereignty,” or “the bottle” for “strong drink,” or “count heads (or noses)” for “count people.”


My colleague and I discovered this word today and I think it makes for a wonderful word of the day.

We humans are really good at overcomplicating our lives aren’t we.