Discussion starter: What is a change you’d like to see in society? Can be big or small. Preferably a positive statement (I.e. “I wish people shared/expressed this value” rather than “I wish there were fewer people of this political view”.)

I wish people were more patient.

An Update on Podcast Free Commutes

A couple of days ago I shared my experiment, and thinking behind it, in not listening to podcasts while commuting. I thought I’d share a little update now.

The first day was delightful. I used my notebook and stuck with my goal of not using my phone till I got to work. The return journey was the same. The second day I forgot my field notes notebook and so used my phone to save an idea. Guess what, I found myself scrolling and using my device after I saved that idea 😞. still, I corrected and went back to reading. Day three was fine on the way to work, but I ended up listening to a podcast on the way home. In my head it wasn’t against my goal as I was listening while waiting for the train…but I continued listening on the train. So not a great success. Today is day four and the morning was better. More focused and I didn’t use my phone in the morning. To prevent using my phone on the way home and getting into a podcast bing, I decided to not use my phone once I left the office. That helped set a clear boundary which I stuck to. Tomorrow is the last day of the experiment. I think I’ll keep it going but perhaps with two evening commutes for podcasts still.

Locked out of home so I thought I’d play with Halid and darkroom then I decided to try lightroom as darkroom didn’t have noise reduction. Interesting difference.

…I left my keys at home and I’m now locked out as my wife is away. Guess I’ll go do the food shopping.

The shortcut action for lightroom on the iPad is okay. I mean it’s better than not having it, but being able to import straight into lightroom would be FAR better. (also Lightroom CC should add file size export options. If you have to send a photo to a magzine/printer, you have very different requirements.)

Occasionally I am asked why I don’t “monetize” my blog, but everything good in my career has come from that blog: books, talks, friends… it’s just I’ve always played a very long game: Keep a clean, readable, interesting site and people will buy books, talks, prints, etc.

At this point I don’t even keep analytics on the blog. I have no idea how many people read it! It doesn’t matter to me. Every day, I write a post there. I plan on operating that way indefinitely. - Austin Kleon on Twitter

When I read stuff like this, it makes me realise all the mental effort I expend on answer the question of should I use this or that to blog, is pretty pointless.

A Suggested Alternative to the Term "iPad Only"

The term “iPad only” (as in “I’ve gone iPad only”) has annoyed me for a while. It’s usually wrong for two reasons.

  1. People use it when they mean they enjoy using their iPad the most but still use other devices sometimes
  2. People often use it and ignore their day job
<li>This means someone will <em>say</em> that they’ve gone iPad only, but then mention the times they still use a desktop pc at home and occasionally reveal that they don’t use their iPad at work.</li><strong>That’s absolutely fine</strong>, it’s okay to use different tools but it shows how inaccurate the term is. Furthermore, the term iPad only locks people in to attempting to use the iPad when another device might be better.

I’ve never known of anyone to claim they’ve gone “Mac only” or “laptop only”, they usually just say that they’ve bought a Mac and now use that (but have the confusion of switching to a pc at work).

So I have a suggested alternative name.

iPad power users.

This reflects the core idea behind iPad only for most people. It’s about getting powerful work done on the iPad. It can also accommodate people who use other devices and not just an iPad.

Perhaps it doesn’t sound quiet as controversial and intriguing as “iPad only” and so will attract fewer readers. But it’s certainly more accurate in most cases.

This criticism is true of writing I’ve done where I’ve often used the term iPad only/iPad as my primary device (far too long) and then made many addendums.

I remember some people talking about an alternative to tinyletter for friendly newsletters…any direction?

From an ideological point of view, I really dislike google claiming the TLD .new for their products…but It’s really handy at work to just type docs.new and get a new google doc.