I started discussing some plans for a photo trip/ holiday with a friend this coming year. I just realised that it will be post brexit day and so I may need to do some extra steps to be able to travel.

Five new things I’ve liked this year

  • Atomic habits πŸ“š
  • Chvrches: Love is dead 🎧
  • Ask NT Wright Anything (podcast)
  • Black panther πŸŽ₯
  • micro.blog πŸ“±

(I wanted to write a blog post with a four for each category but i found it difficult to think for each one.)

My daughter laughed for the first time and I filmed it on my phone. There maybe downsides of technology but there are also magical moments like that.

Just wondering if there’s any easy way to add a video to a manton hosted microblog? Got a little fun project I might want to share. I could just use YouTube and embed right?

I was a big fan of google+. whenever a story of its impending death came out five or six years ago, the community ignored it and pointed to whatever signs that things were fine. It hobbled along for the next five years and never died but slowly faded away. After a while I stopped logging in, not all at once but gradually reducing. If Facebook is going to die, it will be like this. Slowly reducing over time. Most people won’t dramatically quit but will find themselves logging in less and then not logging in. I think that reduced use has been a trend for many users this year, but that could be my bias.

When you get tired, take a seat. Lublin, Poland.

My tip instead of resolutions: A bingo board of fun and/or useful things you’d like to do during the year. No pressure, but a good reminder of what you want. We actually managed a bingo this year! Julia Skott on Twitter

I really like this idea. I might have to steal it.

A little abrstract photo that might work for a wallpaper?, taken when flying yesterday afternoon.