Copywriter world problems. How do I say we are “low-cost” without sounding like we’re rubbish, or that we’re really expensive but pretending to be cheap (i.e. affordable pricing). Probably overthinking.

My RSS service hunt seems to be leading me towards Inoreader at the moment and I’m trying the free version but I’m going to take a look at a couple of others before finally settling.

I got a blister from playing bass at the weekend and it looks like it’s just about okay to play guitar again. So tonight is learning to play jazz guitar night :)

Mission for today, buy an ugly Christmas sweater :D

Facebook's had a bad year, but the users are staying.

Looking Back on Facebook’s Murky 2018: Here’s Why Users Are Sticking Around (New Data)🔗

But with every new announcement and report, it seems that it isn’t quite enough for people to part ways with the social network for good. After many of these events, we ran surveys to determine if it they were enough for users to delete or deactivate their accounts, and every time, there was a consensus: “No, I’ll stay.”

This stuff depresses me and yet…I’m still technically on Facebook. There are a couple of groups I use there and I do some social media tasks for my church. I don’t really get value out it, certainly less than other places, and the value I do get out of it could be replaced by alternatives….and yet I’m still there.

A copywriting course I’ve been following is much more a general business course. It’s not bad, it’s just mis-advertised and only covers the basics of copywriting while spending more time on general business points (which is not what I need).

There’s one AR app I use and I don’t know why I do. It’s a football app that lets you see the team lineups in AR. I could just look on a screen but I like walking round the teams. It’s pointless but I like it.

Atomic habits has really helped me understand the value of certain GTD practices like the weekly review. James mentions that the people with the “strongest self-discipline” actually just have the right systems in place so they don’t need to exercise self-discipline.