My daughter has started teething…this is the darkest timeline.

My Black Friday shopping was finally buying the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I held off buying it previously to encourage me to complete Mario Odyssey and then waited for a good deal. So far, It’s amazing.

Outside of krakow station last night Not certain about the edit. Need to brush up on my lightroom skills. 49102408-315C-47EB-98F6-5521C44AE630.jpg

Just wondering what service you use for RSS and why.

The Annoying Trend of Making Stuff About Making Stuff

One of the things that annoys me the most about the modern internet landscape is how much stuff is made about making stuff. Especially when it is the same form as the thing which is being made. - Blog posts about writing blog posts - Youtube Videos about making YouTube videos - Podcasts about podcasts (this is probably the least offender) I now wonder if this is part of the inherit nature of being an indie creator. If you become successful and go full time, then the thing you are making becomes your full time job. What else can you write about…except writing about running your job.

Of course, it’s not inevitable and I think the best online content avoids this pitfall. CGP Grey’s great videos aren’t about how he makes his videos, Amanda Palmer’s music isn’t about making music and Andy Weir wrote a great book about a man on mars on his blog.

My challenge to myself is to focus more on making things, and not making things about making things.

Imagine buying a WordPress theme with a “lifetime license”, now imagine not getting any updates in the last year and half after a few since it’s launch. NOW imagine there is a new version of that theme where you have to purchase a new “lifetime” license.

Krakow train station tonight 📸
Edited in darkroom for the iPad.

iPhone photography discovery of the day 📷

Darkroom lets you edit the background and foreground of a portrait mode separately. That’s cool. 68EAECAE-4F12-4BF5-8BFD-7B50CF3564FA.jpg