Unfortunately Headlines and Titles Always Matter

We all know the classic truism to not judge a book by its cover, and yet we continue to do so. Even if we move past the cover, the odds are we still judge the book by its title. In our world of ever closer connections and abundance of information we have to use some clue to filter the wheat from the chaff.

Today I found myself doing that very thing on micro.blog. As I scrolled my timeline I saw a new post and didn’t immediately click. I looked at the title, considered what it might be about and weather that would be relevant or interesting to me. Of course I also weighted the profile who was recommending this post into my equation.

I am incredibly thankful that microblog hasn’t descended into linkpost, clickbait and their ilk butit doesn’t change the fact that headlines and titles are still one of, if not the key factor in me choosing to read a post or not.

Just added a SFD of a reading log page on my Micro.Blog. My aim is to better track what I read over time. I wonder if I can create a workflow to automagically add to it 🤔

Austin Mann's iPhone Xs camera review 🔗

Austin Mann’s iPhone Xs camera review 🔗 Surprise Austin takes great pictures with an iPhone again. This weekend I took a photo of a friend on sunny day when he was standing in the shade and it was hot. I suggested moving into the sun for a better picture, but he declined. Smart HDR would have lead to a much better end result. Then there was another moment at home where I suspect Smart HDR would have helped.

This is really making me want a new iPhone.

Yesterday at the airport I wrote out my main takeaways from the international sketchnote camp and today I picked my three main takeaways. There are more I could have chosen and will apply but these really resonated with me. #isc18lx

“We have tears in our eyes As we wave our goodbyes, We so loved being with you, we three. So do please now and then Come and see us again, The Giraffe and the Pelly and me.”

Goodbye #ISC18LX 3C730A74-48F8-4066-86F0-938B4BF75078.jpg

Lettering practice with @rohdesign and @claire_ohl at #ISC18LX love nesting little letters here and there.

Take the first step

After a session at the International Sketchnote camp in Lisbon today I felt challenged and excited to share more of my sketchnoting online. It’s something I’ve resisted doing because I don’t feel I’m as good as others and I know that there are sometimes mistakes in my sketchnotes: crooked lines, spelling, running out of space. I was, however, reminded of the value of sharing your work as you go along and that, in reality, the process is what is really of value not the product.

But how could I start? What step would be the easiest to get me to share more of my sketchnotes.

The first step.

In my case, this would be taking the photo of the sketchnote to share. If I don’t take the picture, I’ve got nothing to share. Once I’ve taken the photo then I’ve got something to share and it’s fairly simple to type out a note and share the sketchnote from there. But taking the photo is a hanging point for me. I often don’t take my phone out, and when it is I forget to/ resist take the photos.

In fact, even if I don’t share a sketchnote after photographing it, immediately or after a wait, I still have the sketchnote save and more available to share.

I think this applied to many other areas. Just doing the first step can get the process going.

Putting Makayla Lewis’s lesson in to action and sharing my work from #isc18lx 75EF616E-E846-4FEF-AC7E-1033EC025761.jpg