The tempation to chromebook

I really want to try a chromebook. There’s something about them which really appeals to me. It’s probably because 90% of my day job is Chrome based applications (and the other 10% is creating silly graphics of my colleagues).

There are, however, a couple of things that really put me off. 1. Google 2. I basically have one already

Google is one of those companies that I wish I could trust but every moment they seem to move towards some better privacy standard, their underlying business model prevents that. When you don’t pay a company directly, their incentives to do the best thing for you will always be limited.

My Macbook (and iPad pro with iOS 13?) can basically serve as a chromebook already. When I need to access a website that requires chrome–or in effect requires chrome–I can open a chrome window and get to work. The downside is that I might as well just be using a chromebook anyway. Perhaps with the improvements in iOS 13 I may even been able to access and use these services on my iPad.

So when the Pixelbook or HP Chromebook X2 (both tablet hybrids with pen support and a firm base) pop up on social media or in some news publication, I always stop for a minute and wonder: What would it be like to use one?

Your sketchers were so preoccupied with whether they could they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Kind of similar to a previous one…but I can’t resist with all the Apollo 11 stuff.

Where did the inspiration go

I’ve found it harder to write “title worthy” posts recently. I’m not sure the exact origin of this trend. - Perhaps I’m concentrating more on other creative activities that drain that inspirational spark. - Maybe I’m being drained more by work with a more strenuous workload. - Possibly my inspirational diet isn’t as rich as it has been in the past. - or it might just be a little creative burnout. Whatever it is, I’m still going through the creative motions–Learning and getting inspired, doing some common creative activities, sharing items that inspire me. These habits have helped me not worry about the lack of titled posts. After all. I’m still creating–I have many sketchnotes which aren’t for others to see–and I know that the drought will end at some point. Yes, this is a post about writing: A thing I usually hate. In my opinion, it’s much better to create primary source material than commentary on top of commentary. But it’s not criminal to occasionally discuss the frustrations of creating and you can do whatever you want with your blog.

Sidenote, I’m not talking about writers block. I’ve been writing, just none of it was worth sharing on my site.