I finally took @gr36 ‘s suggestion and moved all my podcasts to Pocketcasts and started a big clean up. The good and bad news is there are too many good podcasts at the moment.

Icro now has image upload. This makes me happy. Micro.blog is coming along nicely.

Got a couple new pens to play with after discovering a great stationary shop in Krakow.

Moving webhosts can really be a pain (but at least I’ve finished).

Just completed my first day at my new job. It was busy, not too overwhelming with information and fun “hum why doesn’t this usb c to display port cable work?”


We went on a trip down to Brighton. I didn’t have my camera so I took a few street photos with my iPhone.

Second Ryanair flight where it seems half the passengers have got priority boarding. I really wonder why priority is so popular for Ryanair 🤔