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I collapsed on my bed at 2:30 on Wedneday morning after driving home from the hospital. I had been concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fall a sleep but soon my heavy eyes shut for four hours or so till my morning alarm reopened them.

Four hours earlier my baby girl left her hiding place and entered the world. It’s an experience which was truly mind blowing and left me speechless and frozen. I’m not sure anything could have made me properly prepared though.

My daughter has entered a completely different world to the one I did just over thirty years ago. My wife and I were discussing it just the night before that she’ll see incredible things and grow up in a world so removed from our own. She’ll face new challenges (as well as some of the same old ones) and be blessed with new advantages.

For the last few months I’ve known roughly when my daughter would arrive – though she did decide to arrive early – and with several commitments and invitations I’ve replied that I’d have to see how things are once she is here. This is continuing as she remains in Hospital.

I’m fully prepared for all my once existent free time to disappear in a puff of smoke. It’s certainly made me reevaluate many of the things I’ve been doing. Many of them just don’t see important in the grand scheme of things now, others seem more fun. It’s a big part of my change in writing and embracing micro.blog further as well as enjoying drawing and analogue tools more.

Regardless, my plans don’t focus that much on me anymore. I’ll be adapting to her needs and wants.

I can’t wait to learn more about her and what she’s interested in.

Inside J.R.R. Tolkien’s Notebooks, a Glimpse of the Master Philologist at Work

Inside J.R.R. Tolkien’s Notebooks, a Glimpse of the Master Philologist at Work > Tolkien was the first philologist to establish such a network of evolving dialects that derive from one another “by slowly accumulating changes and divergences in form across time from a common ancestor species.”

I can’t lie that this hits me in three directions. 1. Tolkien 2. Languages 3. notebooks I found it fascinating his work to include changes between dialects overtime. I’ve read a bit on the languages in Tolkein’s world and the influences of real world languages on Elvish (particularly Welsh on Sindarin) but I hadn’t paid attention to the evolution of these languages.

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New Craft beer (well new to me) in local shop with a local connect. Let’s give this a try.

As I thought, the latest DayOne update removes my precious, precious plus account so I now have to pay for a subscription or use the basic plan ☹️ I kind of miss DayOne classic. Audio recording could be nice though.

Can you draw a face with just vertical lines? 🤔 ✏️

Yesterday evening I suddenly had a random idea*, could I draw a face with just vertical lines? I grabbed my iPad and Apple pencil and gave it a go to find out that I could indeed draw a face with just verticals lines.

I tried a few combinations and the decided I had gone as far as I could do I’d try horizontal lines to see the difference. I started drawing and again reached the end after about five variations. I was about to call it quits with a warm glow on my face when I suddenly realised. “Vertical lines can be hair!”

Suddenly a whole host of new options were open to me as hair, then beards and more facial hair became a possibility. Then I realised ears could be shown with vertical lines and even piercings. I had given up to easily and almost missed out on a whole world of extra possibilities by not spending more time thinking and experimenting.

Obviously drawing a face with just vertical lines isn’t exactly a revolution or really something any of us will need to do on a day to day basis but it was fun and the main lesson —to not give up easily and keep exploring an idea — is very useful for everyday life.

*I believe this idea was a synthesis of practicing faces based of Activities from @Rohdesign and Austin Kleon

Read More Books 📚

A reminder from myself yesterday. Books are rewarding and I should read more. C23B8CB7-A57A-487E-B30E-9C231127B251.jpg