So I might remote into my Mac at home so I can access a work websitebecausr it hates iPad’s so much. There was even an update recently but mobile responsive was not a feature. And unfortunately iCab doesn’t solve this problem.

Is someone copying me...or am I less original than I thought 🤷‍♂️

So I’ve seen someone write and share an article that is surprisingly similar to one I wrote and only a day later. Mine was an “evergreen” topic but admittedly one that others have written about before. Chances are that this is just one of those strange coninsidences where actually we’re both being influenced by the same environment and so are getting the same sources of inspiration leading to similar/the same topic…But even as I write this, I realise this is actually the second time in just over a week. I’m not sure if this means I’m less original than I though…or someone’s copying my ideas? Either way, no one cares who has what idea, it’s the execution that matters.

This was a great episode of Mac Power Users. Rose shared some pretty interesting tips but the idea I’m going to try is using launch centre pro and launcher to use location based actions and reminders. So for example, open up my task manager when I get to work, or the shopping list when I get to the local store. Check it out.
Rosemary Orchard on MacPowerUsers

Tatra mountains yesterday (iPhone se only again)

Darn, Interact is a great app that helps if you’re a “Do I really have to go to my Mac for that” kind of person. I use it to make groups of adult students who I email. This isn’t possible in the native iOS Contacts app. Greg Pierce - Getting Ready To

Hiking in the Tatar mountains in Poland. Not a bad time. (iPhone SE plus snapseed for post processing)

Email Newsletters that are worth subscribing too

Here’s a quick list of newsletters that are worth the time to read (this is just opinion, your mileage may vary)

  1. Macstories (Apple and iPad geekery, costs money)
  2. CJ Chilvers (the best from CJ’s blog on creating, life and stuff)
  3. Paul Jarvis (great entrepreneurial and creative advice from someone who does things “the wrong way” but it works)
  4. Austin Kleon (More creative insights and curiosities)
  5. Rohdesign Dispatch (great design and sketchnoting tips from the master)

I may come back and add to this

a different -kind of- writing process

  • Write 1st draft, it’s too long,
  • write second draft, it’s long,
  • write third draft, okay we’re getting somewhere, but maybe we need to start again,
  • write fourth draft, okay we’re heading in the right direction now.
  • Re-read fourth version, cut useless words, rephrase sections, cut a paragraph that isn’t needed, add a new one.

This is not my normal writing process. Normally I either write in one go and then edit or I write once, delete and then write again. This time I’m writing for someone else’s publication and there’s so much I could add. That’s what I realised on the second draft, I could say more. But the truth is, the reader wants something for them, they don’t care about the aspects I find interesting or the fine details. They want the interesting take away or idea for them.

That’s why I’m taking my time, and I’ve not even finished yet