I picked up a travel MacBook charger (with two other ports) so now I have a desk charger and an on the go charger. Not having to fiddle with cables every time I go to the office is great.

I’ve been reading Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power and it’s been a great read but not always an agreeable read. Anyway, I’ve had this nagging thought about someone who seems to fit these ideas to perfection… then this chapter…

This quote sums up so much writing advice I’ve read which basically says “Write a lot” and sometimes adds “Oh and read a lot too” before moving on to endless promotion tactics. I wish more writing advice contained actually advice on writing.

Today is World Sketchnote Day! A day to celebrate this fun note taking format.

I decided to release my latest sketchnote book summary early for today (it’s on The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman which I picked up as a cure for imposter syndrome).

I hope you like it.

Starting a new sketchnote book summary. It’s ironic that I read it as it’s supposed to help with imposter syndrome and now I don’t really think I have imposter syndrome. So I guess it worked?

Have you set a yearly theme? Let me know what it is and I’ll make a phone wallpaper for it to remind you throughout the year. (Here’s mine)

Thanks to Austin Kleon’s inspiration, I busted out my old pentel brush pen. Probably the most fun pen I have.

If you had told me three years ago that ducks would be one of my most photographed subjects…I wouldn’t have believed you.