I man. I put up shelf (my wife helped a lot. It was such a faff! Seriously, I lose adult points on this, but I’m glad it’s done! )

Was so great to see people at the sketchnote micro camp session. I know @cm really enjoyed preparing it too. And here’s my sketchnote selfie (trying some different styles this time).

Obsidian opinion: - looking at the open graph view is basically useless.
- looking at the local graph view with 2 or 3 depth is fantastic.

I’ve been creating a series of minimalist animal faces with my daughter in procreate. A limited colour pallet, square design, set of pens and that’s about it. It’s a fun little challenge we can do together. There are A LOT more.

How it started. How it’s going. First Mac (retina MacBook Pro late 2013), new Mac (MacBook Air 2020 m1)