Hum. The phone charger in the car doesn’t seem to be working. I wonder if it’s died? It wasn’t the most expensive. Oh, okay. I see now.

I read this book years ago on kindle but Readwise surfaced this quote yesterday. I hope it inspires you.

I working on an article laying out my learning stack. Here’s a WIP draft of an image showing the tools I use.

Todays feels… (Oh hey Chris! When was the last time you publish a long form blog post. SHUT UP BRAIN!)

I man. I put up shelf (my wife helped a lot. It was such a faff! Seriously, I lose adult points on this, but I’m glad it’s done! )

Was so great to see people at the sketchnote micro camp session. I know @cm really enjoyed preparing it too. And here’s my sketchnote selfie (trying some different styles this time).