This may be the best image i’ve ever made for a blog post. also I hate drawing hands.

I would do a how it started how it’s going thing but I had to trade in my UK driving licence to get this one.

We (@cm and I) had our official secret side project kick off call last night. Hopefully we can share more in a couple of weeks.

I’m wondering if I can turn N.T. Wright’s study into my zoom background…To be honest, I’d just like a study like this!

Inspired by @gr36 this is my circle of app upgrades. It also applied to tech hardware (who needs a stand alone camera?) abs most other areas of my life really.

I shared this on Twitter yesterday.
I call it the circle of moans. It’s why I listen to fewer tech podcasts and avoid commenting even when they annoy me.

A couple of new camera experiments from yesterday including answering the question “Can it Bokeh?”