Turtles all the way down

Posted on Feb 15, 2018

One of the things I’ve found really strange on the internet are the sort of “pyramid” schemes. You know, the internet marketer, who teaches you internet marketing, so you too can become an internet marketer, in internet marketing. Or the writer, who writes books, on how to write books…about writing books. Or the YouTuber who makes YouTube videos about how you can make YouTube videos. Obviously not everyone who does internet marketing or teachers internet marketing only does internet marketing or only has experience in this field, but there are plenty of other “fake it till you make it” folk, and it’s telling when they seem to produce people who do the exact same thing (just less successfully). I’ll add, that It’s also why I find the sketchnote community concerning sometimes. Some people only seem to share sketchnotes of how to sketchnote…and that’s pretty weird.