An Amazing Transformation

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

It’s truly amazing the transformation my daughter’s face can through on any given day. At one moment, last as long as a whole day even, her face may positively glow with joy. And yet equally possible, and for an equal length of time, her face may be contorted into a completely unidentifiable object. This object has a sole purpose, to generate high volumes of noise, a task it is well suited to.

This transformation is so extensive that I sometimes find myself shocked and confused at the return of the joyful expression. As though I suddenly have a new daughter with a different personality.

This Hydian transformation doesn’t occur as in the classic story by consuming a magical potion, but instead usually occurs from the lack of a rather more common liquid. Yes, milk and hunger are the frequent but not exclusive triggers of transformation that lead to my identification issues with my daughter.

Regardless of my daughter’s personality, Jekyll or Hyde, I love both (though certainly prefer Jekyll’s company).