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Now August 2019

What I’m working on now
- Taking some serious time off
- reading Celebration of Discipline again
- Continuing Copywriting training
- Experimenting with “urban sketching” and watercolors
- Playing more ukulele with my daughter


I’ve struggled with writing recently. I feel like everything is old hat and that I don’t have anything of value to add to any conversations. I’ve also seen myself become more skeptical of other writers work. Partially I blame the silly summer tech season which sees Apple commenters fixate on the betas, but in truth the problem lies with me.

Having said that, I’ve started to work on a new long-form article for ChurchMag which is the first in a long time.

My newsletter is still continuing but I took a pause for the holiday.


Calligraphy & Drawing

My pick pic series is continuing well I’ve also been coming up with the daily prompts for the sketchnote army slack (speaking of which, maybe you’d like to join? Check out the detail here.)

Ukuleles and a new “podcast” discovery

I’ve been playing my ukulele more (mostly to or with my daughter) and I’m planning on doing more. I’ve also discovered the While it is basically an ad for their products, the conversations and performances are fantastic.


I’m continuing to visit the doctor regarding a possible heart issue. I’m sure it’s nothing, or nothing chronic.


I’ve made some minor changes (switching to reminders in prep for iOS 13) but I’m thinking of making a bigger clean up of my homescreen with a new reorganization. Removing those few apps that I don’t really use that much and perhaps promoting a few others.

Also I have a new wallpaper. homescreen

Last updated 06/08/2019 (using UK date standards)