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Now June 2019

What I’m working on now - Practicing listening - starting a new newsletter - Working through Copy School - Playing more


I decided to move my newsletter from buttondown to revue because of the handy tools for adding items.

Subscribe here.

I’m continuing to think about the process of starting with a small idea and then expanding upon it. And also listening, look out for more writing on that.


Calligraphy & Drawing

I’ve been doing a little bit more recently and working through the The Calligrapher’s Bible: 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them. I’ve also been posting a few things to Instagram again.


I’m back to the gym and getting back in shape. I’ve also fixed my smart scales so my weight today is 64.5 kg which is under my ideal point.


I’ve changed my wallpapers and now use YouTube music. Other than that, not much else is different.



download the lockscreen wallpaper

Last updated 01/06/2019 (using UK date standards)