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Now April 2019

What I’m working on now - Adding the finishing touches to 30 days of Sketchnoting - Working through Copy School - Learning Polish - Continuing my calligraphy class - Implementing some idea from digital minimalism


I haven’t done that much personal writing this month and I’m not certain why. We had a very busy time at work so that impacted my writing a bit. I have been working on 30 days of Sketchnoting as well as some writing for other people. I also had an issue with my microblog account which held me back from publishing a bit. I’ve also decided to roll Adversaria into this site.


  • Reading in paper -
  • Reading on Kindle - [The Bullet Journal Method] by Ryder Carrol
  • “Reading” on audiobook -
  • Bible reading - Lent for Everyone


I’ve picked up a new calligraphy book with some activities to work through and I’m still going to my twice a month classes. It’s good fun and my writing clarity is improving in my sketchnotes.


Spring is here and my usual gym slot has been taken many times. I also had a bit of muscle strain so I think I’m a bit off my previous rate. We’ll see when I get back to going to the gym. April’s Watch challenge sounds pretty easy (close all three rings 24 times)


It’s still the same, I think I need to update this a bit.

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