We're All Product Reviewers Now

Posted on Jan 10, 2019

Managing reputation in the age of infinity - Seth’s Blog

Amazon sells junk.

More junk every day. And they know this…

The bad news is that by offloading product review from middlemen (publishers, buyers, Good Housekeeping, The Wirecutter, etc.) to the customers themselves, you transform the filtering process, wasting time, money and goodwill. It’s entirely possible that customers don’t actually want to volunteer to test the things they buy, regardless of how straightforward the return policy might be. The uncertainty that comes with not knowing if it’s what you hoped for adds cost and tension for everyone.

It’s incredible how on the ball Seth often is. I found this minor point, the middle men of reviewers, to be very interesting. After all, I know people who run blogs and YouTube channels which are just that (and more who will try a high number of products in search of the one camera to rule them all (and in the darkroom, bind them)).

I guess we’re all product reviewers now.