Primary Source Material

Posted on Jan 15, 2019

#77: Primary Source Material, with John Roderick - CMD Space podcast from Rerlay FM

Primary source material is original content, not commentary (which is a secondary source). In this podcast John argues that we should seek to create primary source material and not add to the echo chamber of noise around this product or that.

I think about this podcast from time to time as I wonder if I’m creating primary source material, or if I’m adding to the same talking points of many peers. Sometimes I measure myself better or worse by this yard stick.

I’m not completely against commentary though. Well thought-through comments can add unique insight and perspective. In some cases, the commentary can become a primary source all of its own. Looking at the commonplace books of Da Vinici, Sacks and more show that commentary can be more than meaningless waffle.

In Da Vinci’s case, his notebooks were not just commentary, but also original content. I hope this site will emulate that mix of primary and secondary content.