A couple of days ago I shared my experiment, and thinking behind it, in not listening to podcasts while commuting. I thought I’d share a little update now.

The first day was delightful. I used my notebook and stuck with my goal of not using my phone till I got to work. The return journey was the same. The second day I forgot my field notes notebook and so used my phone to save an idea. Guess what, I found myself scrolling and using my device after I saved that idea 😞. still, I corrected and went back to reading. Day three was fine on the way to work, but I ended up listening to a podcast on the way home. In my head it wasn’t against my goal as I was listening while waiting for the train…but I continued listening on the train. So not a great success. Today is day four and the morning was better. More focused and I didn’t use my phone in the morning. To prevent using my phone on the way home and getting into a podcast bing, I decided to not use my phone once I left the office. That helped set a clear boundary which I stuck to. Tomorrow is the last day of the experiment. I think I’ll keep it going but perhaps with two evening commutes for podcasts still.