A Year of Sermon Sketchnotes

Posted on Feb 9, 2019

Last year I selected a Field notes dime novel for my sermon sketchnoting book for the year. I had used other field notes notebooks before as I found the pocket size to be good for sermons (especially as it fits inside my pocket leather NIV Bible). The Dime Novel provided a slightly larger size (meaning it didn’t fit in my bible anymore) and a different type of paper.

The texture of the paper (“Natural White” Strathmore Premium 70# according to the field notes website) is a little rougher than most I’ve used. It does mean that there’s very little bleed from most pens I used and it is a little slower to write on.

Over the course of the year I used a variety of pens including

  • Pigma micron 0.3 and 0.8 (dual wielding)
  • Faber Castell drawing kit (including a brush pen)
  • some random red felt pens

I have one more dime novel that I’m using for this year’s sermon sketchnotes too. I don’t know what I’ll move to after that one is finished, I guess that’s the downside of limited editions.