Photographing English Cathedrals • Peter Marlow • Magnum Photos

This required exposures of between one and five minutes. With that length of exposure, reciprocity failure, where the film requires a much longer exposure than is indicated on the light meter, was a big problem. I discovered that Fuji FP 100 Instant film (used for Polaroids) suffered this effect to the same extent as the negative film, and that the aperture setting for a well-exposed Polaroid would be one and a half stops greater than that for the negative film.

I love the story of this project– a commission which he didn’t want to stop – and the details and problems he overcame (seen above) to get the result he wanted, with the tools he choose. It’s a great example of following curiosity and overcoming challenges that arise (and not just sticking a DSLR to multiple exposure and letting lightroom do the rest).