The proportions seemed wrong to me at first, tablets and phones are bigger. But then I realised that phones are really filling the role a tablet would be better suited to for many and so tablets have to be bigger to be distinct. The fact that it’s 7” also means most android apps will probably be okay as well. They are, after all, designed for big phones and 7” is a big phone now (somehow). From a business point of view, it looks like a pretty good move for Samsung but maybe not for Apple. A way to justify more money from the same people (most Samsung phone owners don’t buy Samsung tablets but this phone costs more than both a Samsung tablet and a Samsung phone). For Apple, it might just be moving money from one to another. At the same time, It could well give people a reasons to upgrade if they held off.

My biggest criticism of the idea is “is one device really better than two?” I’ve long wondered if we’d see the phone plugged into a desktop replace the desktop computer. At first it seemed the power was lacking, then the software, but now it seems like we’re basically there and people prefer having separate devices. Why wouldn’t the same be true here. Having said that, I’m sure that a pocketable 7” tablet would prove popular for commuters. I often don’t take out my iPad Pro 10.5 as I don’t want to fiddle around in my bag.

I’ll be really interested to see if this idea does stick.