The trouble with public accountability

Posted on Apr 25, 2019

Public accountability so often turns into personal shame. The person who sets the unrealistic goal, tells the world and then in a week has stopped and now avoids discussing the topic at all.

In my experience, It’s better to start with a partner who is striving for the same thing to check on you or to start in private and then share the goal. If you last a month, get that public accountability going. If you don’t have the motivation or the goal was unrealistic, you adjust and then ask for accountability.

Derek Sivers described it well when he said that your mind feels like it’s achieved something when you say you are going to do something. You feel like you’ve done something when you haven’t.

It’s tough though.

Change isn’t easy, starting new habits don’t just happen by accident. I’ve failed a large number of goals and habits I’ve set. Sometimes I’ve realised I didn’t really want that change or had other, more important values. In other cases I still keep trying with successes here and there.

I remember CGP Grey talk about fitness and day that the real meta skill is getting back on the horse again. If only that skill was so easy.

If you are struggling with one of these things, know that you aren’t alone. And if I have sent you a negative comment in the past, I’m sorry. It’s hard to separate our own struggles and what helps us from what helps others.

Keep going