Last week as I was getting changed from a workout at the gym, I moved my bag and heard a sudden thud. I winced as I knew exactly what had just dropped on the concrete, screen destroying floor. I saw my Apple Watch, watch face down.

I picked it up and saw no immediate signs of damage, but in better light saw a scratch and ding on one side.

I was a bit sad and wished that I had been a bit more careful with where I had put my watch but at the same time I accepted the damage. After all, if you use something it will always suffer some damage with use.

Accepting the wabi sabi of life

I try to accept this with everything I use. That even luxury items will and should see some damages as they are used. In fact, that damage is proof of the use. Without it, they aren’t properly being used.

I don’t see the point in buying a moleskine notebook and leaving it wrapped, or keep a cool T-shirt in a draw, never to see the light of day. **If I spend above the average price on something, I want to use it above the average amount **(or at least to the same degree).

This doesn’t mean I’m reckless, willing items to be destroyed but instead I accept the possibility and know that a scuff mark or broken screw shows I enjoyed using the item. Unworn items were bad purchases than never fulfilled their purpose.