I wanted a system to publish an email newsletter just as easily as I could publish a blog post to my hosted micro.blog. My typical workflow for micro.blog is to either use drafts and an action I have there, or the sunlit app (for photos). So for publishing an email newsletter I wanted to use drafts as well. I’m not so well versed in making draft actions so I started with shortcuts on iOS which also lets me use different apps if I choose and can be added as a drafts action.

Download the shortcut

This is the shortcut. It’s fairly simple at the moment and requires you to change the “token” for your API token. It accepts text (markdown) but it asks you what you want the subject/tags to be when it runs (and lets you edit the body). I’m working on way to deal with that (a menu for the tags, one that a user would have to create. And the ability to identify the header in text and separate it when there is one.

If you want to improve it, please do and let me know.