About a month ago I finally tested out an idea I had been wondering about. I registered a new account on Microblog with the username Ukulele. Today, I paid for the first months hosting.

I had wanted to do it sooner, but there had been a couple of things that held me back (funds in my bank account, not having my ukulele around while I traveled) but now it is live.

Why Ukulele MB

I did something similar in the past on Tumblr (and in fact had a lot of followers there). It was a way for me to share what I was learning and help me see my progress on the instrument. Recently, I’ve been playing the ukulele more again and introducing my 1 year old daughter to the instrument (she’s moved from hitting the strings to kind of sort of plucking them). With my appreciation of Micro.blog, I realised it could be a great new combination. A way to share fun images, and video/audio of me playing. Plus maybe I’ll find some other Ukulele players on MB and share their stuff (with their permission of course).

Follow and get connected with Ukulele MB

I’d like your help. Please let me know what type of content you’d like to see (especially if you are a ukulele player yourself) and follow the @ukulele account