I’ve been “sketchnoting” for about four years now, but I spent a lot longer wishing I could sketchnote. That’s why I created 7 days to start sketchnoting, so people wouldn’t waste time wishing they could sketchnote, but start immediately.

I can’t remember the first sketchnote I saw, it was probably on twitter back when it wasn’t a cool place. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make something similar but two things help me back

  • “I can’t draw”
  • how the hell do you organise information so well! So I carried on with my notes plus a could of visual ideas. It wasn’t until I decided that it could really improve my teaching and my students learning that I properly dived into sketchnoting.

Guess what.

It wasn’t as difficult as I had built it up in my head. All it took was a couple of key insights and I broke through the barriers that held me back. I applied those ideas to the way I introduced sketchnotes to students and saw a massive increase in the number of students who started sketchnoting as a result.

So I’m sharing what I learned in the 7 days to start sketchnoting course.

It’s completely free and a self study course. You can start today (and finish every activity today) or take a couple of months to go through it all. But, if you want an assignment a day for a week, then you can get email prompts for just that.

So sign up and get started sketchnoting today.