“Interesting” is the Basis of Blogging - One Man and His Blog

One of the stock ideas I use when training journalists to blog is that the basic currency of the blog is the thought “that’s interesting”. Everything you post to a blog is something you find interesting and want to share with others, be it a link, an article, a photo or a video.

@adders shared this post of his yesterday and it speaks a lot to me. I have tried to cultivate a habit of being interested and then curious to continue asking questions. Sometimes I inhabit these traits better than others and, as you might expect, I always write and publish more when I do.

I also find that my writing is of a higher quality when I live these traits. After all, if you aren’t curious then you might stop after answering the first question. But when you are curious, you can’t help but carry on asking questions and discovering more.

Dale Carnegie said

To be interesting, be interested.

and I agree.

Stay curious.