Last week I had an impromptu task at work that is the kind of thing I love about my job. I was asked to make a video bumper for some tutorials we’re putting together. It’s the kind of creative task that is also a bit of a break from the day to day stuff.

I looked into the tools that came with my work PC, then some online services and eventually came back to the brilliant LumaFusion Pro on my iPhone.

As I thought about this moment after, I realised just how powerful the tools on smartphones (especially iOS) are. The camera can be used for picture or video, you can use the free pages to write an ebook (with videos), you can find logo making tools, play with GarageBand, record a quick song idea and basically make practically anything you want and then share it with millions of people. (Okay, perhaps just your friends).

If you want to create something, then a tool which most people have in their pocket and apps that are infinitely more affordable than they used to be are all around you.

With the blogvember challenge, its a great time to remember how incredibly lucky we are to be alive now. We have all the tools we need.