I really want a new camera…I really don’t need a new camera but I want one. Features I -need- want that I don’t have

  • weather sealing
  • 4k video
  • more pixels (because why not)
  • the new fuji film simulations espeically acros

Camears I want:

  • Ricoh GR iii (has non of the features I listed but has IBIS and I do love my ricoh gr)
  • Fuji X100v (the obvious choice. I REALLY love my x100t…but price)
  • Fuji X pro 2 (lacks some of the features of the V and is bigger…)
  • Sony A7 of some sort (I don’t know why I want this one…but I do)

I really should think about x100V… but all the others are so tempting.